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“SCOTUS”, The USA & Denial Of The Social Kingship Of Christ The King

28 Jun

When America was founded, it was Catholic. It is The United States of America, which was founded with Man as The Nation’s Centre & Crown.
The USA is, in short, Masonic. Christ The King was never recognized.

And now, with an oversized nation & Government, with a President who thinks like a Dictator & with a Supreme Court, more into a Living Constitution(Liberaltastic Ideology, which recognizes Creative Lawgiving, forgetting about The States of The United States & the Rights of The States to enact laws to protect the Citizenry), I would say that like any place in The World, Empires which forget about the Blessed Trinity, are doomed by a Dictatorship of Relevatism, where no objective truth exists. It is the case of The European Union & the Case of The United States of America.
The Soviet Union lasted less than 75 Years. Russia believes in God. They despise the New World Order.

All Empires, both Good & Bad, come to an End, especially Empires where Man is exaulted as God.

Kyrie Elaison!


A Potential World Series In Common

17 Oct

The NY Mets & Toronto Blue Jays have a Couple of Things in common:
One is that both clubs are Expansion Teams, with The Mets beginning play in 1962 & The Blue Jays in 1977.
The Other thing in common is the Services of One Ronald Wesley Taylor, Canadian.
For in 1969, Game Two, Ronald Wesley Taylor saved Game Two of the 1969 World Series for NY Mets Pitcher Jerry Koosman.
Today, Toronto’s Team Physician is Ronald Wesley Taylor, MD.

You cannot make THIS Story Up, Eh.

M, Eh!

Kyrie Elaison

What Didn’t Exist At The 1995 Papal Visit Of Pope Saint John Paul II

24 Sep

EWTN was NOT on Cable in NYC.
There were NO Smartphones.
SMS(Text Messaging, Two Way) was a Year Away. So was OMNIPOINT Communications.
Email was only sent from Laptops & Bigger Computers.
Wi Fi Hot Spots didn’t exist.

The Brooklyn Diocesan Prayer Channel carried EWTN’s Coverage.

2008 was when Smartphones began to proliferate. The Motorola Moto was capable of carrying Mobi TV. While on a train to Boston’s Fenway Park, I viewed the MSNBC Coverage of Pope Benedict XVI at Ground Zero.

2015 is when I received my Ticket to the Papal Central Park Procession by email as a PDF. I now have the ability to webcast it live over aroamingcatholicny’s Channel on Bambuser. Think of this as Homemade Coverage, live from NYC’s Famed Central Park.

And I thought back to 1979 when both of my Parents were Alive, then to 1995 when Pop was alive & was choked up with emotion. Both have passed on & now I will head into Manhattan for another Papal Visit.

In Nomini Patris, Et Filli et Spiritu Sancti, Amen!


Kyrie Elaison


Wallenberg Square

8 Aug


Freedom As Opposed To Liberty Both Civil & Faith

9 Jul

I remember some years ago in 1991, when members of the NYC Department Of Consumer Affairs Enforcement Service, received Official Training as Peace Officers in New York State, leading to certification. I was amongst that group and was #1 in the Class.

This Certification gave People The FREEDOM to exercise actual authority to a Just Conclusion. But these People were into Liberty, doing whatever one wants, leading not to a Just Conclusion, but to repeated error, in the Pretense of being Productive, though their Work only produced #s on a Spreadsheet, the idea was for Continouous Pretense that Something was being accomplished in the Pretense of Accomplishing the Goal of Extensive Statistical Lies. What they feared in all their belief in Liberty, is being exposed for being such Frauds. In short, they FEARED being exposed as Thieves who feed at the Public Trough.
For as such Sworn Peace Officer in the City of New York, in the County of New York, I had been on a Counterfeit Goods Investigation Detail. The Sales of Counterfeit Goods such as Prada Milan Handbags made in someone’s Wine Cellar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, constitutes anywhere from A Class A Misdemeanor to a Class D Felony in New York State for the Sale of these Items in Violation of Copywrite Laws. I was engaged in two Lawfully Constituted Arrests as an Arresting Officer in 1995. This was done according to the Law itself.
Sadly, the Custom of People who believe in Groupthink without questioning the Validity of what is being deliberately misinterpreted, is to treat those who believe and practice The Freedom to do what one NEEDS to do, with Utter Contempt, which includes depriving that person of ways of making a decent living, often through the use of forced Psychoanalysis or through the Protecting of their False Doctrine of a Law by the Groupthink and Group Practice of The Glorification of Statistics, minus the Negative Results. This Group Practice takes Liberties with Laws for the Purpose of Fraudulent Self Profit of Members of The Cooperative, who band together to prevent a person from exercising God Given Freedom, to protect Selfish Motives.

For I remember such a member of THAT Cooperative, who told me that in the interest of said League of Liberty Taking, that I should have Falsified an Official Document in the name of that League of Liberty in order to protect them from potential recriminations for their continouous taking of Liberties with the Law so that no one would notice their peculiar disregard of Law. He called it “The Team Way.” I walked away from this Liberty Lover, who like the Rest of the Cooperative of Assorted N’er Do Wells, despise anyone who dares to disagree with their practice of Rationalist Thought, that “Everybody Does This.” For Liberty En Masse is NOTHING More Than TYRRANY. I experienced that TYRRANY of those who take Liberty with the Law, including having been assaulted by Three Thugs, all related to each other, with one as Ringleader, who was placed under Arrest(Or So I Thought), only for a Boss to unlock the Handcuffs, doing so on behalf of his colleagues who also continue to believe not in Truth, but in Protection of False Practice as The Group Sees Fit. As one who believes in what is proper, being betrayed by one who believes in Tyrrany By Liberty, after my being subjected to Violence and not being backed up for performance of a Lawful Duty, it is the loneliest feeling in the world, so that someone would betray someone for approval by those who take Liberty with the Law. The Message of this Cowardly N’er Do Well, who was being Blackmailed for a Private Sexual Action, committed in Agency Restrooms on a Number of Occasions, so that assorted people with questions about their own morality, will, in the Name of Liberty, Coerce People to their own questionable train of thought.
And because I had the Unmitigated Gall to question this Edition of the 1919 Chicago White Sox, who took Liberties with the 1919 World Series by throwing the Series in their Selfishness, I was told to forget about The Freedom to do what has to be done and exchange it for the Liberty Of The Will Of The N’er Do Well Group.
I still chose Freedom & My Conscience is Clear.

Fr Annibale Bugnini took Liberty with WHAT was given to him by the Tradition of One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church. He was enslaved by this Taking of Liberty in his own pride. And he has his Disciples Today. The “Mass Of MAN”, also called Novelty, killed much of The Catholic Faith in the Roman/Latin Rite.

Time to do away with the “Mass Of MAN” and return to Tradition of The Mass of Sacrifice which truly made Saints.

Kyrie Elaison


The Obama – Francis “Axis”: Cuba, Sleights-of-Hand, and Confusion

20 Mar

Thank You This is Worth Repeating.


Two Best Monthly Phone Plans

31 Jan

Neither is a Contract Plan. Both are plans from a Sprint Subsidiary. And you will get plenty for your money.
In both those plans, you will buy your phones. But you will save over that Contract Plan, where the phones come with the contract, but you save on all those annoying fees and taxes, like the MTA Tax.

I have Virgin Mobile, part of Sprint. I didn’t buy into it for Rock Music. But I do like it for pretty good service plans. Virgin Mobile has two of the best plans for what one may need.
The 1st Plan is for US$20, giving the customer unlimited calling minutes and unlimited text messaging. But to use the web, one must go to a place with Wireless Fidelity. The Only thing here added on is Sales Tax to the monthly fee. But one has to buy a wireless phone, like Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. The phones aren’t subsidized like the Contract Phones are. But you do get a plan comparable to a contract plan.
Another rather good plan is for US$35 where one has a choice between 2.5GB of 4G LTE High Speed Data, plus Wireless Fidelity at your favorite coffee shops and book stores, Unlimited Texting, 300 Calling Minutes and Unlimited 3G Data. The 2nd US$35 Plan is for 500MB of 4G LTE Data, Unlimited Calling, Text and 3G Data.
In NYC, the Sales Tax is added on, so the $20 Plan is $21.80, while the $35 plan is $38.11.
Not bad, in fact, it’s Great.

M, Eh!