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The Era Of “Cord Cutting”

6 Jan

Who watches Traditional Television these days?
That Era is One of The Dinosaur, as Television can arrive via Mobile Device. Having watched “Imus In The Morning” on a Mobile Phone(Motorola Moto) a few years ago, before it was popular to watch without Cable Television Service, well those were experimental times.
The Experiment is over and now Reality has set in. Now Satellite Service Dish Network will be offering this over Mobile Devices. And it will be cheaper than Cable and Satellite. If DirecTV offers this, I may do the inexpensive package. No one will be tied to a Contract. And one will not be paying through the Nose. Your Mobile Phone or Tablet is your Television.
And it is about time. These Mobiles are Mobile Computers and Entertainment Centres on which one can view shows at your leisure and not when the Network tells you to. If ESPN is nationally carrying Major League Baseball, you can view it on a Mobile Device. CBS does this via App in regards to Prime Time Shows. There is also buying or renting from Google Play or iTunes.
On Amtrak to Boston, I viewed Pope Benedict at the World Trade Center Site, Live on MobiTV. I sometimes view CBC News The National via CBC News App. At the time of the Parliament Hill Massacre, I watched CBC News Live Coverage, Peter Mansbridge and All, Live for the 1st Time, as if I was in Montreal or Toronto or Vancouver, all from Home here in Queens over the Web.

Look! No Cables or Wires!


STAGS Gone Parts II & III ARE Coming To

2 May

I am getting set for a Manhattan Run to Web Telecast STAGS Gone Part II, the story of The Demise of St. Agnes Boys High School. The 2nd Site was an old Girls Catholic High School, on East 33 Street between 2nd and 1st Avenue.

It was the last sign of Old St. Agnes Boys High School, before losing the Brooklyn & Queens Fan Base, which helped keep the old East 44th Street location going.

Station Square Studios will carry this on, with relays, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Word Press and Google+, carrying the stream from Bambuser. The St.Agnes Boys High School Page on Facebook, will carry the 2nd Facebook Stream.