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HOT, HOT, HOT(It’s March)

10 Mar

2016 Top 10 Complaints About The K of C Free Throw You Tube Livecast

29 Feb

From The Home Office In Metro Detroit/Windsor, Top 10 Complaints About The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage On You Tube Live, From Elmhurst, Queens, NY. Heeere We Go:
#10: No one in Newfoundland cares;
#9; Canadian Markets watching Provincial Champioships instead of that one from Elmhurst, wherever that is;
#8: Show Host in Metro Detroit/Windsor, warning his viewers that Producer is an SSPX Sympathizer;
#7: “Missionary Preacher” in Windsor, warns viewers that “The Competition Coverage is Worse Than A Black Mass;”
#6; Metro Detroit/Windsor Based Producer, complains that Free Throw Producer conspired with The Moussad, The SSPX, The Remnant Newspaper, Catholic Family News, & B’nai Brith, The NYPD & Cardinal Dolan, to keep him away from Cathedral Prep Seminary High School in Elmhurst, Queens;
#5: CBC‘s “Resident Curmudgeon”, Rex Murphy whines that commentary was in English, Not Latin, as mandated by Sacrosanctum Concilium, confirmed by Senior Executive Producer In “The Detroit Warehouse Studio” ;
#4; CBC News The National’s Wendy Mesley compllained that about “The Competition’s In House Comedian was as ‘Painful to watch as Super Dave Osborn’s Leap from the CNE Tower”
#3: Irish Viewers (All Three)set record for sales of Black Tea & Espresso at Starbucks in Dublin, watching this event;
#2: Ladbrokes in The UK & Ireland took wagers as to when this coverage would end;
#1: Mrs Niles(“For Whatever That’s Worth” according to Counsellor Chris Ferrara) commented that “Pope Francis should have the Producer-Director & Commentator Anathematized for conspiring with Cardinal Dolan & the SSPX for denying the Faithful their right to Peaceful Sleep, for Livecasting this event.”

That is the 2016 Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Top 10 List.  from East Southeast of Detroit/Windsor in Kew Gardens, NY.


A-CNN – The Pope is Always Right(Satire Of Voris)

29 Aug

Nice Satire! On The Site of “The Remnant Newspaper” is real discussion NOT SUBJECT To The Whims of Gary Michael Voris, Simon “Says” Rafe & MRS NILES(Censor Pro Cardinalum Carolum In Nomini Pax VORIScum).

Kyrie Elaison!


“Today’s Vortex—Rome Has NOT Spoken”(Voris Goofs Up)

17 Jul

There is a PROBLEM with this Video.
The Society of St Pius X are NOT in Schism, a story perpetrated by both Mr Voris and “The Executive Producer”, also called “Dr Strangedude.”
This is an Incessant Calumny transmitted from and it has to cease.


Craigslist & Male Prostitution

17 Jul

This is the case when Male College Students hire themseves out to perform Fellatio on some older men.
They look for someone who is “G E N.”
“G E N” is code for generous as in money.

Weird way to earn cash for an iPod Touch!

In case these guys don’t know, it is called Prostitution.


Skype Is The New AOL IM

17 Jul

If one remembers AOL Chatrooms & such, Skype is the New Way to do it.
Skype Members can chat for free, anywhere in the world.
Skype is also used by Internet Broadcasters around the world, including RemnantTV and “That Warehouse Studio in Detroit.”

You never know who wants to connect.

E. Michael Jones, G. Michael Voris & The SSPX

5 Jul

Tends to be in agreement with G. Michael Voris. E. Michael Jones attacks the SSPX.
E. Michael Jones lives in South Bend, IN, Home to University Of Notre Dame, a CINO University(Catholic In Name Only).

Mr Jones, a Convert originally from Philadelphia, PA, publishes “Culture Wars Magazine.”

Also located in South Bend, IN, is a Member of Opus Dei, who is a Moody’s Investor called Marc Brammer.

Brammer is planning to set up a Catholic Think Tank, bringing with him Messsers G. Michael Voris & E. Michael Jones. How much of this “Think Tank” will be mostly the “Thoughts of Chairman Marc”, mostly the thoughts of Opus Dei, the Precursor of Vatican II and anything but Traditional Catholicity?

Kyrie Elaison