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It Is Monday, February 24th, 2014 & CBC RADIO ONE Is Back

24 Feb

The 31st Games of The Winter Olympiad in Russia’s Version of Miami, Sochi, is History.

CBC Radio One is Back. No Longer will I have to be tormented by listening to “The Institute For The Intellectually Challenged”, a Euphemism for Sports Radio 101.9FM, WFAN, where assorted putzes compete for the title of Dummy of 2014.

CBC Sunday Morning is a replay. But it feels good to hear it again.



Vladimir Posner On NBC Sunday Night Football?

24 Feb

The 31st Winter Olympiad of Sochi 2014 in Russia, had an NBC Sports Sunday Night Football Theme to it, with Bob Costas  as In Studio Host, Al Michaels & Chris Collingswood in the Broadcast Booth, with Special Guest Commentator Vladimir Posner.
Vladimir Posner was the English Language Voice of the Now Defunct Union of The Soviet Socialist Republics(USSR). Later, he was a Show Host on CNBC and MSNBC.
Interesting NBC Booth! I can imagine this trio on the Premiere of Sunday Night Football.
Only Time Will Tell!



In “New Sochi”, Be Prepared To Become “Lake Placid”, Dear New York Brethren

23 Feb

With all of this “Sochi Winter” Weather here in New York’s 5 Boroughs, “New Sochi Weather” is ending in about 15 Hours.
It is STILL WINTER. I realize that Reality often BITES.
THE SNOW IS RETURNING. There is a Snow Watch for Tuesday & Wednesday and again on Friday.
The Sochi Winter Olympiad is Over. And NYC returns to Cold Form.

Nevertheless, Thank You Lord God of All Creation for the break which allowed for melting of all that Heavy Snow.

Deum  De Deo, Lumen De Lumine!
Deo Gratias!


Here In “New Sochi”

21 Feb

Temperatures have warmed up and Snow is melting in New Sochi.

Actually, this is the 5 Boroughs of New York City and Snow is melting. But, by Tuesday of next week, Snow is due back for another visit, to remind us that Winter is still here.

There is good news out of all this, in that the insane CBC Radio Blackout is over on Monday
I will be free from listening to WFAN 101.9FM.


More Snow Tuesday Should Wrap It Up In NY-Rain Tuesday In Sochi

16 Feb

We’re up to our pippicks in snow. Meanwhile rain is predicted for Sochi on Tuesday.
But for NYC by Thursday, low 40s means melting of ice and snow.

The warmth will feel good.


Finally Raining In NYC(Or At Least Here In Queens)

14 Feb

It should melt some of this Snow here.
When you have Sub Zero Fahreinheit Wind Chills, one stays either at Home or very close to it. I think of these storms as “Anti Social Situations.”
One can only be Social online for only a certain amount of time. People crave affection. They want to be able to talk to a live human being. Being couped up indoors leads to “Cabin Fever.” Boredom & Loneliness sets in. This is why, perhaps, I write the Snark Style of Article.

People, we need each other.


Not One Day Below Or At Freezing Is Sochi

13 Feb

18°C(64°F) & 11°C(52°F) is tomorrow’s Weather in Sochi.

I can’t wait for Tuscon2022 Games of the Winter Olympiad. It will be almost as warm there as in Sochi.

Who in the IOC got paid off but good?


17.22°C(63°F) In Sochi, Tomorrow

12 Feb

Tomorrow, Skiing Events will have Skiers sweating like they’re in Florida in June, in Sochi.

2022 Winter Olympics in Tuscon, Anyone?


Sochi Doesn’t Need A “Slush Fund”

12 Feb

Sochi doesn’t need a “Slush Fund.” They have too much Slush on the mountains.

It is time for The Russians to truck in Snow from The Urals. And if need be, from NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and Atlanta, where all 4 Cities have too much White Stuff.

I hope that Sochi’s “Slush Fund” can take care of that.


Look At It This Way About This Winter

12 Feb

Baseball is in Spring Training in Florida and Arizona.

Maybe a couple of towns in both those states will bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics. It can’t get any worse than Sochi.

How ’bout Atlanta 2022! There’s more ice there than in Sochi.


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