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When Experience Gives You Lemons

24 Jan

Write a sketch based on the actual event & try it from the reverse.
This sketch, “Hipster Child At The Foul Line”, based on the Producer of The 2011 Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship & his assorted headaches, does just that.
While the Hipster Child & Hipster Mommy are demanding coverage on “The V”, the Mariners Of Fraternal Charity are planning to upload this coverage video to “YT”, which is considered to be artistically & intellectually BENEATH a Hipster.
“The V” is believed to be Vimeo, while “YT” is believed to be You Tube.
During the actual production experience, I actually endured the phenomena of the “Gossipy, Whiny Washwomen From Queens”, often called “Soccer Moms”, who THINK that they’re “New Media Experts”, by reading the latest Gossip in the NY Daily News or the NY Post. There, they often read about some “Child Prodigy”(Often With A Good Agent), who received 14.5M Hits on You Tube & think that their child will get the same thing on You Tube. If you get one of these “For Dummies” or “For Complete Idiots” Books, You Tube is WHERE all the views are.
It’s one thing to think that uploading a video to Quality Services like Vimeo & DailyMotion are the same thing as uploading a video to You Tube are one & the same thing, but, outside of the knowledgeable people who produce video in the Entertainment Profession, the average adult in their late 30s & above, along with their “Little Darlings”, tend toward You Tube. A younger generation of professionals won’t hesitate to go with Vimeo, DailyMotion &, perhaps, Blip.tv for their productions. And that I happen to like You Tube as much as I like North Korea(NOT), played a part in 2011 K of C Free Throw Coverage being uploaded to Blip, Vimeo, Viddler, & DailyMotion, as well as You Tube.
How would you like it, than when you want to get the best possible viewing experience by utilizing these services, while these “New Media Experts” are up in your face, wailing like Banshees, about how traumatized their children will be if your coverage is NOT on You Tube? I think that you get the idea that it is NOT in the least bit, pleasant. The Hipster Child & Hipster Mommy, both represent all those Darlings & Mommies, in reality & in reverse. I know of no single contestant at this point who wants to be on Vimeo & DailyMotion Coverage. Despite the far better content on these two Video Sharing Networks, You Tube, despite motherlodes of crap, in the form of partygoers puking or Cats Playing Pianos, is where the Soccer Mommies & their Little Charges want to be seen, even though they may garner scant attention. One went as far to shriek with disgust when her performance in a County Championship, was carried exclusively on DailyMotion, which was utilized when I discovered that DailyMotion, running Head To Head with You Tube, won the viewing race by a 3 to 1 Margin. Vimeo, with Bonus Coverage, also outdrew You Tube by a 5 to 3 Ratio.
There was another reason for testing this coverage on Vimeo, DailyMotion, Blip & Viddler:
It was to see if people would watch the coverage on something other than You Tube. What is interesting is that Viddler, which started out with 5 Views, now has 125 Views. While still small, view #s increased 25 Times over the Initial Carriage. Vimeo is supposed to be for artistic video sharing, but, lately, many Catholic & Protestant Groups are now utilizing Vimeo, which was NOT the case only two years ago. Vimeo is now these Faiths Alternative. Besides, the video quality, as well as the literacy level is higher than on You Tube.
What is You Tube today? It is, what AOL as an Internet Service was in the late 1990s & Early 21st Century, was with users, despite the crappy service which often was not delivered. AOL peaked, then fell off. The same can be said about You Tube. Not too far down the road, You Tube will decline like AOL. Advertising People are looking out for the next hot venture.
The 2011 Coverage drew quite well & You Tube was not as big a draw as Vimeo or DailyMotion. It was then that I realized that You Tube isn’t everything it is cracked up to be. Maybe, I’ll be lucky enough to meet that Hipster Child & Hipster Mommy. At least they took a stand for something of quality. I appreciate that fact that, in a sense, I was THAT Hipster, who dared the Status Quo, with moves I made. They were quite uncomfortable, to say the least.

Change Done-“The Kong Show On Blip”

23 Oct

The Kong Show On Blip has the Blip Show Page to itself, with the name change to “The Kong Show On Blip.”
Two Season 2 Episodes are waiting for upload. Both are currently on Vimeo & can be downloaded when the time comes.
I will be talking to the Television Side, for a graphics load for the Blip show page.
This should drive more views to “The Kong Show On Blip.”
Season 2 Rolls on Blip by next week. The Kong Show Special “Mini Kong Show”, will be produced in December, 2012 or January, 2013. It will also be on Blip, with feeds to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and StumbleUpon, as well as Digg and Posterous. Digg is being added.
As far as show promotion goes, “Hipsterhood” and “CBC Download” are being added. Say Goodbye to “Girl/Girl Scene”, “RMTV Canada” and QTV about Quilting as well as The Ohio State Sports Show, “The O Zone”. CBC R3TV remains along with “The Officer Joey Show.” Why CBC? Well, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a lot of nice, quirky programming via CBC Radio 3 TV & CBC Television in the Maritime Provinces(Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick & Newfoundland).
Enjoy Season 2.

The Station Square Group On Blip

29 Sep

Things will change on Station Square Group’s Web Page on Blip.
It will be mostly devoted to “The Kong Show On Blip” and.couple of Documentaries & 1 Sports Coverage.
Everything else is toast.

My Favorite Video Service

12 Sep

It took my 1st Ever Director, AC, to show me a Video Service, which is geared for film makers. The Service, Vimeo, is, by & large, my favorite service. Idiots do not abound on the service, unlike on You Tube, which is loaded with whom I call “The Illiterati”, oft called “A-Holes” by me &, perhaps, many others.
For my contribution to 09/11 Coverage, I produced short snippets, which would get lost in the world of You Tube’s Assorted Videos involving various conspiracies. Showing Life in NYC, such as Streets Named for those who lost their lives in the Line Of Duty, would be forgotten amongst the stories of Conspiracy, which makes for viewership on You Tube.
I found that during 2011 Knights Of Columbus Free Throw Coverage, that between Soccer Moms From The Netherworld & other assorted A-Holes, who seek attention on the World’s Largest Pile Of Cyber Goat Manure, that one does not experience this on Vimeo, where the Intelligent Filmsters rule the site. Literacy is King on Vimeo.

It’s that kind of service which keeps me returning.


Viewing #s On Blip For “The Kong Show”

27 Jun

To WordPress & Tumblr Readers of my Blogs on both linked services, the 4 WebCasts of “The Kong Show” on Blip, have recorded much higher Viewing #s.
My Thanks To You.

The Blip Superfeed

24 Jun

The latest #s for the 2011 Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage has been very good over the Blip SuperFeed. This feed went from Blip to Vimeo & VodPod, Facebook & Twitter & AOL Video. But though the viewing numbers are quite good, it suggests that more work be done to accumulate more views from the desktop, as that is where the adverts play. Another thing is that those desktop views should come from the USA. They should come from the Blip Player. Otherwise, your show may be a statistical success, but for the WRONG Reason. If you have 1200 Views, but 30% come from out of market(Outside of The USA), that is less revenue. If another 10% comes via Android or iPhone, that even though you are watching via the Blip Player, no ads are seen on a mobile edition of the Player. This sends revenue even lower.If they come via Vimeo, there is no revenue, since no commercials are seen over Vimeo. Let’s say that you have 3 Million Views, but they’re in Canada, that’s out of market & you won’t even get even a “Loonie” for all those view #s. Blip tends to be US Centric, not unlike CBC being Canadian Centric. Since CBC is running what is called “CBC Download” over Blip, they are seeking American Revenues for their web programming. And their video programming comes from The Maritime Provinces, perhaps looking for a huge Northeastern USA Audience. The programming is 1st Rate, by the way, eh. A # of Canadian Produced Series, originally seen on You Tube, are migrating over to Blip & have a huge USA Following.
Blip is a challenge to produce video programming on, but at least the views are Real & True. Can one safely say that about You Tube?

Funny About New Media Production But You Tube Is NOT The Whole Show

24 Jun

I currently produce a web version of a local Cable Access Show here in Queens. It’s funny, a sendup of a 1970s NBC Show, which was produced by one Chuck Barris.
It was as an actor when I 1st became aware of Vimeo. I discovered Blip over the web & liked what I saw. Ditto, DailyMotion!
It was January, 2011, when I did my 1st Production Gig in the form of the Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage, back before apps like Splice & the coming of the Vimeo App as well as Posterous & Up2blip. Having to rely on iMovie for The Mac was ok in the 1st coverage.
But, by the 2nd Round, all I had was DailyMotion & YouTube. I had downloaded the Splice App & did my work from the iPod Touch 4G. Finding a good Wi Fi Signal was important. It was with the 2nd Round when You Tube was trounced by DailyMotion. Short competition segments on Vimeo, also trounced You Tube. In the 1st Round, Video Sharing Services which carried a competition which is usually on You Tube, exclusively, did quite well, ratings wise.
After discovering Blip, I found that along with Vimeo, VodPod(Now Lockerz) & DailyMotion, there was no need for You Tube, which to me was irrelevant. But NEVER Tell that to the “Whiney Washwomen From Queens.” They usually go over your head to force You Tube Coverage of the event, even if no one watches on You Tube. Blip coverage from 2011 is still up there with iTunes Downloads. And as I discovered, this after cross posting coverage on StumbleUpon, that people are still watching the DailyMotion, Blip & Vimeo Versions of the coverage.
In becoming involved as Producer of a Webcast of a Queens Cable Show, called “The Kong Show”, I decided to test run a segment called “AfterShow”. This segment went over Vimeo, Blip, DailyMotion & You Tube. Blip is #1, #2 is DailyMotion, #3 is YouTube & #4 is Vimeo. The You Tube #s only rose after cross posting over StumbleUpon. Without StumbleUpon, You Tube would ‘be insignificant as most viewers are on Blip. With StumbleUpon, Blip really picked up more views.
You Tube is to me not a significant player in a lot of things. Blip has proven itself well for views for the webcast. Blip is series oriented while You Tube’s audiences are like Channel Flippers. Blip viewers watch the whole show unlike on You Tube. The views are hard won views.
I like that. So would any producer worth one’s salt.

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