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A Spitball, The Red Sox, The Yankees and A Suspension

24 Apr

Last week at Toilet III, a way of Boston Red Sox and NY Mets Fans to refer to Yankee Stadium III, Michael Pineda was a Yankees Starter, accused of doctoring baseballs with banned substances. He won that Game at Yankee Stadium III.
Fast forward to last night and Pineda was caught red handed with unlawful substances on him. He got kicked out of the Game in the 2nd Inning at Fenway Park. The Yankees lost to the Red Sox 5-1. He is now suspended for these antics.
Watching “Al Yankeezeera”, a network true to the Traditions of FOX Saturday Baseball, there is constant and annoying chatter employed by Michael Kay and Company. Can’t these guys ever let the Game Breathe a Little Bit without constant chatter? Are YES announcers getting paid by the syllable? Can you say “Buck and Mc Carver?”
To us in Red Sox Nation, New York City Branch, we got stuck with the YES Network Feed. It is a form of Torment. Michael Kay annoys to NO END. The fact that 80% of YES(Yankees Entertainment SUCKS)is owned by 21st Century FOX Inc, located on 6th Avenue in Manhattan, is enough to cause massive lines at the  “Vomitariums”(A Word, Ecclesiastically utilised for Hymns at Ordinary Form Latin(Roman)Rite Masses, by My Most Dear Friend). No one in The New York City Branch of Red Sox Nation, can stand the Ramblings of YES Network Commentators.
With the Red Sox Victory, with John Lackey pitching a Gem for 8 Innings, just listening to YES Network Commentators making excuses at the end was quite satisfying. YES Commentary appeals to the Lowest Common Denominator of Fans, especially Yankees Fans, many of whom became fans in the Last 48 to 72 Hours.
I compare this to the Coverage of Mets Red Sox in 2009, when the NYC Branch of Red Sox Nation were receiving the Mets SNY Coverage. Gary, Keith and Ron were 1st Class all the way. Gary Cohen, Graduate of Dartmouth College and one time Play By Play fior Pawtucket, is originally from Jamaica Estates in Queens. Ron Darling of The 1986 World Series Championship Mets, went to Yale University and grew up in Worcester, MA. Keith Hernandez was the 1st Baseman of the 1986 World Series Championship Mets & grew up on the West Coast. He also appeared Twice on “Seinfeld.”  They kept us entertained and informed. One Red Sox Partisan noticed how well the angles of play were covered. It should be noted that these games were directed by Bill Webb, who is lead director on “MLB On FOX.”
Even when the Mets took 2/3 from the Sox, Gary, Keith and Ron kept us informed and entertained. No complaints here from The Nation in NYC.



“Thahhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK!”

M, Eh!

On “FAWX”, Red Sox Tigers

16 Oct

After ALCS on FOX, it is Fall Classic Time.
“Red Sox Nation” opens her broad shoulders to you.
Mets Fans? If you despise The Cardinals, come join us. Then it will be plenty of time to lament your team ownership(Got that JEFFY). Our team will take The Cards.
From The T to the 7  to the L Train, the,Chant is ,”Go Sawx.”
If Tim Mc Cavah seems more maudlin, don’t sweat it. He is mourning  the End of The Derek Jeter Age.
Go Sawx!

Borders Bookstores Now In Bankruptcy

9 Aug

One near me, on the East Glendale-Middle Village Border, has reportedly closed their doors:
Good Reading was to be had there. But, The Wi Fi Hotspot, just like CC Sabathia Vs The Red Sox, well, SUCKED;
Oh, Well!

Looking At How Powerless CC Sabathia Is Vs The Boston Red Sox

9 Aug

You might say that no Burger King, Diner, Mc Donald’s nor Luncheonette in Boston, will serve him up a delectable Cheeseburger:
He is pitching like all he has been served is a non fattening salad;
And Red Sox Nation Loves It;

CC Ran Out Of Cheeseburgers

7 Aug

The NY Yankees lost to the Boston Red Sox, 10-4 at Fenway Park.
CC Sabbathia, I believe, has met his match as he was clobbered for 7 runs over 6 Innings with Jacoby Ellsbury, Kevin Youkilis & Carl Crawford, having CC for a proverbial Lunch.

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