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Watch “Rex Murphy: Putin and Obama” on YouTube

9 Mar

CBC Radio One Returns Monday To US Radio Apps

21 Feb

This was done in the name of protecting the Olympic Broadcast Rights owned by CBS Radio/Westwood One.
In short, Sports Radio 101.9 FM and Sports Radio 660AM WFAN, Home to assorted show callers who have all the intellect of a Stained Glass Window with images of Plants, has been assaulting many a person’s eardrums. February 24th, 2014 cannot come quickly enough.


As I Talked About The American Old Media Horning In On “The Great Toronto Seal Hunt”, Eh, Except That Seal Is Justin Bieber, Eh.

30 Jan

Add One Justin Bieber as the latest person to get into trouble in Toronto.
WHAT is in the Water in Toronto, Eh?
First, it’s Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford. Now it’s Paparazzi Pop Brat, Justin Bieber.
I viewed CBC News Toronto At 11PM. I viewed the usual Television and Radio Crews. But I did notice loads of people with iPhones & Android Phones recording video. You see, Pop Brat Justin Bieber was charged with beating up a Limousine Driver by Toronto Police.
CBC News reported that a You Tube Video of Bieber being taken into Police Custody, has a total of 46,000,000 Hits. 
The New Media beats the Old Media, eh. But in this digital world, a live transmission from a Smartphone would beat the Old Media to the punch.
Since I do have the CBC News Android App, I can view those crazy Canadian Events as they happen, eh.
CBC News did show Raw Footage. It added to the moment. It was done without narration.

Another “SNL” Moment? I can’t wait for what Rex Murphy & Rick Mercer have to say. It will be a Moment of SNARK.

Justin’s People plan to regroup in Bieber’s Native Stratford, ON. CBC News “The National” Chief Correspondent, Peter Mansbridge, lives in Stratford.
Don’t beat up The Messenger!


On Americans Knowing Their Closest Neighbor, Eh

25 Jan

I first went to Canada in 1963, staying in Quebec City. I do remember The Catholic Shrine of Ste. Anne De Beaupre, She being the Mother of The Blessed Virgin Mary. This Shrine is “The Lourdes Of North America” as many cures of Illnesses have been attributed to This Shrine Church(Eglise En Francais). Quebec is quite traditional French Speaking & Catholic. This was in August, 1963, when President Kennedy was at the helm in Washington.
The Canadian Prime Minister was Lester Bowles Pearson. We often heard of him back in the USA. Toronto’s Airport is named for him.  It was also my 1st Opportunity to experience Canadian Radio & Television, via a Network called CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), which unlike “The Big Three Major Networks”, which Canadians often watch a lot of, CBC is a Crown Corporation, operating at Arms Length from The Canadian Government.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau was Prime Minister. We often heard about him in the USA. We, more often than not, heard about his wife, Margaret Sinclair Trudeau in her dalliances, including her stops at the Famous Disco, Studio 54.

But, just how many Americans remember the 6 Month Term of Joe Clark as Prime Minister? Who was Michelle Jean? Outside of Wayne Gretzky, Howie Mandell, Monty Hall & Lorne Michaels & Paul Shaffer, we don’t seem to know much about our Northern Friends at all.

The Liberal Party uses the Red Color. The Conservatives use Blue. How many of you know who Stephen Harper is, unless you are Tuned to FOX News. He
is Prime Minister of Canada.

Rick Mercer is the Canadian version of Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert, only more biting in his humor. He is originally from Newfoundland. CBC Commentator Rex Murphy, s Curmudgeon on the Line of the Late Andy Rooney of CBS News, is more biting in his commentary than Andy ever was & has the Vocabulary of William F. Buckley Jr. Rex is as Conservative as Bill Buckley ever was. Rex appears on CBC News The National with scathing commentary with dry wit. He too is from Newfoundland. He has “ripped Toronto Mayor Rob Ford a new one” in Rex Redoubtable Style. Rex has also ripped Mr Obama several times. Trust me, you don’t want to get ripped by Rex or Rick. The Wounds will stay with you for awhile.

Rick Mercer did a CBC Comedy Special “Talking To Americans”, to see how we Yanks misunderstand Canada. It was hilarious to say the least. The new CAN$ 5 Dollar Coin is made partially of wood. As the Canadian Dollar is called the “Loonie”, the $5 piece is the Woody. Then the crowd on camera exclaims “Congratulations Canada on Your New Woody.”
Great Canadian Practical Joke, Eh!

We rarely hear about what goes on in Lac Megantic, Quebec, but Canadians know about what goes on in Brooklyn. They know who Al Sharpton is, but do we even know who Jim Flaherty & Stephen Harper are.

Yanks only know about Canada from Hockey Games. They know little else except that the Late Peter Jennings was Canadian. CBC News The National’s lead Anchor, Peter Mansbridge, was considered very highly to Replace Dan Rather in the Anchor Chair of The CBS Evening News. Peter Mansbridge stayed in Canada, instead. But he does sound a bit like Walter Cronkite.

Don’t Judge Canada on the basis of those two Hosers, Bob & Doug MacKenzie. And don’t think that everyone up North is like Rob Ford. Justin Bieber is acting like any Hollywood Celebrity.

Eh! I do like Rob Ford & Stephen Harper & Rex Murphy.


From Westmount, PQ, Eugenie Bouchard Is The Darling Of The Australian Open

21 Jan

A French Canadian Teen Jeune Fille(Lassie. Eh) is the Darling of Tennis Aficionados in the Tennis Grand Slam Event, The Australian Open. Eugenie Bouchard is her name & in her teens. She is the 2nd Canadian to go to the Finals and the First in 30 Years. She is also the 1st French Canadian.

She has a Huge Group of Australian Male Fans. A Spirited Group of Lads are gathered, singing the English Language Version of “O Canada”(The Version which is heard at NHL Games in Canada and The USA). These Guys sound a bit like they’ve had a few Foster’s Lagers In them(Australian for Beer, Mate). From what I have been told by CBC Radio Montreal, the Aussies are enjoying Genie’s Joue(Play).

Eugenie? See You in the US Open in Flushing Meadow. May there be More Renditions of O Canada in your Honour. I will raise a half litre of Molson’s Ale for this.


“Dear Yanks”(Eh!)

7 Jan


Time To Privatise CBC

30 Nov

With Rogers having taken over Hockey Telecasts, all that CBC Sports will have are The Olympics .

The Canadian Federal Government cut money out of the budget. Ad revenue is down. Hockey is the ad revenue draw. The Radio Side is free from ads.

Time for privatisation. What with Rogers, CTV, Canwest Global, it is time. This is not Europe, but North America.

CBC private? Why Not!


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