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“Tridentine Sugarless With A Latin Beat With Chant Called Gregorian”

23 Feb

The 9AM Tridentine Latin Mass of The Missale Romanum of 1962 will be offered today at St. John’s Cemetery Chapel at 80-01 Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village, Queens, NY.
Whereas the Byzantine Ukrainian Greek Catholics and other Byzantine Rite Catholics call this “Sunday of Meat Fare” just before Great Lent, which actually begins on a Monday of Next Week after “Sunday of Cheese Fare”, those Roman Catholics of the Tridentine Latin Mass Traditional Calendar, observe these next two Sundays called Septuagessima and Sextuagesima Sunday, minus the “Gloria” and “Alleluia”, with Vesting Priest and or Deacon, in Purple Vestments, as a Sign of Penance, prior to the Start of Lent. This lasts until the Easter Vigil Liturgy on Holy Saturday After The Setting of The Sun.
In the Ordinary Form of the Roman(Latin)Rite, it is a Sunday of Ordinary Time, with Vesting Priests and or Deacons in Green Vestments until Ash Wednesday and the Start of Lent.
The Byzantine Rite Catholics do not have Ash Wednesday. The Roman(Latin)Rite Churches do have Ash Wednesday.
In The Ordinary Form Mass, for The Sacred Readings, it is Antiphon, Epistle, Psalms, Alleluia, Gospel & Homily.
In The Byzantine Rite, it is Antiphon, Exhortation(“Let Us Be Attentive”), Epistle, Alleluia, Exhortation, Gospel and Homily.
In the Extraordinary Form(T L M), it is Introit, Epistle, Graduale, Tract and Gospel with Homily. But in this Form, Epistle, Graduale, Tract and Gospel are chanted in Latin, followed by Proclamation of Epistle and Gospel in The Vernacular with Homily.
Gospel Reading in Ukrainian Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom concerned The Last Judgement, for what is called “The Awesome Tribunal” in the Holy Mass.
I must be attentive and ready to head to Mass.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!


Watch “Catholics and The Rest of the World” on YouTube

4 Feb

Watch “Behave Like You Believe” (MichaelVoris)

30 Jan

Has Sean Cardinal O’Malley gone “Stark Raving Mad” to accept an Anointing from a Female PROTESTANT Minister?

This IS “THE CONFITEOR” As In The Original, NOT The 1970 Version

30 Jan

What I am writing comes from a 1956 St. Joseph Daily Missal and this is the English Translation. This prayer is in no way HUMANISTIC. Rather, this is the Version which OFFENDED Archbp Annibale “I Am The Reform” Bugnini, as this original version actually mentions Actual Saints, which supposedly OFFENDED Protestant Sensibilities.

“I Confess to Almighty God, to Blessed Mary Ever Virgin, to Blessed Michael The Archangel, To Blessed John the Baptist, to the Holy Apostles Peter & Paul, & to all the Saints, & to You, Father, that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word & deed,(Strike Breast 3 times saying)through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. Therefore I beseech Blessed Mary Ever Virgin, Blessed Michael The Archangel, Blessed John the Baptist, the Holy Apostles Peter & Paul, & all the Saints, & You, Father, to pray to the Lord Our God for me.
(Priest) May Almighty God have mercy on you, forgive you your sins, and Bring you to Life Everlasting.
(Congregation) Amen.

Now when the New Confiteor came out, it only mentioned Mary One Time. The Translation was so badly done that the “Mea Culpa” wasn’t even mentioned. In the new translation, it is prayed. But, that all the Important Saints of The Church in The Roman(Latin) Rite are excluded because this might offend Protestants, well, I say “Tough Darts.”

This version should be restored. It states The Catholic Faith Without Apology.


“The Summons”(Please Give One To The Music Director. Thanks!)

29 Jan

“The Summons” is a Call from Jesus Christ, in the Beginning of His Public Ministry, when He calls The Apostles to join with Him.

But in The Modern “Hymn”, there is LITTLE in the Way of PRAYER to Him. He is doing ALL the talking, except for Verse #5, WHERE WE are supposed to Respond in the Affirmative to His Call.

This is Actually THEME MUSIC for The Gospel According to St. Matthew, an Apostle who was in Roman Times, a Contractor for The Roman Government, as The Local Tax Collector, who often made out like an Extortionist & lived rather Comfortably. But, Matthew joined with Jesus Christ to Heal The Sick and Preach The Good News.

But, “The Summons”, an example of Treacle(Pancake Syrup), is NOT a Hymn of Praise. What was The Worst thing was that Verse #5 was never sung. In Verse #5, we are saying “Yes” to The Lord.

Why does Music in The Ordinary Rite of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, sound like 106.7 Lite FM? The Mass is The Centrality of The Being of The One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church. Our Action is supposed to be All Praise & Thanksgiving. The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass is The Divine Liturgy, NOT a Group Therapy Sing A Long. The Saints and Angels are Present With The Lord on The Altar during Mass(Most Reverend Austin Vaughan taught this to Seminarians at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York).

It was Gregorian Chant which is meant to be sung. The Church has a Tremendous Music Treasure of Chants and Hymns. So WHY are we singing about OURSELVES instead of To God?

Only He can make a Tree out of Nothing. We Can’t Do That. Let us focus on The ONE, Who can Do THAT.

Gloria In Excelcis Deo, Et In Terra Pax Hominibus!


Give “The Summons” to The Music Director. Make it Returnable to 125-01 Queens Blvd, Kew Gardens, NY 11415

Watch “Ninja Catholics” (The Vortex With MichaelVoris)

29 Jan

ByzLat-An Orthodox Convert To Catholicism With No Place Nearby

27 Jan

I know about two people who came into One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church from Orthodox Churches. One is the Mother of the Administrator of Holy Child Jesus R C Church in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York. She came from Armenian Orthodoxy. Armenian Orthodoxy is Oriental Orthodoxy, meaning that they were in Theological Schism with the Catholic Church since the Fourth Ecumenical Council. Hence, this is Not Byzantine.
But, there was no Armenian Catholic Church in Marine Park, Brooklyn, so Father’s Mom worshipped as a Roman Catholic (Latin/Roman Rite).

Now the Byzantine Rite Catholics have their corresponding Churches in Eastern Orthodoxy. In the case of those whose former Church is Greek Orthodox, the corresponding Church is the Melkite Greek Catholic Church. The Melkite Greeks use the Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom & St. Basil Martyr. But, unlike Damascus in Syria, The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn has only one Melkite Greek Catholic Church & that Parish is in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
My Most Dear Friend, courtesy of The Code of Canon Law, #s 896 through 901, falls into this category. But, since Forest Hills, Queens is quite a hike from Park Slope and that there is no Melkite Greek Catholic Church nearby in Queens, she goes to the nearest Catholic Church, which is a Latin(Roman)Rite Parish called Our Lady Queen of Martyrs at Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, on the Cusp of Forest Hills Gardens. This contingency is covered under The Code of Canon Law.

She does ask questions. As I usually worship in the Latin Rite, I have also taken to going to the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at two Ukrainian Greek Catholic Churches, namely St. George in The East Village & Holy Cross in Astoria, Queens. Both Parishes are in Full Communion with the Holy See. St. George Parish has a Portrait of Blessed Pope John Paul II by a Shrine.

In The Latin Rite in the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, it is 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time. For The Byzantine Catholic Rite, this is Sunday After Theophany(Epiphany), when in the Gospel According to St. Matthew, The Beginning of Christ’s Ministry, was proclaimed. It was the short form. At 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Long Form of this Gospel was proclaimed at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs 1PM Mass by Fr Kevin Abels, Brooklyn Diocesan Vocations Director, recently named by Bishop Nicholas Di Marzio as Pastor of St. Sebastian’s R C Church in Woodside, Queens.

I wonder what My Most Dear Friend will ask me tomorrow after Mass?
I hope that I Am Prepared.


“Why People In The Ordinary Form Of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, Aren’t Singing Anymore”

25 Jan

I have this feeling that The Faithful are losing interest in what amounts to “Folk Mass Muzak” using an Organ. The tunes are often clunky and NOT Directed to God. They are, what one Monsignor calls this dreck “Camp Music.”

Actually, what according to the Missale Romanum, is to be sung, are various prayers and Gregorian Chant. A Hymn at the Beginning and End of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass of Praise to The Lord(That Is A REAL, Praiseworthy Hymn. by the way), should be sung
But during the Actual Mass itself, it should and must be the Actual Prayers and Chants, NOT Some worn out, Greenwich Village Coffee House Song. In short, Tom Conry’s “Anthem” does NOT Cut the Mustard(though it does cut The Cheese). It was from The Sacrosanctorum Concillium, after the Second Vatican Council, where it is COMMANDED that Certain Responses be sung. Singing about how good we are to God, defeats the Purpose of Worship to Him.

A good # of these self serving trite tripe style of Hymns, have been parodied. Most of this new music is Self Serving “Treacle”, as My Most Dear Friend, who introduced me to the Noun called Treacle, which is Pancake Syrup, describes this Muzak. There is even a list of the Ten All Time Worst Hymns on The Web. It is quite funny to say the least.

There was a situation where, during The Feast of The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary 2013, it was at Holy Communion when a Marian Hymn was sung. This would have been a perfect time for prayer and contemplation. Instead, a “Treaclicious Hymn”, called “Gift of Finest Wheat”, was played. Practically NO ONE even bothered to sing, except for The Cantor.

Having been to Byzantine Greek Catholic Divine Liturgies 4 Times, the Propers & Chants are sung. No Treacle is ever sung here. You cannot hear anything from The Saint Louis Jesuits or Marty Haugen & Company at Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgies, which are intensely beautiful, because of Chant and Silence. Gregorian Chant in The Tridentine Latin Mass, is the Singing in this Liturgy. It is Intense and Beautiful.
Catholics aren’t dumb. They know Treacle, Vomit, Barf and Puke when they hear it. And they are NOT Singing any of it, especially in the Latin(Roman)Rite.

Junk Is Junk & Catholics want No Part of any of it. It is NOT TRUE WORSHIP OF THE Triune God.

Sung Treacle, Vomit, Barf & Puke has a Place in The Mass, called “Left Out.”


PopeWatch: A Suggested Topic for Conversation | The American Catholic

24 Jan


Yet, Mr Obama’s Heart is hardened. To Him, Aborticide is a “Sacrament” to be “Celebrated With Feminazis.”


On Saturday, January 22nd, 1973, The Unfathomable Occurred In Washington, DC

22 Jan

Eight Days Before, I had just turned 18 Years Old. I finally was of age where I could vote in Elections. I was eligible to sign up for Selective Service. In those days, one could legally enjoy a beer or a cigar.

Sadly, New York & California had Liberalized Abortion Statutes. These States set the tone for What was to come.

I was with my folks as they had gone shopping. It was an overcast day in The 5 Boroughs of New York City.

It was on WCBS Newsradio 880, on Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood, Queens, a Predominantly German & Italian Enclave,  when a bit after 2:00PM, EST, when I 1st Heard about Roe Versus Wade & the Decision by the SCOTUS (US Supreme Court).

The Question I ask is:

How do the 13th & 14th US Constitutional Amendments suddenly come into play, when both are in regards to that Last Great Legal & Moral Problem called Slavery?

Considering that Justice William O. Douglas, an Activist Free Interpreter of What was according to his Masonic Philosophy and William Brennan, who was Catholic(I am not sure if he was practicing), both are noted for interpretations which are questionable.

There is Mens Rea (Legal Intent). The 13th & 14th Amendments dealt with Equal Protection of the Law, for the Newly Emancipated Black Slaves.

But for a Man and Woman to engage in Procreative Activities, which means having Sexual Intercourse, how is the potential birthing mother suddenly treated as if a Slave with no rights?

Mens Rea was not followed here. This was a matter dealing with Slavery. 

Back in 1821, the State of Connecticut passed the 1st Liberalised Legal Abortion Law. The State was one of The 13 States. As one was to find out in 1973, there were 21 States with Liberalised Abortion Laws.

The Two Dissenting US Supreme Court Justices are Byron White & William Rehnquist(Later Chief Justice of this Court). Both questioned the use of the 13th & 14th Amendments.

It will take a Constitutional Amendment to clear this up, which will restore, both the Rights of The Individual States to regulate(& Preferably Repeal this Crime Against Humanity) these activities. It may take awhile, but it will be worth it.

The USA has never been a Catholic Country. This would never have been tolerated in a Truly Catholic Country. All Protestant Denominations once totally opposed Contraception. Then, in The Lambeth Conference of The Church of England, Contraception was given the Go Ahead(1930). All other Protestant Communities followed suit.

“The Pill” followed. The Sexual Revolution followed that. Add Abortion to the mix & it is the Grave Moral Mess we are in Today. Catholic Catechisis of The Present Day doesn’t talk about this.

Utter Shame!

Blessings to those who made it to Washington DC today. Even Snow cannot foil prayers for the End of This “Crime Against Humanity.”