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A Decision To Lose More Than A Bit

27 Jan

I was listening To CBC Radio One Toronto, To the show called “The Current”, hosted by Anna Maria Tramonti.
There is a lesson taught today in that, “Low Fat” may make you Fat.

Therefore, on Thursday, I will eat way less in the form of Carbohydrates, which are making me quite heavy. It is even a problem for me, kneeling at Mass, and go more with Fat and Protein. This will aid in better health.

Thanks, Anna!


It Is Monday, February 24th, 2014 & CBC RADIO ONE Is Back

24 Feb

The 31st Games of The Winter Olympiad in Russia’s Version of Miami, Sochi, is History.

CBC Radio One is Back. No Longer will I have to be tormented by listening to “The Institute For The Intellectually Challenged”, a Euphemism for Sports Radio 101.9FM, WFAN, where assorted putzes compete for the title of Dummy of 2014.

CBC Sunday Morning is a replay. But it feels good to hear it again.



CBC Radio Blocking On Tune In Radio App-A Workaround-“NO ‘FAN, Puh-Lease!”

5 Feb

This Morning I put on the Tune In Radio App and went to CBC Radio One-Montreal. A message from CBC was broadcast. It is due to the Fact that CBC during the Olympics, may not be transmitted in the USA on the Tune In App, due to Olympics Broadcasting Restrictions(CBS Radio-Westwood One & The Multiple Cable Television Networks of NBC Sports), so it was announced that one could download the CBC Radio App from either Google Play or iTunes. So, realizing that there is a Much Higher Power than Comcast & CBS Radio, I downloaded the CBC Radio App for Android. I do not believe that I could stomach listening to the assorted people, who have trouble spelling “Mad Dog”, calling into Sport Shows on that “Institute For The Intellectually Less Than Less Gifted”, Sports Radio 66 & 101.9 FM, WFAN in Lower Manhattan in Hudson Square Neighborhood. No, I do not wish to hear the Musings and Ramblings of “His Heaviness, The Sports Pope”, Mike Francessa, Pontificating about NOTHING, not unlike “Seinfeld.” As My Most Dear Friend often says, it could cause one to “Vomit, Barf, & Puke.”

“Bottom Line”(A Line spoken by “His Heaviness”), I have little to no interest in listening to “The FAN”, due to the “Insipid Quality.”

I have CBC Radio back. It feels good, Eh!

“NO ‘FAN!”


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