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For NYC Weather, It Will Be CBC Radio One Montreal

5 Feb

As one who posts from New York’s Five Boroughs, especially Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, it is most unusual, but the most accurate Weather has come from CBC Radio One Montreal’s “Montreal Morning.”
CBC News App via iPod Touch, relayed storm or US Election Information, quicker and better than Anything here in the USA, including NYC. CBC Radio One Montreal is a Real Pearl of Information.  CBC is the 1st Non US Network I viewed & listened to. I will be tuning in overnight & early in the morning.

Eh, that’s great!


Strange, Eh, But Montreal’s CBC Radio One At 88.5 FM & 104.7 FM Have The Best New York City Snow Forecast

4 Feb

CBME 88.5 FM(104.7FM In The West End of Isle De Montreal), really called the New York City Snow Event quite nicely, eh, calling for 7.86 Inches of Snow(20 Centimetres).
Tomorrow, the Forecast calls for 17 Centimetres of Snow(6.681 Inches of White, Fluffy Stuff).
Now I have an Android Mobile Phone/Entertainment & Information Centre. I have the “Tune In Radio”, just like when I had the iPod Touch 4G and had to depend on Wireless Fidelity. So I have been regularly tuned to CBC Radio One.
On the Apple iPod Touch, I received my best SuperStorm Sandy Information via the CBC News App. Once again, CBC has called it correctly.
Merci Beaucoup, Eh!

M (Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Eh)

As I Talked About The American Old Media Horning In On “The Great Toronto Seal Hunt”, Eh, Except That Seal Is Justin Bieber, Eh.

30 Jan

Add One Justin Bieber as the latest person to get into trouble in Toronto.
WHAT is in the Water in Toronto, Eh?
First, it’s Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford. Now it’s Paparazzi Pop Brat, Justin Bieber.
I viewed CBC News Toronto At 11PM. I viewed the usual Television and Radio Crews. But I did notice loads of people with iPhones & Android Phones recording video. You see, Pop Brat Justin Bieber was charged with beating up a Limousine Driver by Toronto Police.
CBC News reported that a You Tube Video of Bieber being taken into Police Custody, has a total of 46,000,000 Hits. 
The New Media beats the Old Media, eh. But in this digital world, a live transmission from a Smartphone would beat the Old Media to the punch.
Since I do have the CBC News Android App, I can view those crazy Canadian Events as they happen, eh.
CBC News did show Raw Footage. It added to the moment. It was done without narration.

Another “SNL” Moment? I can’t wait for what Rex Murphy & Rick Mercer have to say. It will be a Moment of SNARK.

Justin’s People plan to regroup in Bieber’s Native Stratford, ON. CBC News “The National” Chief Correspondent, Peter Mansbridge, lives in Stratford.
Don’t beat up The Messenger!


Bambuser Is 4th Live Broadcast App

24 Jan

To those of you who have a news story, Bambuser from Sweden and Finland may be your answer, as they have ties by agreement with the Associated Press.

Especially for those of You who were at Wednesday’s “March For Life”, you could have carried a Worldwide Broadcast from your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android Phone. You could have linked to AP, so they could follow the March.

Folks? Never mind the US TV Networks, because they are up in Toronto, covering the “Greater Toronto Seal Hunt”, which is cover for ANOTHER Video starring an Intoxicated Mayor Rob Ford.

Those in Toronto? Well, if you spot Rob Ford in an Intoxicated State, do alert the Associated Press(AP). It will make for Comical Fodder for “The Late Show With David Letterman” & “The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson” on CBS. Maybe “Strombo” on CBC will carry what you shot, for Laughs. Maybe it’ll be seen on “Just For Laughs” on CBC & Reseau TVA.

I think you get the Live Picture, Eh!


With Today Being 1/24/14, Will The 3 Networks Have

24 Jan

Crews at the Canadian Embassy for 12 People protesting The Greater Toronto Seal Hunt?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford apologized for this, stating that he was “Slightly Under The Weather after a Night Out, Eh.”


CBC My Region – Canada Post to phase out urban home mail delivery

12 Dec


Rob Ford Controversy Makes International Headlines

30 Nov


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