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Watch “Catholics and The Rest of the World” on YouTube

4 Feb

Watch “Behave Like You Believe” (MichaelVoris)

30 Jan

Has Sean Cardinal O’Malley gone “Stark Raving Mad” to accept an Anointing from a Female PROTESTANT Minister?

Watch “Ninja Catholics” (The Vortex With MichaelVoris)

29 Jan

Another Pro Lifer Message About Social Media

24 Jan

You have what I consider to be a rather complete list of Social Media, to carry your Pro Life Message to the World. I actually viewed a protest against Ukraine’s Government on Ustream.tv, live as it is occurring. You don’t need the Major Networks, though FOX News is a Major, Fair and Objective Outlet(Thank You Brit Hume & Roger Ailes).
Some of the Best Coverage is by ChurchMillitant.tv, from MichaelVoris. Check him out on You Tube.
Make Your Own Coverage and Stream It to The World.
Who Cares WHAT Chris Matthews says on PMSNBC!


Watch “The Gracious Assassin” on YouTube(A Michael Voris Special)

23 Nov

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