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When Experience Gives You Lemons

24 Jan

Write a sketch based on the actual event & try it from the reverse.
This sketch, “Hipster Child At The Foul Line”, based on the Producer of The 2011 Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship & his assorted headaches, does just that.
While the Hipster Child & Hipster Mommy are demanding coverage on “The V”, the Mariners Of Fraternal Charity are planning to upload this coverage video to “YT”, which is considered to be artistically & intellectually BENEATH a Hipster.
“The V” is believed to be Vimeo, while “YT” is believed to be You Tube.
During the actual production experience, I actually endured the phenomena of the “Gossipy, Whiny Washwomen From Queens”, often called “Soccer Moms”, who THINK that they’re “New Media Experts”, by reading the latest Gossip in the NY Daily News or the NY Post. There, they often read about some “Child Prodigy”(Often With A Good Agent), who received 14.5M Hits on You Tube & think that their child will get the same thing on You Tube. If you get one of these “For Dummies” or “For Complete Idiots” Books, You Tube is WHERE all the views are.
It’s one thing to think that uploading a video to Quality Services like Vimeo & DailyMotion are the same thing as uploading a video to You Tube are one & the same thing, but, outside of the knowledgeable people who produce video in the Entertainment Profession, the average adult in their late 30s & above, along with their “Little Darlings”, tend toward You Tube. A younger generation of professionals won’t hesitate to go with Vimeo, DailyMotion &, perhaps, Blip.tv for their productions. And that I happen to like You Tube as much as I like North Korea(NOT), played a part in 2011 K of C Free Throw Coverage being uploaded to Blip, Vimeo, Viddler, & DailyMotion, as well as You Tube.
How would you like it, than when you want to get the best possible viewing experience by utilizing these services, while these “New Media Experts” are up in your face, wailing like Banshees, about how traumatized their children will be if your coverage is NOT on You Tube? I think that you get the idea that it is NOT in the least bit, pleasant. The Hipster Child & Hipster Mommy, both represent all those Darlings & Mommies, in reality & in reverse. I know of no single contestant at this point who wants to be on Vimeo & DailyMotion Coverage. Despite the far better content on these two Video Sharing Networks, You Tube, despite motherlodes of crap, in the form of partygoers puking or Cats Playing Pianos, is where the Soccer Mommies & their Little Charges want to be seen, even though they may garner scant attention. One went as far to shriek with disgust when her performance in a County Championship, was carried exclusively on DailyMotion, which was utilized when I discovered that DailyMotion, running Head To Head with You Tube, won the viewing race by a 3 to 1 Margin. Vimeo, with Bonus Coverage, also outdrew You Tube by a 5 to 3 Ratio.
There was another reason for testing this coverage on Vimeo, DailyMotion, Blip & Viddler:
It was to see if people would watch the coverage on something other than You Tube. What is interesting is that Viddler, which started out with 5 Views, now has 125 Views. While still small, view #s increased 25 Times over the Initial Carriage. Vimeo is supposed to be for artistic video sharing, but, lately, many Catholic & Protestant Groups are now utilizing Vimeo, which was NOT the case only two years ago. Vimeo is now these Faiths Alternative. Besides, the video quality, as well as the literacy level is higher than on You Tube.
What is You Tube today? It is, what AOL as an Internet Service was in the late 1990s & Early 21st Century, was with users, despite the crappy service which often was not delivered. AOL peaked, then fell off. The same can be said about You Tube. Not too far down the road, You Tube will decline like AOL. Advertising People are looking out for the next hot venture.
The 2011 Coverage drew quite well & You Tube was not as big a draw as Vimeo or DailyMotion. It was then that I realized that You Tube isn’t everything it is cracked up to be. Maybe, I’ll be lucky enough to meet that Hipster Child & Hipster Mommy. At least they took a stand for something of quality. I appreciate that fact that, in a sense, I was THAT Hipster, who dared the Status Quo, with moves I made. They were quite uncomfortable, to say the least.

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