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At Mass This Morning & Afterwards

25 Feb

It was quiet. Only a few people were inside of the cavernous Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church at Queens Boulevard and Ascan Avenue.
I do not mind the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass on a weekday. With the small crowd, one could almost say that this is an Intimate Gathering of The People of God. I only get upset when certain, Horizontal Music is played, as my prior articles suggest.
I walked this morning with My Most Dear Friend, a Woman with whom I have Theological and Artistic Discussions. Skyscrapers were a topic. You don’t really see them in Europe. They’re mostly American Designs. Where the Art Students League of New York is located at 215 West 57th Street by 7th Avenue, that part of town does NOT NEED another High Rise. In fact, WHY does Forest Hills need High Rise Buildings? The Joke about Forest Hills is that these residents think of themselves as Manhattanites without crossing the “East River”, which is actually a strait which is part of The Atlantic Ocean, as is Long Island Sound.
If these people want to live like Manhattanites, let them cross the 59th Street Bridge.
For My Most Dear Friend told me of Great News, that the Developer is being sued in Court. This is a David Vs Goliath Situation which bears watching.
Go David!


The 1st Msgr Sherman Council Knights Of Columbus Altar Server Awards On This Date In 1998 In Forest Hills, Queens, NY

22 Feb

What I remember in the Days before Vimeo, Dailymotion & You Tube, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile, was that there was a T Mobile Predecessor in NewYork, especially in Forest Hills on Austin Street, called OMNIPOINT. This is currently a subsidiary of T Mobile and in 1998, the 1st Mobile Phone Company which had mobile phones which could do mobile to mobile short text messages, feature news headlines and the ability to receive Faxes via Voice Mail. OMNIPOINT even had the 1st Smartphone, from Nokia, which could be used to browse the web, do short text messages, email and send/receive Faxes.
I at least had the ability to do short texts with an Associate and short email. At this point in time, I was Grand Knight of Msgr Sherman Council 5103 Knights of Columbus in East Glendale, Queens, NY.

Arrangements, as this was at this point, were made with the Priests at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church, a huge Parish on Queens Boulevard and Ascan Avenue. There were 64 Servers to be honored. One of those Servers, David James, is the current Coordinator of The Altar Servers. From 10:51AM to 11:22AM, though many servers did not show due to the Catholic School Winter Recess, many did show. Two were Honoured for their Special Service as One was Guest Soloist at the Council’s Memorial Mass for Deceased Members on Tuesday, 11/11/1997. The Other Server also served that same Mass.

I was at Baskin Robbins a few days later, when a Girl Altar Server informed me that one more Altar Server had to be honored. That was accomplished about 3 Days Later.

64 Altar Servers & 8 Grand Knight’s Certificates of Merit were presented.

As far as the Technology was concerned, this was on Videotape. The Parish has the Video.

And I have the Memories and The Memories are Good Memories.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!


AT & T’s 1964 World’s Fair Video Telephone And Today’s Live Web Telecasts

16 Feb

The Place was at the Bell Telephone Pavilion in The New York World’s Fair in Flushing Meadow Park, when in 1964, I did a Test Call With Mom on what was called a Picture Phone, where Two Callers shared a Video Stream.

Well, here in the Digital Broadcast Streaming Era, via our Mobile Phones, one can Originate a Two Way Call by Video. The Other Day, via Skype, the New Bishop of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, NY, Msgr Edward Scharfenberger, who was ordained a Priest of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn in 1973, conducted a Press Conference.

And, live this afternoon, via Veetle.com, a Live Classical Music Event will be Web Telecast via the World Wide Web.

And to think that Mom and I did a Picture Phone Call at The NY World’s Fair in 1964, only now that one can broadcast to thousands around the world, just by using a Web Enabled Mobile Telephone.


Liturgical Chants Like “Celtic Alleluia” Are Being Shelved

26 Jan

This became the Gospel “Alleluia” of Choice during the 1995 US Visit of Blessed Pope John Paul The Great. It sounded so Hauntingly Beautiful when sung by Professionals that it could bring tears to one’s eyes.

Yet, like certain music of the last few years, it has fallen by the wayside. One Cantor named Linda, sang it with such aplomb, that I would be choking back tears. This usually happened at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs on Queens Blvd in Forest Hills, Queens. Whenever Maestro Richard Pretzer played it on the organ, I choked up with emotion.

I very rarely hear it sung these days, except by Fr Antonin Kocurek at the 8AM Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. He is from Czech Republic. He does a nice job with it.

It is the ONLY Modern Piece which I identify with.This Is Especially True at The Easter Vigil, after the Absence of Alleluia during Lent.

I miss it.


La Boheme Sing A Long & Rehearsal

13 Jan


A Day At The “La Boheme” Opera & Sing A Long & Rehearsal

13 Jan

It was a day of Live Telecast History. People were & still are watching.
Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, NY, is something of an Artistic Center. That was the usual function of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs at Ascan Avenue & Queens Blvd with their Christmas & Spring Concerts. For Mercy was the Suffragen Parish, while Martyrs was “The Show.” But that has changed in the last several months, since the Arrival of Maestro Joe Martin from Woodhaven, Queens.
Helen Van Tine-Golden, a long time Mercy Parishioner, who still says BMT, IRT & Independent, as in Subway Lines, heads the Golden Rose Opera Company &, like me, is a Native of Brooklyn, NY. It is through Helen & Joe Martin, that I received permission to Live Web-Telecast the “La Boheme Sing A Long & Rehearsal on Veetle.com.

The Mainline Telecast is 2Hours & 16Minutes. People are watching. I worked from a # of different broadcast angles. Let me say that even with a bad neck, it was comfortable to work this Telecast on the web.
Now it is time to send all the Promotional emails to the cast. That will grow the audience.

Doing this is an experience, in that it was all done on an Android Smartphone & Veetle App. It sure beats lugging around Heavy Equipment. 2014 is not 2000.


Opera Webcasts On 1/10 & 1/12/14

4 Jan

All on Ustream under Station square studios, with the 1st Livecast on Friday, 1/10/2014 at 7:30PMEST from Our Lady Of Mercy R C Church in Forest Hills, NY.

The 2nd from the same location, from 1pm to 4pm EST is the Live Rehearsal of the Opera, “LA Boheme.”

Free & Live on Ustream.