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WHY FOX News Is Successful

8 Jun

I am watching “The Five”, a lively panel discussion show with 5 Journalists on FOX News Channel.
They discuss News Stories, both main line and offbeat.
Some Dude in Nashville, TN, slept with 14 Women & Sired 22 Children. He has no way of supporting them. He is a “Serial Deadbeat Dad.”
There are laughs around the table. This show is like CNN’s “The Capital Gang” except for the humor.
“Red Eye” at 3AM ET, is a humorous panel show. They once infuriated The Canadians.
“Man Caves” built in an EPA Facility? It means that Government Spending is out of whack.
FOX News-a refreshing “Touch of SNARK.” Hence, it’s a great view.

The Networks Feeding Frenzy

16 Dec

At least one correspondent, Lou Young, looked on both the verge of tears & verge of exhaustion.
He explained in human terms that he hoped that he would never have to go through this in his family.
He looked totally out of it.
In short, he was being human.

Convention Coverage Ratings

31 Aug

Of the Networks which I am following for the Republican & Democratic Conventions, I have two favorites:
FOX News, which sounds different from CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NPR & PBS, & CBCNEWS.
Why CBC?
Well, I often listen to the opinions of a certain, Modern Day William F. Buckley Jr Type named Rex Murphy, as he analyses not only what goes on in Canada, but he is well versed in what goes on here as well. It is good to listen to a perspective from one’s neighboring country.
As for FOX News, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly & Bernard Mc Gurk are favorites of mine, not to mention Native New Yorkers as well.

News App Which Is The Best

29 Aug

Gary Carter, Neil Armstrong, Phyllis Diller-all three recently died.
Which news app delivered the news in a most timely manner?
OK, I am NOT Canadian but CBC News came through most quickly. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is the 1st Network I viewed outside the United States, and the 1st International Broadcaster I have listened two on a transistor radio at home in Brooklyn, NY , several years ago, is a favorite broadcaster of mine for many years. I do listen to CBC Radio via the CBC Radio App & do watch a condensed version of “CBC News-The National”, via the CBC News App.
When 1986 World Series Champion NY Mets Catcher, Gary Carter, died from Cancer, news came immediately over the CBC News App. Ditto, Phillys Diller & Neil Armstrong. It is faster than the FOX News App. It was over CBC News where I learned about the passing of Whitney Houston.
I am not a fan of CNN. They blurt out breaking news & you click the iApp & you wait until the cows return to Queens Blvd, for any semblance of the story, which comes minutes later. No wonder I deleted the CNN App.
So my news apps are CBC & FOX News. Radio-Wise, I have Tune In Radio, which carries Stations & Networks from around the world & Pandora.
And to think that I used to own a Grundig Shortwave Radio! That weighed a couple of pounds. This iPod Touch is only a few ounces.

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