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K of C Free Throw Carriage 2011 On FOX Sports?

10 Feb

I thought that K of C Free Throw Coverage which I had produced had only been seen via RTL.

But, in a recent Top 10 List, I had goofed on Rupert Murdoch for intercepting the coverage.

Well, I also discovered that much of the Coverage was also carried by Yardbarker.com. This puts the coverage in a much different light. For as it turns out, Yardbarker is part of FOX Sports Interactive. Can You Say Joe Buck?

Funny but I wrote parodies with the K of C Free Throw as backdrop, with some insanely funny FOX Sports Parodies, drawn from both the Baseball Coverage with a bit of FOX NFL Sunday thrown in.

The Mockery and Real Thing can be retitled in real life as “K of C Free Throw ON FOX.”

“Da, da, dot, da, da, Da!”(FOX Sports Theme, Transcribed)


Are There Liturgies In Madison Square Garden, This Evening? Met Life Stadium?

6 Jan

Well, let’s just say that these Liturgies are not Divine ones unless you are from Canada, eh, where a Hard Round Rubber Disc is adored & the Metropolitan Archbishop is named Don Cherry.

I never knew that The National Hockey League was one of America’s Churches. The “Patriarch” is Jewish from Forest Hills, Queens, NY. 

Like The National Football League, the NHL is a 501(C)6 Non Profit Corporation. The NHL, like the NFL, is headquartered in The Borough of Manhattan, not far from the World of Broadcast Row(The Traditional Broadcast Networks). The NHL worships at the Altar of 30 Rock. The NFL worships at Black Rock, The Old St. Nicholas Arena, 30 Rock & NewsCorp.

Good Lord, Eh!


On “FAWX” Last Evening, Tim Took His Final Bow

31 Oct

James Timothy Mc Carver, often known by Red Sox Nation, was paid Tribute, as he worked his 24th And Last World Series On Television. Since the 1980s on ABC, the Early 1990s on CBS, and since 1996 on FAWX(South Boston Pronunciation of FOX SPORTS), James Timothy Mc Carver has called 24 World Series.
He called Pitches for such St. Louis Cardinals Pitching Legends as Bob Gibson & Steve Carlton, as a Catcher.
But, something is missing here, as Tim, I believe, was Miscast.
From 1983 until 1998, there was a Time, when Tim entertained NY Area Audiences on NY Mets Telecasts on Satellite Superstation WOR(WWOR)TV Channel 9 and Sportschannel NY, as a Most Excellent Play By Play Man.
You have read me correctly-Play By Play Man in The NY Mets Television Booth. He was oh so entertaining.
Yes, Tim was elected to the Broadcasters Wing of Baseball’s Hall of Fame, often on the votes of those NY Mets Fans, who heard The Real Tim.
Tim was part of Baseball History, on field in 3 World Series, 16 Seasons with Baseball Hall of Fame Slugger Ralph Kiner in The NY Mets Booth & the last 18 Years with Joseph Francis Buck, on FOX.

Tim will be missed A LOT.

M(In Flushing, near the Site of Game 6 of The 1986 World Series, in Queens, NY).

FOX Sports Is In For It

27 Sep

The Android Hitler Parody App is WHY FOX SPORTS is in for it.
MLB On Fox, will never seem the same.

Sucktitude-THY Name Is The NY YANKEES

31 May

John Sterling:
“Well, Suzyn, I notice the Mascara is flooding this booth, with the Mets sweeping the Yankees. What do you make of all this?”
Suzyn Waldman:
“We’ll John, as Chris Russo is still a jackass & moron, Joe Girardi & his coaches are exhausted & in tears(Sniff, Sniff, Sniff), I just spoke with Fox Sports Tim Mc Cahvah, who gave a tear filled report on the absence of Derek Jeter(Sniff, Sniff, Sniff), while I am so out of it, about to be mocked by Dennis & Callaghan on ‘EEI in Boston, this is so disgusting. Back to You, John”.
That’s it, here are the Final Totals. For The Mets, 3 Runs on 14 Hits 1 Error & 7 Left on. The Yankees 1 Run, 6 Hits, 1 Error & 5 Left.
Yankees Lose- thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK.”

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