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Not As Well Known But Is The Bridge To The Easter Triduum-“Spy Wednesday”

26 Mar

How appropriate that Lent(Anglo Saxon for Spring-Thanks, Fr Raphael), should end in this fashion. For it was the day before Maundy(Holy)Thursday, that this lesser known event is remembered. 

Judas, Son Of Simon The Iscariot, betrays Jesus to The Pharisees, for 30 Pieces of Silver. Judas was Treasurer of The Apostles. He also had a really bad habit of “Misappropriating” the Funds collected.

Think about The Christ’s Betrayal. Think about the times that you have betrayed someone for Money or Favors. Ditto, think about those who have betrayed you for a price, whether Monetarily or Politically. How do You Feel? How do They Feel?

Betrayal=Pain in more ways than one. We all know that The Christ paid the ultimate price for all of our Sins.


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