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The 1st Msgr Sherman Council Knights Of Columbus Altar Server Awards On This Date In 1998 In Forest Hills, Queens, NY

22 Feb

What I remember in the Days before Vimeo, Dailymotion & You Tube, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile, was that there was a T Mobile Predecessor in NewYork, especially in Forest Hills on Austin Street, called OMNIPOINT. This is currently a subsidiary of T Mobile and in 1998, the 1st Mobile Phone Company which had mobile phones which could do mobile to mobile short text messages, feature news headlines and the ability to receive Faxes via Voice Mail. OMNIPOINT even had the 1st Smartphone, from Nokia, which could be used to browse the web, do short text messages, email and send/receive Faxes.
I at least had the ability to do short texts with an Associate and short email. At this point in time, I was Grand Knight of Msgr Sherman Council 5103 Knights of Columbus in East Glendale, Queens, NY.

Arrangements, as this was at this point, were made with the Priests at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church, a huge Parish on Queens Boulevard and Ascan Avenue. There were 64 Servers to be honored. One of those Servers, David James, is the current Coordinator of The Altar Servers. From 10:51AM to 11:22AM, though many servers did not show due to the Catholic School Winter Recess, many did show. Two were Honoured for their Special Service as One was Guest Soloist at the Council’s Memorial Mass for Deceased Members on Tuesday, 11/11/1997. The Other Server also served that same Mass.

I was at Baskin Robbins a few days later, when a Girl Altar Server informed me that one more Altar Server had to be honored. That was accomplished about 3 Days Later.

64 Altar Servers & 8 Grand Knight’s Certificates of Merit were presented.

As far as the Technology was concerned, this was on Videotape. The Parish has the Video.

And I have the Memories and The Memories are Good Memories.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!


Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Is Stale On You Tube

29 Jan

Amazing! No Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage is being uploaded to You Tube. This is truly Amazing.

It was a Rite Of Passage to upload a Council or District Competition to that Steaming Pile of Goat Custard. But, it looks like there is no interest in going on to You Tube. There is coverage that is 6 Years Old up there.

No Council Coverage has invaded Dailymotion. That tends to be Home to coverage I produced in 2011.  Something tells me that overall coverage peaked when my production of Round 2 appeared on RTL.be website.3302 Views of Dailymotion Coverage over 3 Years and still growing.

Maybe Live on one of the Live Web Broadcast Services may be the way to go.

You Tube is so “2005.”


“1 Per Age Group, Not 1 Per Team” FT XXII The Knights of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship Round I

16 Jan

During this past evening’s performance of the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, One of The Parishes Served has a History of NOT listening to the Command Phrase of “Let Us Be Attentive”(From The Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom), hence sending more than what is allowed in regards to Eligible Contestants. This has the effect of infuriating other Parishes Contestants. In both 1999 & 2003, said same Parish, located in a Now Depressed Burg, known as East Glendale, listened to “Unauthorised Authorities”, whose purpose was to defile the Reputation of The Competition Organizer, as a Defence of a Member of An Organization, dedicated to teaching a Religion of Sheer Secularism, condemned by the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, numerous times since 1738 AD.

Does Anybody have an Understanding of the English language? It was rather Absent in this case.

And so The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship of The 1st Round, sponsored & administered by Msgr Sherman Council #5103 in East Glendale, in the Borough & County of Queens, NY, occurred at PS 101Q in Forest Hills Gardens in Queens, in the Full Cooperation of Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church, a Centre of Higher Culture as defined by Maestro Joseph Martin & Golden Rose Opera Works. This is a Vibrant Parish in a Vibrant Neighborhood, in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn.

It began at 7:30PM & ended at 9:15PM, EST(10:45PM in Newfoundland).

When One Parish does what it feels like doing, it induces Anger on the part of the other Parishes, who played straight by the rules. The Offending Party has a tendency to chase others away. This was the case of 1999 & 2003.

This morning at Mass, I was with My Most Dear of Friends. This Mass was at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, also in Forest Hills. I mentioned to her that when a young girl, from the East Glendale Parish, who won the Council Competition, smiled, the lass’ smile was similar to that of My Most Dear Friend. That brought a smile to My Most Dear Friend’s Face.

One Contestant, whose obsession with appearing on a Steamy Pile of Goat Custard called You Tube, failed to materialise last evening. An Era, beginning with her two older sisters, ended last evening uneventfully.

This event, utilizing the NFL Super Bowl Roman Numeral System was FT XXII(22). For FT XXIII(23) in MMXV(2015), the Last Contestants to be born in the 20th Century, will compete. FT XXIV(24), in MMXVI(2016), will be an all 21st Century Born Competition. And the Oldest Competitors from FT I in MCMXCII(1992), will turn XXXIX(39) Years of Age. One wonders if one will be able to web broadcast this event from either an Android or iOS Phone in 2016 Via Satellite. After all, Opera was web-telecasted from Our Lady of Mercy R C Church the other day(Sunday, 01/12/14).

“Tempus Fugit” when You’re Running a Good Contest, while Having a Great Time Doing It.


Lately, I Have Company On Dailymotion

8 Jan

OK! Most Knights of Columbus Events are on You Tube. But, I have discovered that certain Councils have begun uploading to Dailymotion.

Good Sign!

One from Phoenix, AZ shows that the Order gave tickets to Special Olympics Athletes.

There, one then Philadelphia Phillies Player & now member of the 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, Shane Victorino, said that his Dad is a Knight of Columbus & so is He.

You Tube is Not “The Whole Show.”

Fraternally Yours!

M(Past Grand Knight)

The Revolution Was Webcast In HD 720p

7 Jan


The Wake, The Requiem Mass & Farewell

24 Dec

While in Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and The Atlantic Provinces of Canada, a wild Ice Storm had clobbered these regions, especially in Toronto, where in certain sections, power from Toronto Hydroelectric, may not be restored until St. Stephen’s Day, called Boxing Day in the British Commonwealth, on 12/26/2013. I have been relying on CBC Radio One for coverage of this storm up north.
Meanwhile, down here in Queens on Sunday, the temperature hit 71°F at Central Park, but was damp.
I went to a Friend’s Mum’s Wake in East Glendale on Sunday, 12/23/13.
It was time of warm talk & old friends.
The Requiem Homily, given at both the Wake Service & Requiem Mass, was sound, theologically & spiritually. The Chaplain of Msgr Sherman Council is also The Pastor Of Sacred Heart in East Glendale. Fr John J Fullum is quite excellent at these homilies.

The Requiem Mass was at Sacred Heart in East Glendale. There was GregorianChant at the Mass. Various Members of Msgr Sherman Council were at the Mass.

Life Is Not Ended, Just Changed.

Ad Aeternaum Et In Paradisium!

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!


Prime Time Wednesday Night 01/15/2014 In Forest Hills, The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Sponsored By Msgr Sherman Council 5103

8 Dec

On Sunday, January 17th, 1992, The 1st Ever Msgr Sherman Council 5103 Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition occurred at Christ The King High School in Middle Village, Queens. I chaired that 1st Competition, which was the only time I chaired it in daylight hours. From 1993 until 2004, it became a Prime Time Saturday Night Affair.
It was held at the following locations:
Sacred Heart-East Glendale in 1993, 1996, 1999 & 2003;
Saint Pancras-Glendale in 1994;
Resurrection-Ascension-Middle Village in 1995 & 1998;
Our Lady of Mercy-Forest Hills via PS 101Q in 1997;
St. Adalbert’s Parish Center in Elmhurst in 2004;
St. Mary Gate of Heaven-Ozone Park in 2000 & 2001(With 2001 on a Friday Evening);

The Switch, under Ralph Kleeman PGK-PFN, came in 2005 at Blessed Sacrament in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn(My Native Land), on a joint venture with Long Island Council 197. It was now an Afternoon Occasion;
2006 to 2013 at Our Lady of Mercy, Forest Hills via PS101Q in Forest Hills Gardens, Queens..

The Return To Prime Time:
From 2010 to 2013, the Competition generated less interest because of CYO Schedule Conflicts. It bottomed in 2013, though there were signs of wearing out in 2011, in the Year where there was Video Coverage on iTunes, Blip, Vimeo, YouTube, VodPod, I video.ie, Viddler & Dailymotion (the Dailymotion feed for Round 2, was carried via RTL.be in Belgium, hence some European Interest as some segments were in French as well as English). You Tube Views came primarily from Eastern Canada(Atlantic, Newfoundland & Eastern Time Zones). Blip & Viddler was all USA with VodPod. Vimeo was seen in 80 Nations, especially where YouTube was banned like in Hong Kong(China) & Iran. North Africa viewed coverage for the 1st Time. Vimeo also had loads of European Viewers in places where RTL held sway(Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland & Luxembourg). Vimeo also had a good # of US Viewers. Overall there were approximately 131,000 Viewers online, but this did not translate to contestants signing up.
Usually, there were good #s in the evening versions. The Saturday Daytime is where this competition started to lose #s.
Prime Time is back. Maybe a Live Webcast may spur some interest via Ustream.tv. with repeat on You Tube. Something has to give.


Bullying X 7=Psych Warfare(Sick)

3 Dec

Often the goals of assorted jackasses are just to watch something fail, so they can feel that they are indispensable for their own mental health & well being. They want Nobody Else stealing their Limelight. If someone does get some Limelight, all Hell breaks loose in the form of Vendette of so many years. Such is what I have put up with, beginning in 1998, from a Fraternal Standpoint. It is NOT Fun at all. It can make people awfully sick, especially when somebody is looking for a major school honor for a family member.

It was February 22nd, 1998 & 64 Altar Servers from Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY, were recipients of the 1st Msgr Sherman Council 5103 Rendition of the Knights of Columbus Altar Server Awards. Then, 8 Other People, including two Priests, & 3 Servers, were awarded K of C Certificates of Merit. It was an Interesting Ceremony.
The Same Ceremony was scheduled for Sunday, March 1st, 1998 at Sacred Heart R C Church in East Glendale, NY. But, this would turn out to be an utter disaster.
You see, Sacred Heart’s Master Organizer lived in fear of his sordid scams being exposed by his Daughter’s Girl Scout Leader. That leader is an Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parishioner with a good degree of pull there. He did not like my appearance at that Parish, as I was Grand Knight of Msgr Sherman 5103. So the Master Organizer spoke with the Council Financial Secretary to do something in the way of Sabotage.
The Deacon(Now a Priest) was both the Religious Education Director as well as In Charge of Altar Servers. The Master Organizer went with the Financial Secretary to give a fraudulent story to the Deacon, as well as swearing him to absolute secrecy, not to reveal anybody’s identity.
There was no official paper from Knights of Columbus Supreme Council in regards to this Clandestine Meeting. But what can be said was that 32 Officially Sealed Altar Server Awards were destroyed, as well as 8 Certificates of Merit.  Seven were awarded. It was not a pretty picture. This was a warning shot of what was to come, which included a Sexual Innuendo Laden Accusation about stalking a Girl Scout from a Catholic Charities Group Organizer. As to why that occurred was due to one of the OLQM Altar Server Awards Honorees having been the Guest Soloist who sang the 11/11/1997 Council Memorial Mass. This drove the Sacred Heart Master Organizer to insane jealousy, along with his shack up partner, who was also a Catholic Charities Group Organizer.
They also played a major role in sabotaging the 1999 Knights of Columbus Free Throw at Sacred Heart, along with the then Financial Secretary, Advocate & Deputy Grand Knight(All 3 are Past Grand Knights).
As for that Parish Master Organizer, like the 3 Past Grand Knights, all 4 are Masons.
All actions are from behind the back. It is no fun. That Parish Master Organizer left with his Common Law Wife & their son & Honors Winning Daughter in 2000, like the cowards they are. But the 3 PGK Masons are around and two more Free Throw Contests were hit, including one where I was barred from, that one laced with Sexual Innuendo & non cooperation in 2003. It was a repeat of 1999.

The World of Secrecy strikes. These vendette are vicious. And some people who prefer the dark, want to keep it that way. It shows the utter cowardice of people like this. They are GUTLESS.


They Who Aren’t Against Us

12 Jun

There is some Jealousy Afoot. Now with a Catholic, Family, Fraternal Service Order, aiding a member, a 2nd Such Order has entered the Picture & is aiding that Member more efficiently. This is causing the Head of the 1st Fraternity to begin a campaign of accusations that the 2nd Order is only in this to assuage a Guilty Conscience.

A %}^}%<€%}# Ridiculous! I found myself at the Sacrament of Reconciliation over plans to cause violence with the Head of The 1st Order, for his "Guilty Conscience" accusation, in regards to the 2nd Order.

Please STOP!


XXI-Knights Of Columbus Free Throw In HD720p & Black & White

20 Jan