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One Dictator Is Gone. Will The Hammer & Sickle Fly Atop New York’s City Hall, Next?

3 Jan

For 12 Years, Michael Bloomberg was Mayor of The City of New York. He was something of a Benign Dictator. The Expression “Don’t Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em”, became a watch phrase.
He at least lived in his own mansion & was paid $1 per Year as he is a multi billionaire.
Enjoy Bermuda, as it is snowing.

The Hammer & Sickle Are Ready:

Warren William De Blasio Wilhelm, now known as Mayor Bill De Blasio, was born on The Island of Manhattan, in New York City & raised in Cambridge, MA, where the “T” Red Line Terminates. The “A” Branch of the “T” Green Line also ends in Cambridge. The “T” is the MBTA or Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. This is the 2nd Mayor of New York City to have been raised in the Boston Area, the 1st being Michael Bloomberg.
But, De Blasio once went in cahoots with the Marxist Sandanistas in Nicaragua. Hence my crack about the Hammer & Sickle flying above City Hall.

It will be interesting. As my Most Dear Friend put it, “Our Commie Mayor & his plot Family.”

Happy 2014


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