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Live At 1PM EST(18 Hours GMT) On Veetle

16 Feb

After tonight’s Tomina Karapanov Harp Concert from Our Lady of Mercy R C Church in Forest Hills, in Queens, the Graham Bobby Romantic and Classical Music Concert will be web telecast on Veetle.com, starting at 1PM EST(18 Hours GMT).
Maestro Joe Martin will host & be Pianist while Graham Bobby will sing.
All of it is live on Veetle.com. Just Google, Bing or Yahoo “stationsquarestudios”(One Word in small letters) and watch it live or on replay later.


A Post Super Weekend In Forest Hills, NY

4 Feb

Saturday, February 15th, 2014, will be a Music Recital Special from Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. This music recital will be the 1st of Two Days on Veetle.com..(6:30PM EST[2330 GMT]).

Sunday, February 16th, 2014 will be more Opera and Recital on Veetle.com, via stationsquarestudios, beginning at 1PM EST(18 Hours GMT). This is also Live from Our Lady of Mercy R C Church.

Happy Live Watching!


Another Pro Lifer Message About Social Media

24 Jan

You have what I consider to be a rather complete list of Social Media, to carry your Pro Life Message to the World. I actually viewed a protest against Ukraine’s Government on Ustream.tv, live as it is occurring. You don’t need the Major Networks, though FOX News is a Major, Fair and Objective Outlet(Thank You Brit Hume & Roger Ailes).
Some of the Best Coverage is by ChurchMillitant.tv, from MichaelVoris. Check him out on You Tube.
Make Your Own Coverage and Stream It to The World.
Who Cares WHAT Chris Matthews says on PMSNBC!