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A Spitball, The Red Sox, The Yankees and A Suspension

24 Apr

Last week at Toilet III, a way of Boston Red Sox and NY Mets Fans to refer to Yankee Stadium III, Michael Pineda was a Yankees Starter, accused of doctoring baseballs with banned substances. He won that Game at Yankee Stadium III.
Fast forward to last night and Pineda was caught red handed with unlawful substances on him. He got kicked out of the Game in the 2nd Inning at Fenway Park. The Yankees lost to the Red Sox 5-1. He is now suspended for these antics.
Watching “Al Yankeezeera”, a network true to the Traditions of FOX Saturday Baseball, there is constant and annoying chatter employed by Michael Kay and Company. Can’t these guys ever let the Game Breathe a Little Bit without constant chatter? Are YES announcers getting paid by the syllable? Can you say “Buck and Mc Carver?”
To us in Red Sox Nation, New York City Branch, we got stuck with the YES Network Feed. It is a form of Torment. Michael Kay annoys to NO END. The fact that 80% of YES(Yankees Entertainment SUCKS)is owned by 21st Century FOX Inc, located on 6th Avenue in Manhattan, is enough to cause massive lines at the  “Vomitariums”(A Word, Ecclesiastically utilised for Hymns at Ordinary Form Latin(Roman)Rite Masses, by My Most Dear Friend). No one in The New York City Branch of Red Sox Nation, can stand the Ramblings of YES Network Commentators.
With the Red Sox Victory, with John Lackey pitching a Gem for 8 Innings, just listening to YES Network Commentators making excuses at the end was quite satisfying. YES Commentary appeals to the Lowest Common Denominator of Fans, especially Yankees Fans, many of whom became fans in the Last 48 to 72 Hours.
I compare this to the Coverage of Mets Red Sox in 2009, when the NYC Branch of Red Sox Nation were receiving the Mets SNY Coverage. Gary, Keith and Ron were 1st Class all the way. Gary Cohen, Graduate of Dartmouth College and one time Play By Play fior Pawtucket, is originally from Jamaica Estates in Queens. Ron Darling of The 1986 World Series Championship Mets, went to Yale University and grew up in Worcester, MA. Keith Hernandez was the 1st Baseman of the 1986 World Series Championship Mets & grew up on the West Coast. He also appeared Twice on “Seinfeld.”  They kept us entertained and informed. One Red Sox Partisan noticed how well the angles of play were covered. It should be noted that these games were directed by Bill Webb, who is lead director on “MLB On FOX.”
Even when the Mets took 2/3 from the Sox, Gary, Keith and Ron kept us informed and entertained. No complaints here from The Nation in NYC.



“Thahhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK!”

M, Eh!

Only David Wright Can Say He Played In “The Big O”

29 Mar

It was 2004 &, Oui, NY Mets David Wright played Troisieme But. This means 3rd Base in Canadian French. He has been to Montreal.
Only he played before 5K Spectators.
He finally got to play before 46K Fans.
C’est La Difference between 2004 & 2014. The last time counted. This time it did not.

M, Eh

Derek’s Farewell Season of 2014

12 Feb

2014 is when Derek Jeter plans to hang up his fielder’s glove. He will be 40 this year. I guess that he doesn’t want to be around for A-Roid’s 2015 Return.

And who can blame him, as A-Roid is an A-H-l- anyway.

Question? Will there be anymore chants of “Jeter Swallows” in Boston? Tim Mc Carver is retired from FOX Sports. The gag is that Tim would mention Derek’s name approximately 17 Times in a FOX Telecast, even if the NY Yankees weren’t playing in that FOX Game.

Like Red Sox Nation, NY Mets Fans can be just as snarky, with wisecracks like “Gay Rod, Gay Rod, Gay Rod, Gay Rod, Jeter’s Boyfriend, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap”, et cetera. They tend to hit both of them in one whack.

Let the “Derek Jeter Farewell Tour” begin. It will be interesting.

“Let’s Go Red Sox!”
“Let’s Go Mets!”


Baseball Hall Of Famer Ralph Kiner, The Last Broadcast Link To My Childhood, Passed On Last Night

7 Feb

He is The Last of an Era.
He was the ONLY One Who Made it into Citi Field.

For Ralph Kiner was noted for this one statement that “Home Run Hitters Drive Cadillacs”, but he backed up those words by leading the National League in Home Runs, mostly with the Pittsburgh Pirates, then a chronic cellar dweller. He also spent time with the Chicago Cubs, before being traded to the Cleveland Indians for a Pennant Drive.

But, it was his 54 Seasons in the NY Mets Radio and Television Booth which we in New York most remember. From a period of 1962 until 2013, Ralph graced the New York Airwaves, although on a Limited Basis these past few years.
For he broke in Tim Mc Carver as a Play By Play Host on Mets Telecasts on WWOR Channel 9 in the 1980s & 1990s(Tim was Superb as a Play By Play Host-The Networks miscast him in the Role of Analyst).
But Ralph Kiner with Bob Murphy(The Voice Of Summer In New York) & Broadcast Legend Lindsey Nelson, kept Mets Fans entertained for lo these many years. Those were great summers.

And Now They’re, as Ralph Kiner would say “Gone, Goodbye.”

Kyrie Elaison!


“Glasnost” & A-Roid

13 Jan

Glasnost is a Russian Word meaning Publicity. And Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to Glasnost.

As The Boston Red Sox were on their way to sweeping the Colorado Rockies in the 2007 World Series, it was during Game 4 in the 7th Inning when “A-Whore” went for the Glasnost Trophy. He announced that he was negotiating a new contract.
The Print & Electronic Old Media were all over it. So was The New Media.

A-Rod had his Spotlight.



Alex Rodriguez-Media Enabler-Baseball Pariah

13 Jan

It was the 2005 Major League Baseball Season. In 2004, the Boston Red Sox stunned the living s–t out of the NY Yankees, by being down 3-0 in the American League Championship Series & taking the ALCS 4 Games to 3. During Game 6 at Yankee Stadium, A Rod laid down a Sacrifice Bunt to advance Derek Jeter to 2nd Base.
But, as is his ego in wanting to be the Star of The Show, A Rod committed an act of both selfishness and Stupidity. He slapped the ball out of Red Sox Pitcher Bronson Arroyo’s Glove.

Bronson, not Brandon Arroyo. FOX Sports Lead Baseball Analyst, (The Now Retired) Tim Mc Carver, kept calling Bronson, Brandon.

Alex Rodriguez, after a near riot in Yankee Stadium II, after Umpire Discussion, was called out for Interference. Derek Jeter was sent back to 1st Base.
The Next Day, A-Jerk became the subject of Ridicule, becoming the poster boy for Photoshop. His photos showed him slapping the ball out of Arroyo’s Glove, while he carried a Black Purse, wore high heels, wearing a Hamburger Helper’s Mitt. He was intensely ridiculed. Trust me, he deserved it.

But during the 2005 Season, there was a Battle for American League Most Valuable Player. David “Big Papi” Ortiz and A Rod played this all Season. While David had more Game Winning Hits than A Rod & key runs batted in, because Ortiz was primarily a Designated Hitter, the Writers also knowing that Alex Rodriguez was capable of more news for their papers, especially in New York, A Rod got MVP.

Alex Rodriguez is Big Money & Grievous Scandal. That he took Steroids in The Dugout and was looked into on “60 Minutes”, tells me about the “Ultimate ME Player.” But it also says a lot about Print & Electronic Media. A-Rod is Commodity to the News Business. They have their Jackpot. 

I think that Puking is not a bad idea. I hope that A Rod will treat me to a Bottle of Pepto Bismol.

We could all use it.


The Primary Cause of Global Warming

13 Jan

Alex Rodriguez(A-Roid)

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