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Oh That Gag Article About Peyton Manning Taking NJ Transit To Met Life Stadium?

9 Feb

For 30K Fans it was not a joke. Service on the “1 To 13 Sucktitude Scale” was 14, hence beyond the Scale.
This is 40% of those at Met Life Stadium.
In the Words of Obama:
“If You Want to Use NJ Transit, You can keep your NJ Transit.”


Overnight NYC Style

30 Nov

New York after 4:00AM. The bars close at 4:00AM. Mental Patients ride the Subway System in a stupor. Many younger people are leaving the bars, and they are grabbing some food for the journey homeward(The Latin Word is Viaticum, which usually is connected with trip into Eternity).
There is refuge in the Long Island Railroad. A City Ticket for travel between Penn Station & Forest Hills, which is a direct line without transfers, is $4.
At 6:25AM is the Babylon Train. I will have to ride in one of the 1st 4 cars of that train, as those are the only cars which will platform at Forest Hills. This is $1.50 more than the Subway, much cleaner & much more comfortable.
Peace of Mind is The Upgrade for $1.50 more. It is worth the extra cash.
Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs is 8:00AM. I have to be there. It is time to Thank God for everything.

M(@ Penn Station, NY)

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