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Vladimir Posner On NBC Sunday Night Football?

24 Feb

The 31st Winter Olympiad of Sochi 2014 in Russia, had an NBC Sports Sunday Night Football Theme to it, with Bob Costas  as In Studio Host, Al Michaels & Chris Collingswood in the Broadcast Booth, with Special Guest Commentator Vladimir Posner.
Vladimir Posner was the English Language Voice of the Now Defunct Union of The Soviet Socialist Republics(USSR). Later, he was a Show Host on CNBC and MSNBC.
Interesting NBC Booth! I can imagine this trio on the Premiere of Sunday Night Football.
Only Time Will Tell!



17.22°C(63°F) In Sochi, Tomorrow

12 Feb

Tomorrow, Skiing Events will have Skiers sweating like they’re in Florida in June, in Sochi.

2022 Winter Olympics in Tuscon, Anyone?


Sochi Doesn’t Need A “Slush Fund”

12 Feb

Sochi doesn’t need a “Slush Fund.” They have too much Slush on the mountains.

It is time for The Russians to truck in Snow from The Urals. And if need be, from NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and Atlanta, where all 4 Cities have too much White Stuff.

I hope that Sochi’s “Slush Fund” can take care of that.


This “Winter” Olympiad In Miami?

11 Feb

Considering that Sochi, a Black Sea Resort will have temperatures near the 16°C(63°F) by Thursday, it is conceivable that in 2022 that the Winter Olympiad will take place in either Miami, FL, or Tempe, AZ.


Why NOT! This has an analogy. A Warm Weather Site for a Winter Olympiad is like a Cold Weather Site for the Super Bowl. This past Super Bowl XLVIII took place in the NY-NJ Metropolitan Area, with a Kickoff Time Temperature of 12°C(50°F). The next day was below Zero Celsius and in the Teens Fahrenheit. In short, Winter is Winter with a few quirks in the New York Metro Television Market, #1 in the USA.

Next Stop may be San Diego, considering Sochi’s Temperate Climate as a Black Sea Resort. NBC actually owns a station there. And there is this Fantastic Zoo.

It’s a thought.


Oh, Please, Not Those NBCSPORTS Cheerleaders Again, Eh

8 Feb

With Billions paid for Television Rights, The Winter Olympics are being held in a Black Sea Resort town in Russia.
Plus, NBC Sports needs to program various channels such as CNBC, MSNBC, NBC Sports Network, Bravo, SYFY, Telemundo & The Main NBC Network.
Plus this bunch hires Cheerleaders and not Commentators. If I want Cheerleaders, I will watch the NFL. I want objectivity on Broadcasts.

Funny, but up by the USA Canada Border, Americans actually prefer to watch Olympics Coverage on CBC. The Canadian Commentators are 1st Rate and The Coverage is much more varied. Detroit will be tuned into CBET Channel 9 for the Olympics, Via Windsor, ON. Northeastern New York, along with Vermont, will be tuned to CBMT Channel 6 in Montreal. Rochester and Buffalo will be tuned to CBLT 5 In Toronto. New Hampshire & Maine will be tuned into Quebec City, Moncton, New Brunswick and Halifax, NS CBC Owned Stations. These Yanks don’t care what Bob Costas  says.

I guess Don Cherry is preferred over Mike Emrick, Eh.


One App I Will Gladly Delete

11 Aug

NBC Sports, the Home of “NoLive Coverage2012”, is the iPhone App which I will gladly eliminate from my iPod Touch.
But, I will keep BBC, CBC, & RTE.
They have given me more Olympic Coverage than anything.

IF NYC Had This Olympiad NBC Sports

3 Aug

would set ALL Events for Prime Time.
Fahk Everybody Else!

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