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As I Talked About The American Old Media Horning In On “The Great Toronto Seal Hunt”, Eh, Except That Seal Is Justin Bieber, Eh.

30 Jan

Add One Justin Bieber as the latest person to get into trouble in Toronto.
WHAT is in the Water in Toronto, Eh?
First, it’s Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford. Now it’s Paparazzi Pop Brat, Justin Bieber.
I viewed CBC News Toronto At 11PM. I viewed the usual Television and Radio Crews. But I did notice loads of people with iPhones & Android Phones recording video. You see, Pop Brat Justin Bieber was charged with beating up a Limousine Driver by Toronto Police.
CBC News reported that a You Tube Video of Bieber being taken into Police Custody, has a total of 46,000,000 Hits. 
The New Media beats the Old Media, eh. But in this digital world, a live transmission from a Smartphone would beat the Old Media to the punch.
Since I do have the CBC News Android App, I can view those crazy Canadian Events as they happen, eh.
CBC News did show Raw Footage. It added to the moment. It was done without narration.

Another “SNL” Moment? I can’t wait for what Rex Murphy & Rick Mercer have to say. It will be a Moment of SNARK.

Justin’s People plan to regroup in Bieber’s Native Stratford, ON. CBC News “The National” Chief Correspondent, Peter Mansbridge, lives in Stratford.
Don’t beat up The Messenger!


“Glasnost” & A-Roid

13 Jan

Glasnost is a Russian Word meaning Publicity. And Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to Glasnost.

As The Boston Red Sox were on their way to sweeping the Colorado Rockies in the 2007 World Series, it was during Game 4 in the 7th Inning when “A-Whore” went for the Glasnost Trophy. He announced that he was negotiating a new contract.
The Print & Electronic Old Media were all over it. So was The New Media.

A-Rod had his Spotlight.



Only Two Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contests On TV Websites

7 Jan

In February, 2011, the 2nd Round was the Queens NY District 28 Portion of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, a competition played in Canada and the USA, Was carried, with the 1st Ever Bi Lingual Coverage, from East Glendale, QueensNY, in HD 720p, via Dailymotion. As Dailymotion USA is in the Union Square, Manhattan Area, it was fed to Paris, FR. From there, Radio Television Luxembourg via the Website, RTL.be(Belgium), picked up the video feed & carried the coverage of this event on that website.

In case you don’t know, I was the Producer/Director of that Historic Feed. I was shocked to seeing this Historic Competition on Europe’s Largest Commercial Network’s Belgian Website.

It was in January, 2012, when from Ste. Catharines, ON, when a News Story on Canadian Cable TV Operator, Cogelco, was in regards to The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship. This competition is huge in Canada. The Video is on You Tube, eh.

I know that the only time you ever see the Knights of Columbus in person, is the 4th Degree Honour Guard & Colour Corps. But, outside of that manifestation of The Order, this is the other manifestation.

And it had a hybrid viewing on a mix of Old & New Media, in North America & in Europe. I hope that you enjoyed watching those Historical Feeds.

It was fun, eh!


The Era Of You Tube Is “So Over”

2 Jul


Is You Tube The Censorship Site?

18 Dec

When they can treat a Catholic Mass as a Commercial Broadcast, it means that the “You” has gone out of YouTube.

it’s just another broadcast network.


XX-The K of C Free Throw Opening On Vimeo-My Reasons WHY It Is There

16 Dec

Vimeo is Home To Filmmakers & other artists.
You Tube, well, is You Tube.
Vimeo is rarely blocked, while You Tube gets blocked in many places, if only because of the Utter Stupidity of certain content creators.
You Tube is blocked in China. Vimeo is not blocked in China. It is blocked a lot in North Africa & The Middle East. It is blocked in Brigham Young University. It is blocked in The Pentagon. You Tube is a bandwidth consuming distraction.
Jenna Rose Swerdlow’s Video “My Jeans”, appears on You Tube, where she’s called many unprintable names by the “ILLITERATI”, which populates You Tube. A couple of better versions are on Vimeo in HD & more entertaining than on You Tube.
Even that “Scion Of Bad Taste”, Shane Dawson, has an outstandingly produced video on Vimeo, called “Switch, Superluv”, which has a bit of “Ferris Beuler” Style in it as a Music Video. “Fred” is seen in HD on Vimeo with a much higher quality.
When I produced “XX-Opening Of 2012 Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship”, it was viewed in Nations where You Tube is routinely blocked. The Country with the most complete viewing audience is Algeria, followed by Pakistan, The USA & Morocco, then Egypt, Saudi Arabia & in Europe. This video was converted to Black & White to take the video to the next level. The Countdown from 1 to 20, utilized Roman Numerals. The Inspiration came from a Super Bowl Telecast on NBC Sports from several years ago. Music was supplied from the Vimeo & Splice Apps. Black & White came from the(No Longer Available)Silent Film Director App. Titling came from Splice App. It took about 5 Hours to put this video together. Queens Neighborhoods are depicted in Black & White Video, rather than in color. The plan was for a full coverage, but the Whiny You Tube Only Crowd, objected to a webcast of 2012 Coverage.
This Opener is an artistic statement. It also shows that NYC is not confined to Manhattan Island, for people got to see the Real NYC & not just the Networks version of it. And in the 68 Countries where viewers are to be found, many of these countries now received both a more accurate & artistic portrayal of another NYC Borough. Most Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage is exclusively on You Tube & in colour. For me , Black & White is making an artistic statement. That this opening is exclusively on Vimeo, is a Statement that You Tube is not the only game in town. Chances are that someone in Afghanistan & Libya, may have missed this work, had it been on You Tube. When I spotted Cameroon as having a viewer, it means that Africa is the Big Viewing Continent of this special video. The “Global Village” just expanded, beyond North America, Europe & Asia. The Opener was seen on all 6 Occupied Continents. I am honored.
Glad to be a part of it!

The Kong Show Live

30 Sep


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