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Liturgically, It Was “Same To You, Jack”

25 Jun

The Modernists, who took the Latin Texts for “The New Order Of The Mass”(Often Derisively Known in Traditionalist Circles as The “Novus Ordo”), “Translated” into English the Assorted Prayers.

<<Et Cum Spiritu Tuo>>, upon examination of “Spiritu”, exudes “Spirit” & Otherworldliness, but The Modernist “Translators”, seemed to have an Eye for removing anything of “Otherworldliness” from The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass”, in The Vulgar Tongue. So “Et Cum Spiritu Tuo” was given this Humanistically Oriented Interpretation, which read “And Also With You”, which may have been said as “Same To You, Jack.”

The Era of “Bad Translation” was an orienting away from The Spiritual to The Humanistic. As I was to discover when I read the Actual Latin Texts of The Liturgy, which was so beautiful to read, One could actually wonder why the Modernists moved away from “TheoCentric” to “SelfCentric” Liturgy.  Why In “The Confetior”(I Confess) that “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa”(Through My Fault, Through My Fault, Through My Most Grievous Fault”), was left ENTIRELY out of the text in the “Translation”, which was NOT a Translation, but an Expression of what the Modernists thought that we should say, which is essentially what THEY Thought.

The Music which accompanied it was Banal & uninspiring. And One Wonders where the Crowds Of Faithful went to? When Someone I Know, decided to bring in a “Countering Offensive”, by bringing in Johann Sebastian Bach & Gregorian Chant, Attendance began to Increase severalfold.  But a Chorterie of People more noted for “Cheerful Acts Of Self Service”, through their Modernistic “Leader”, began a “Whispering Campaign.” That led to a return to Dreaded Period of a drop in attendance with a corresponding drop in “Wonder & Awe.”

Perhaps, they dropped away, or converted to something else.


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