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This IS “THE CONFITEOR” As In The Original, NOT The 1970 Version

30 Jan

What I am writing comes from a 1956 St. Joseph Daily Missal and this is the English Translation. This prayer is in no way HUMANISTIC. Rather, this is the Version which OFFENDED Archbp Annibale “I Am The Reform” Bugnini, as this original version actually mentions Actual Saints, which supposedly OFFENDED Protestant Sensibilities.

“I Confess to Almighty God, to Blessed Mary Ever Virgin, to Blessed Michael The Archangel, To Blessed John the Baptist, to the Holy Apostles Peter & Paul, & to all the Saints, & to You, Father, that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word & deed,(Strike Breast 3 times saying)through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. Therefore I beseech Blessed Mary Ever Virgin, Blessed Michael The Archangel, Blessed John the Baptist, the Holy Apostles Peter & Paul, & all the Saints, & You, Father, to pray to the Lord Our God for me.
(Priest) May Almighty God have mercy on you, forgive you your sins, and Bring you to Life Everlasting.
(Congregation) Amen.

Now when the New Confiteor came out, it only mentioned Mary One Time. The Translation was so badly done that the “Mea Culpa” wasn’t even mentioned. In the new translation, it is prayed. But, that all the Important Saints of The Church in The Roman(Latin) Rite are excluded because this might offend Protestants, well, I say “Tough Darts.”

This version should be restored. It states The Catholic Faith Without Apology.


Archbp Bugnini Thought About Totally Chucking Out CATHOLIC Elements Of The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass

28 Jan

The New Catholic Liturgy, promulgated on Sunday, 11/29/1969, was supposed to be PROTESTANT Friendly. But, while some of these Elements are Lutheran and Anglican in Practice, there are Byzantine Catholic Elements in this Mass.
The Byzantine Rite was into Vernacular in both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. The Prayer of The Faithful is based on Antiphons chanted in The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.
Later, with Standing to receive Holy Communion, that is a Byzantine Practice.
Also later was Communion under both Species. Whereas in Byzantine Rite where both The Body & Blood of Christ is served via Communion Spoon, with Communicant tipping head back to receive the Sacrament, in the Latin(Roman)Rite, Latins 1st receive the Body of Christ then go to 2nd Station to receive the Blood of Christ.
There is the 3 Year Cycle of Readings of The Epistles & Gospels. This came from a Protestant Lectionary called The Revised Common Lectionary.

Protestants do not believe in the Total Change of Substance of The Bread & Wine into The Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Christ. Rather, in these two Protestant Practices, especially Lutherans and Broad Church Anglicans who believe in Consubstantiation (Also Methodists and Presbyterians), where The Body and Blood of Christ only co-exist with the Bread and Wine. The Theory of Mere Symbolism is advanced by Ulrich Zwingli.
So Communion in The Hand, which may have been Arian Heresy in Practice, is practiced by Protestants. Arius only believed in One Nature of Jesus.

My Most Dear Friend, as Greek Orthodox, used to receive what is called Antidoron at The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Antidoron(Ahndeethoron) is the Blessed Bread, not Consecrated Bread, from the Same Leavened Bread Loaf used in the Holy Eucharist. That Blessed Bread is distributed from a Basket. That Blessed but Not Consecrated Bread is distributed into one’s hand.

The Nicene Creed is prayed in The Entire Catholic Church throughout The World, as is The Lord’s Prayer.

It should be noted that in what is called the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, We Roman Catholics, like Our Byzantine, Antiochan, Alexandrian, Armenian and Chaldean Catholic Brethren, believe that the Elements of Bread & Wine, become The Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. The Eastern Orthodox Churches of Byzantine Rite also believe this.

Gregorian Chant enhances the Current Ordinary Form of The Mass. It may also be offered in Latin, where the Mass Propers may be sung in Latin. This is something which is in the Sacrosanctorum Concillium.

The Catholic Elements stayed. The Latin Rite Elements along with the Byzantine Rite Elements, preserved The Catholicity of The Current, Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.

Only The Table Altar and Communion In The Hand are actually Protestant. The Scriptural Readings of Today, with Old Testament, Psalm, Epistle and Gospel follows the Lutheran, Anglican Broad Church System. The Confeitior follows from Lutheran. The Rest of This Mass follows Latin and Byzantine Practice.

Interestingly enough, one of the 6 Protestant Ministers was ordained a Catholic Priest. Fr Max Thurian, who was Sub Prior of The Taize Community of Brothers, called for a “Reform Of The Reform” of the Current Form of Mass, which calls for “Ad Orientem”, from the time of The Offertory to the End of Holy Communion.  Sadly, he was ignored.
But, Pope Benedict XVI did grant by Motu Proprio of 7/7/2007, full permission of any Latin Rite Priest to offer the Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962 Roman Missal.

Most Roman Catholics have no clue about Byzantine Rite Catholic Liturgy. It is Ancient and Transcendent Liturgy. If Roman Catholics really want to understand their Faith, head to the Byzantine Rite. One will really learn about their Faith and, perhaps, understand the Current Liturgy more so than ever before.

Gloria In Excelcis Deo, Et In Terra Pax Hominibus!


Liturgical Chants Like “Celtic Alleluia” Are Being Shelved

26 Jan

This became the Gospel “Alleluia” of Choice during the 1995 US Visit of Blessed Pope John Paul The Great. It sounded so Hauntingly Beautiful when sung by Professionals that it could bring tears to one’s eyes.

Yet, like certain music of the last few years, it has fallen by the wayside. One Cantor named Linda, sang it with such aplomb, that I would be choking back tears. This usually happened at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs on Queens Blvd in Forest Hills, Queens. Whenever Maestro Richard Pretzer played it on the organ, I choked up with emotion.

I very rarely hear it sung these days, except by Fr Antonin Kocurek at the 8AM Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. He is from Czech Republic. He does a nice job with it.

It is the ONLY Modern Piece which I identify with.This Is Especially True at The Easter Vigil, after the Absence of Alleluia during Lent.

I miss it.


Due To The Weather, It Is A NO Worship Affair+Byzantine Catholic

5 Jan

Last Night, Transitional Deacon Jeremy Cana sang The Epiphany Proclamation at Our Lady Of Mercy Roman Catholic Church on Kessel Street In Forest Hills, in my Borough of NYC Residence, Queens. It was Memorable and Nicely Done. One can have Beautifully Done Liturgy in The Ordinary Rite of The Mass. Deacon Cama also did the Homily, most often in Protestant Circles, called The Sermon.
As this week, I was glad to attend this Mass, because from Maestro Joe Martin, I got the call to do a Live Webcast of Two Opera Concerts on Ustream, one with Alicia Carr on 1/10 at 7:30PM EST(0030 GMT) & The Rehearsal of “La Boheme” on Sunday, 1/12/14.
As part of a Different Sunday, I will head to the Traditional Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy in English at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in The Julian Calendar. Today, on that Calendar, it is 4th Sunday of Advent, Also called Sunday Of The Church Fathers. An Order of Priests, the Order of St. Basil, Martyr(OSBM), currently staffs this Parish in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, under the Eparchy of Stamford, CT.
It is a Different Sunday, one which will enrich My Catholic Faith. Christmas on The Julian Calendar is on January 7th(December 25th), a +13 Difference in Days.

The Traditional Latin Mass Calendar actually Celebrates Epiphany on January 6th. There is no transfer of that day. In Spanish, French & Portuguese Speaking Countries as well as in Italy, The Day is fully observed.

If you wonder WHY I used “NO” in the title, “NO” is the abbreviation for “Novus Ordo” the Official Latin Rite Title for The Ordinary Form of the Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass. So, don’t get riled up when I use the title in abbreviation.

Gloria In Excelcis Deo, Et In Terra Pax Hominibus!


Good News Via Forest Hills

3 Jan

On The Vigil of The Solemnity Of Mary, Mother Of God”, Our Lady Of Mercy R C Church in Forest Hills, had A Latin Mass of The Novus Ordo Missal.
It has returned. It represents solemnity.
A couple of years ago, I remember Msgr John Mc Guirl’s Words to those at that Mass:
“Unless You’re An Old Altar Boy, I suggest that you take the flyer & follow along. This Mass is in Latin, except for The Readings.”
The Latin is back on The Solemnity Vigil. It IS Good News. It brings out the “Old Altar Boy” in You.

Gloria In Excelcis Deo, Et In Terra Pax Hominibus!
Happy 2014 AD!


A Difference Of 19 Hours In Christmastide Catholic Liturgy

1 Jan

As strange as it might look to You, New Years Day in The One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, at least in the Roman(Latin)Rite, as well as parts of The Eastern Catholic Churches, most notably the Byzantine, Chaldean, Alexandrian, Antoochan & Armenian Rites, is an integral part of The Christmas Mystery. The Largest Of The Eastern Catholic Churches, the Byzantine Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, which, while in Communion with Rome, is on the Julian Calendar, so in their Tradition, this is December 19th.

But, I do come from the Latin(Roman)Rite, so I actually, instead of inebriating myself, went to Three Masses, two following the Ordinary Form(NovusOrdoMass) & The TraditionalLatinMass(Extraordinary Form.
As in The Calendars, they differ as to celebration of The Feast Days. In The Ordinary Form, the Feast is called “Solemnity Of Mary. The Mother Of God.” In the Extraordinary Form, the Feast is called “Feast Of The Circumcision.”

Mary plays a Major Role in the Ordinary & Extraordinary Liturgies of January 1st.  She is The Mother of Saviour & Redeemer, The Christ.  She went through The Joys & Immense Sorrows of Being Jesus’ Mother.

Now, to those of us who follow the Extraordinary Form, as for “Feast Of The Circumcision”, again, Mary plays the Most Important Role of The  Mother Of God The Son. But, this is also a Time when Jesus, who like Mary & Joseph, is Jewish, went through the Jewish Ritual of The Old Law, called Circumcision. It was explained by the Celebrant of The Tridentine Latin Mass, Fr Joseph F Wilson, that the Circumcision was a foretaste of The Sacrifice of Calvary, as blood was involved. Father also explained the Feast of “Solemnity of Mary, The Mother Of God”, which is the Feast of The Novus Ordo Calendar, which originally came from the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome, as The 2nd Mass of January 1st.

The Liturgies of The 19 Hours:
Part One is the 5PM Mass of The Ordinary Rite at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs on Queens Blvd & Ascan Avenue in Forest Hills, Queens, New York.
A Czech Born Priest, Fr Antonin Kocurek, offered the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. He is assigned to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. He does a nice job with the Mass, especially at The Gospel & Homily.
But, I have always wondered WHY Music Directors think that THEY are “The Show.” The Current Music Director, David Close, conducts The Queens Symphony Orchestra. He is a “Pro’s Pro” in this regard. But, I do have a problem with The Propers of The Mass, being sung in the Style of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”  The “Kyrie” was chanted, most beautifully by Paula Jean Rocheleau, one of David’s Cantors. But, in the singing of the “Gloria”, it was a problem for me, in that both Latin & English were utilized. One part Latin & One Part English, alternating between verses, can cause confusion. But, in the “Gloria In Excelcis Deo”, why as a lead in to the English Verses, was it sung as “Gloria In Excelcis Deo, Et In Terra Pax”, leaving out “Hominibus”?
I don’t believe that the Sacrosanctorum Concillium of Bugnini, had this in mind in regards to Gregorian Chant.  “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, is GAGORIAN, Not GREGORIAN. This style was followed by alternating Latin-English versions of the “Sanctus” & “Agnus Dei.”

Part II IS 9AM, Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 at St. John’s Cemetery Chapel in Middle Village, Queens, NY;
The Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962 is Fine as is. There are absolutely no complaints.

Part III is 12Noon on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 @ Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens on Kessel Street by 70 Avenue;
This Mass was well done from Soup To Nuts. It was in English. The Music Director is Maestro Joseph Martin. He played Three well chosen Hymns. At the Offertory, Joe & his Violinist Brother, Dennis, played a meditative piece from Johann Sebastian Bach.
Like at the Traditional Latin Mass, I had tears in my eyes. It was well done.

Gloria In Excelcis Deo, Et In Terra Pax Hominibus!
Happy New Year!


Why Go Out On “Amateur Night”?

1 Jan

New Year’s Eve is, sadly, an evening of Amateurs when it comes to Adult Beverages. So, I will stay in this evening.
I will be at Latin Mass at 9AM. I believe that I will also head to Our Lady Queen of Martyrs for a Noontime Mass.
Then, I will enjoy the day & evening.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!

Gloria In Excelcis Deo, Et In Terra Pax Hominibus!

Happy New Year 2014(MMXIV)