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The 1st Snow Flakes Began To Fall on Continental Avenue @ 1730 EST(0030 GMT)

3 Mar

And the Weather is both Cold and Windy. As the Weather began to feel like the Snow could begin at any given time, my plans for heading to the 4PM Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on East 7th Street in the East Village in Manhattan, changed towards heading homeward from Forest Hills.
When about 6 inches of Snow(16 Centimetres) is threatening to ruin NYC Travel over the next 24 Hours, it is best to head home and stay there, safely.
Hence, I am home, monitoring W C B S 880 AM, W I N S 1010 AM and C B C Radio One via Montreal at 88.5 FM, for Snow Reports.  I am “Cabin Fever Boy”, having experienced it so much this winter.
But, Springtime is near, hence Hope.

Deo Gratias!


Here In “New Sochi”

21 Feb

Temperatures have warmed up and Snow is melting in New Sochi.

Actually, this is the 5 Boroughs of New York City and Snow is melting. But, by Tuesday of next week, Snow is due back for another visit, to remind us that Winter is still here.

There is good news out of all this, in that the insane CBC Radio Blackout is over on Monday
I will be free from listening to WFAN 101.9FM.


6:06AM EST 7°F In Queens

7 Jan

I think that Fr Frank Passenant is right.
The weather outside is too dangerously cold.
Maybe a 12:05PM Mass is better.


Overnight NYC Style

30 Nov

New York after 4:00AM. The bars close at 4:00AM. Mental Patients ride the Subway System in a stupor. Many younger people are leaving the bars, and they are grabbing some food for the journey homeward(The Latin Word is Viaticum, which usually is connected with trip into Eternity).
There is refuge in the Long Island Railroad. A City Ticket for travel between Penn Station & Forest Hills, which is a direct line without transfers, is $4.
At 6:25AM is the Babylon Train. I will have to ride in one of the 1st 4 cars of that train, as those are the only cars which will platform at Forest Hills. This is $1.50 more than the Subway, much cleaner & much more comfortable.
Peace of Mind is The Upgrade for $1.50 more. It is worth the extra cash.
Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs is 8:00AM. I have to be there. It is time to Thank God for everything.

M(@ Penn Station, NY)

The Great 5 Borough SNARK Hun…

11 Jul

The Great 5 Borough SNARK Hunt
A video participation programme to find the Snarkiest New Yorker , who lives or works in the 5 Boroughs of New York City.
Use this statement as your Snark Guide:
“Your Fflatulent Way of Expression, is a cause for Rest Deprivation.”
This will be a part of a web series on Blip.tv, called “The Kong Show On Blip”, a comedy, variety series & this segment of the series wilk be seen on Blip.tv, Dailymotion & You Tube.
If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch 4G or later, iPad2 or later, or Android Phone running 4.0 or better or Windows Phone 7 or later, you can participate in the making of this part reality, part comedy show.
Contact “M”(Producer) at stationsquare.ml@gmail.com or by calling or texting to (718)416-5499.

Independence Day marks 237 Yea…

4 Jul

Independence Day marks 237 Years since the Founding Fathers signed a Document, declaring Independence from The British Crown.
The Weather in NYC is a bit “Jekyll & Hyde, with both rain threats & Sunny Periods.

The Worst Place For Air Circulation In Queens

17 May

Repeat after me-The Air Quality at the Forest Hills Branch of Queens Library, well, SUCKS.
It almost lulls one to sleep. That is NOT fun. The air is NOT Fresh.
Heat runs on a warm day.

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