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On The 1st Ballot To Baseball’s Hall Of Fame, Congratulations To Tommy Glavine, 300 Game Winning Pitcher

8 Jan

I want to say this to New York Mets Fans who are still whining about 2007:
Don’t Blame Tom Glavine, who had a bad outing at the End of 2007 Season;
Do Blame that “Rocket Scientist”, Jeffy Wilpon for forcing the Signing of Washed Up Reliever Scott Schowenweis, just so Jeffy could get even with Mets Manager Willie Randolph, over a Contract Extension. Blame JEFFY for the dismantling of the Bullpen.

Leave Tom Glavine  Alone. He did win #300 in a Mets Uniform.

A Classy Guy like Tommy Glavine, deserves this award.

Of Irish Descent, Catholic & from The Boston Metropolitan Area, Slainte.

Tom, who pitched primarily for the Atlanta Braves, was a High NHL Draft Pick for the LA Kings in the 1st Round, years ago.

Great Accomplishment!


The #7 Goes “T Green”

27 Dec

I root for the Boston Red Sox, so in the times where I have been to Fenway Park, I would get on the Green Line Light Rail at Park Street, or at Copley Square for the B, C or D Lines to Kenmore.
These trolleys have a certain sound, in fact rather distinctive. This is when the trams pull out of a station on the MBTA.
Well, on the MTA NYCT Subway, I hear that same sound in Northern Brooklyn on The L Line. More often than not, people do board this line in Williamsburg, wearing Boston Red Sox Caps. Hence, it is possible to do a high five on a NYC Subway Car.
Now on the 7Train, which heads to Citi Field to my alternate team, the NY Mets, new subway cars have been added. R188s are running on the 7 Train & “That Green Sound” is heard. Boston comes to Roosevelt Avenue & Queens Boulevard. The new R188s sound like The Green Line, when leaving stations like 61st Street-Woodside.
It has that “T Green Sound.”
“Baby, you gotta love it!”(Tim Mc Carver)


When Shea Stadium Opened & Closed, All Of This Occurred In The Latin Rite Of The Roman Catholic Church

19 Nov

April, 1964
Shea Stadium opened.
When The NY Mets played their 1st Game:
Mass was only in Latin as per the Roman Missal of 1962. It was this way all the way through the 1964 Season, which included an All Star Game. Vatican II was in Place. Paul VI was Pope. Francis Cardinal Spellman was Archbishop of New York. Archbishop Brian Joseph McEntagart was Bishop of Brooklyn. Shea Stadium is located in The Queens Portion of The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Brooklyn;
Nuns still ran Catholic Elementary Schools. They taught Christ Crucified and taught about Heaven, Purgatory & Hell, being Real Places. Brothers taught in Catholic High Schools. Priests taught in the Two Branches of Cathedral Preparatory Seminary High School

September, 1964
NY Jets opened at Shea Stadium. Major Liturgical Change in Holy Sacrifice of Mass, came in Late November of 1964, when portions of Mass were offered in Vernacular(But it was Stately, not Brooklyn, English). Offertory & Consecration continues in Latin, with Priests still facing East.

December, 1983
NY Jets Play last NFL Game at Shea Stadium.
Most Catholic Schools headed by Nuns, but staffed mostly by lay teachers. Ditto, Brothers continue to head High Schools, but have large lay staffs.
Catholic Mass basically faces the people, with Mass in English, with some pretty bad Liturgical Innovations such as Clown Masses. Vocations are down & with the so called “Inculturated” Liturgies, Mass Attendance is way down.

September, 2008
Mets close Shea Stadium to open up Citi Field next to Shea.
Catholic Schools now with Lay People in Charge.
Latin Mass, via 2007 Motu Proprio by Pope Benedict XVI, is now drawing crowds.
But many Catholic Schools, most in Name Only, merge or close.
Nuns & Brothers, who experimented with Pop Psychology, their Convents & Brothers Houses are empty.
But, with a Resurgent Latin Mass, More Priests are coming to The Brooklyn Diocese.
Good Things are coming.


On “FAWX” Last Evening, Tim Took His Final Bow

31 Oct

James Timothy Mc Carver, often known by Red Sox Nation, was paid Tribute, as he worked his 24th And Last World Series On Television. Since the 1980s on ABC, the Early 1990s on CBS, and since 1996 on FAWX(South Boston Pronunciation of FOX SPORTS), James Timothy Mc Carver has called 24 World Series.
He called Pitches for such St. Louis Cardinals Pitching Legends as Bob Gibson & Steve Carlton, as a Catcher.
But, something is missing here, as Tim, I believe, was Miscast.
From 1983 until 1998, there was a Time, when Tim entertained NY Area Audiences on NY Mets Telecasts on Satellite Superstation WOR(WWOR)TV Channel 9 and Sportschannel NY, as a Most Excellent Play By Play Man.
You have read me correctly-Play By Play Man in The NY Mets Television Booth. He was oh so entertaining.
Yes, Tim was elected to the Broadcasters Wing of Baseball’s Hall of Fame, often on the votes of those NY Mets Fans, who heard The Real Tim.
Tim was part of Baseball History, on field in 3 World Series, 16 Seasons with Baseball Hall of Fame Slugger Ralph Kiner in The NY Mets Booth & the last 18 Years with Joseph Francis Buck, on FOX.

Tim will be missed A LOT.

M(In Flushing, near the Site of Game 6 of The 1986 World Series, in Queens, NY).

The Site Of Game 6 Of The 1986 World SeriesSeries

31 Oct


From Saturday, 1/7/1995 To Sunday, 9/15/2013 (Parte I)

16 Sep

I have awaited a Rare and Special Moment.
It was on Saturday, 1/7/1995 @ Resurrection Ascension Gymnasium in Middle Village in Queens, NY, that among the Contestants of the Knights Of Columbus Intl Free Throw Basketball Championship, sponsored by Msgr Sherman Council 5103. In the form of FT IV, when from that competition a Long Island Champion was crowned as well as a Queens County One.
But it was during this competition that one would eventually study for The Sacred Catholic Priesthood.
Fast Forward to Saturday, September 30th, 2000, with the NY Mets playing a Saturday Afternoon Contest vs The Montreal Expos, that game moved to daytime, as the game was moved to coverage on FOX Sports. I was seated next to a College Seminarian who was with his little nephew.
Now, the Knights of Columbus offers financial aid to those who study to enter the Priesthood or Religious Life, via the R. S. V. P.(Refund Support for Vocations Program). This Seminarian was a Brother Knight, who passed on information about a Young Collegiate Seminarian, who came from a Single Parent Household
Tears streamed down my face when the Name of Danny Champoli from Resurrection Ascension , was told to me.(End of Part One).

My Advice To Fred, Jeffy & Uncle Saul

3 Jun

Take the NY Meta, sell them & get out. That team is a DISASTER.

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