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Tradition Tells Me To Say “Greenwich Mean Time”

16 Feb

On Radio Streams, especially on Shortwave Radio, the time is announced as “Universal Time Coordinates.”
But the Traditional Way it is said is “Greenwich Mean Time”(GMT for shorthand).
So this evening at 1800 Hours Greenwich Mean Time(Or This Afternoon at 1300 Hours Eastern Standard Time, also known as 1PM, EST), a Romantic, Classical, Operatic Concert by Graham Bobby, will be Web-Telecast from Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic (R C) Church in Forest Hills, NY. Maestro Joseph Martin will be on Piano, as well as Host of this Concert.
Proceeds from the Concert will be used for the Purchase of a Baby Grand Piano.
Our Lady Of Mercy is the Parish which gave the Television World, Mr Raymond Romano(Everybody Loves Raymond).
Joe Martin is turning Mercy into the Premiere Location for Musical Events of “Haute Culture.” And it is most enjoyable.
“Graham Bobby” at 18 Hours Greenwich Mean Time, on Veetle.com. Just “Google, Bing or Yahoo” as one word in small letters “stationsquarestudios”, to view the Web Telecast Live, or to view the repeat Web Telecast.


A Post Super Weekend In Forest Hills, NY

4 Feb

Saturday, February 15th, 2014, will be a Music Recital Special from Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. This music recital will be the 1st of Two Days on Veetle.com..(6:30PM EST[2330 GMT]).

Sunday, February 16th, 2014 will be more Opera and Recital on Veetle.com, via stationsquarestudios, beginning at 1PM EST(18 Hours GMT). This is also Live from Our Lady of Mercy R C Church.

Happy Live Watching!


stationsquarestudios – Live Video Stream on Veetle

28 Jan


La Boheme Sing A Long & Rehearsal

13 Jan


A Day At The “La Boheme” Opera & Sing A Long & Rehearsal

13 Jan

It was a day of Live Telecast History. People were & still are watching.
Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, NY, is something of an Artistic Center. That was the usual function of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs at Ascan Avenue & Queens Blvd with their Christmas & Spring Concerts. For Mercy was the Suffragen Parish, while Martyrs was “The Show.” But that has changed in the last several months, since the Arrival of Maestro Joe Martin from Woodhaven, Queens.
Helen Van Tine-Golden, a long time Mercy Parishioner, who still says BMT, IRT & Independent, as in Subway Lines, heads the Golden Rose Opera Company &, like me, is a Native of Brooklyn, NY. It is through Helen & Joe Martin, that I received permission to Live Web-Telecast the “La Boheme Sing A Long & Rehearsal on Veetle.com.

The Mainline Telecast is 2Hours & 16Minutes. People are watching. I worked from a # of different broadcast angles. Let me say that even with a bad neck, it was comfortable to work this Telecast on the web.
Now it is time to send all the Promotional emails to the cast. That will grow the audience.

Doing this is an experience, in that it was all done on an Android Smartphone & Veetle App. It sure beats lugging around Heavy Equipment. 2014 is not 2000.


Opera Webcasts On 1/10 & 1/12/14

4 Jan

All on Ustream under Station square studios, with the 1st Livecast on Friday, 1/10/2014 at 7:30PMEST from Our Lady Of Mercy R C Church in Forest Hills, NY.

The 2nd from the same location, from 1pm to 4pm EST is the Live Rehearsal of the Opera, “LA Boheme.”

Free & Live on Ustream.


Sharing video “Alexia-In Practice”

6 Oct