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One Wonders About Prescribed Medicines

17 Dec

Ritalin, Prozac, Etcetera-in the old days in School, especially in a Parochial School, if your child was disrespectful, the Nun or Brother had disciplinary authority which was not questioned. That child received a rap across the knuckles with a Wooden Ruler. But, there was also the case of the child who told his/her parents about being rapped on the knuckles & then got spanked at home. As One Priest, who grew up in Forest Hills, Queens, tells in listening to certain schoolchildren speaking in a disrespectful manner, he spoke of the time of this “Double Discipline.” It did keep Children better behaved.
Now, prescription drugs with all kinds of side effects, including bizarre behavior unto the point of Suicide, are given to Children, when perhaps a major change in Diet, away from Sugar, may just cure these children.
This Medicated Society is driven by greed.


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