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Watch “Rex Murphy on Kathy Dunderdale” on YouTube

24 Jan

Kathy Dunderdale resigned as Provincial Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. Rex Murphy, he a Native Newfoundlander, comments on this situation, rather Brilliantly.


Canadian Senator Mike Duffy-Snowbird

10 May

It was a “Rex Murphy” Sketch on “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”(CBC Television), as performed by Mark Critch, mocking newly appointed Canadian Senator Michael Duffy, a Conservative representing Prince Edward Island. Let ‘s just say that while mocking Mike Duffy, Mark mocked the daylights out of Robert Rex Raphael Murphy, he who originated in Carbonear, Newfoundland.
Mike? Are you SURE that you are a Conservative?
You barely lived in PEI, but more like you lived in the US State of Florida, often called “New York South”, for the huge #s of Ex 5 Borough Residents. Mike? I don’t think that Snowbirds from Forest Hills, Queens, NY, even give a “Flying You Know What” about you, as you will not get their vote, even if you were a US Citizen. Since you are Canadian from The Maritimes, as we Expatriate Brooklyn Types would say, “Fuggedibowdit.”
Michael, noted for his commentary on CTV, once worked for CBC. I had admired his commentary, whenever I had opportunity to view CTV News.
In the Criitch Snark Piece, seen on You Tube, “Rex”, in a somewhat state of inebriation, cracks “People have to work besides Mike Duffy because no one can work WITH Him.”
Well, at least Mike paid back his $90K to the Canadian Senate, for his misappropriation of expenses, especially utilizing Florida as a Residence.
Mark Critch? Where are YOU?
Humour would be appreciated at some point.
(Note: I Am a Native of Brooklyn, NY, living in Queens, NY. My favorite IApps are CBC News & CBC Radio. In my 1st Foray into Canada, I viewed CBC Television. I do like Peter Mansbridge, Amanda Lang, Wendy Mesley, Sue Ormiston, et. Al).

Funny Version of “No, They Can’t”

12 Oct

I Am A Quasi Libertarian Constitutionalist

18 Sep

I once did an Online Ad for Ron Paul.
I am proud to say that I voted for Ron Paul in the NY Republican Primary.
I am NOT an Establishment Republican, or “Republicrat”(See Pat Buchanan for that word).

Just In Case You May Have Forgotten This

18 Sep

Former Vice President Al Gore lost the 2000 Presidential Election when he lost his Home State of Tennessee.
Florida was NOT as key as Al’s Home State was.
I just thought that you should know this tidbit.

Bill Clinton Wouldn’t Have Been

18 Sep

Does anybody remember H. Ross Perot?
He, out of disrespect to George Herbert Walker Bush, ran & split the vote, allowing Bill Clinton to capture The White House.
Just in case anybody noticed.

Pizza By Bloomberg

14 Sep
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