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“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”…BUT

9 Jan

The Late Gil Scott-Heron, Radical Poet & Singer, who grew up in NYC, made that statement. And the Television Networks are no longer the sole source of Entertainment, News & Sports.

You can produce your own show. Today, YOU ARE THE MEDIA.

Since Apple and Google are allowing us to utilize Cyberspace, one can have a quality news program up & running, just like that. With Live Streaming & Video Sharing Services, who needs a Press Release and TV Stations.

It was during the Annual Good Friday Walk from St. Thomas Apostle RC Church in Woodhaven to Holy Child Jesus in Richmond Hill, when I heard some people moan about the lack of Media Coverage. I saw them there with Smart phones. I pulled out my iPod Touch 4G & shot away. That coverage is still up on Dailymotion. And I said to a couple of them that “We Are Our Own Media.”

Something tells me that the 2014 Good Friday Walk is going to be a Great Event for a Live Streamed Webcast.

When I produced & directed the 2011 2nd Round of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, over Dailymotion, I had no idea that Radio Television Luxembourg’s Belgian Website would pick up this Stream. In this case, to have this event showcased on a Website of Europe’s Largest Privately Owned Broadcaster, is a Huge Thrill for me as a Producer/Editor/Director/Commentator. It was the Only Time in the History of this competition where there was commentary in two languages, English & French. It has not been done since 2011.

But, in producing an event like this, what I can’t stand are “Grandstanding Parents” & their “Little Darlings”, who think that they know ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about New Media Production & Video Placement.  I had training as an Actor on a Web Series, called “Peripheral City”, with a Director who understands the New Media. Now the “Grandstanding Parents” & “Little Darlings” only know of One Place on The Web to be seen & it is on the biggest video sharing site in The World, the Most Censored, Most Banned in Other Nations, Biggest Steaming Pile of Goat Ick in The World. The Site, which I rarely if ever upload to, is called You Tube, where Morons who aren’t literate enough, make comments while unable to spell “Cat.” These “Grandstanding Parents” are barely literate enough to read “The National Inquirer”, but want to dictate(With Emphasis on Dic, with a “K” added to that word)to the Producer, & often resorting to threats of Violence, to insure that their “Little Darlings”, do appear on You Tube, because it is THE ONLY PLACE WHICH PEOPLE WATCH(WHICH IS NOT POSSIBLE IN CHINA).

My 1st Director, BTW, pointed me to Vimeo, where there is Intelligent Commentary. From there, I learned about Dailymotion & the rest is History. Why should I put everything on You Tube, when the ONLY Audience we have for a Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition in Queens, NY, is in Eastern Canada, eh? But these Egoists think that their Queens Neighborhood will watch You Tube. But, this is NOT Public Access Cable TV. It is The Web, not Time Warner Cable.

This is not to say that one cannot watch Good Video Programs on You Tube. There is Great Stuff there, but a lot more is junk. And there are Alternatives.

Going Live Streaming is the New Way. And it can be done from Android, iOS & Windows Phone. Just remember this:

“The Revolution, Which is RIGHT NOW, can & will be LIVE STREAMED. YOU TUBE Is Just So PASSÉ.”


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