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PopeWatch: A Suggested Topic for Conversation | The American Catholic

24 Jan


Yet, Mr Obama’s Heart is hardened. To Him, Aborticide is a “Sacrament” to be “Celebrated With Feminazis.”


To The Young, Social Media Savvy Pro Lifers

24 Jan

If You have Videos on You Tube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, send them via link to Tumblr, which goes for a Young Crowd. Do more than Facebook and Twitter. Pin them on Pinterest. And do the Google+ Link as well.

Get Attention!

YOU Are The Media. Never Mind Chris Matthews!”


Another Pro Lifer Message About Social Media

24 Jan

You have what I consider to be a rather complete list of Social Media, to carry your Pro Life Message to the World. I actually viewed a protest against Ukraine’s Government on Ustream.tv, live as it is occurring. You don’t need the Major Networks, though FOX News is a Major, Fair and Objective Outlet(Thank You Brit Hume & Roger Ailes).
Some of the Best Coverage is by ChurchMillitant.tv, from MichaelVoris. Check him out on You Tube.
Make Your Own Coverage and Stream It to The World.
Who Cares WHAT Chris Matthews says on PMSNBC!


On Saturday, January 22nd, 1973, The Unfathomable Occurred In Washington, DC

22 Jan

Eight Days Before, I had just turned 18 Years Old. I finally was of age where I could vote in Elections. I was eligible to sign up for Selective Service. In those days, one could legally enjoy a beer or a cigar.

Sadly, New York & California had Liberalized Abortion Statutes. These States set the tone for What was to come.

I was with my folks as they had gone shopping. It was an overcast day in The 5 Boroughs of New York City.

It was on WCBS Newsradio 880, on Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood, Queens, a Predominantly German & Italian Enclave,  when a bit after 2:00PM, EST, when I 1st Heard about Roe Versus Wade & the Decision by the SCOTUS (US Supreme Court).

The Question I ask is:

How do the 13th & 14th US Constitutional Amendments suddenly come into play, when both are in regards to that Last Great Legal & Moral Problem called Slavery?

Considering that Justice William O. Douglas, an Activist Free Interpreter of What was according to his Masonic Philosophy and William Brennan, who was Catholic(I am not sure if he was practicing), both are noted for interpretations which are questionable.

There is Mens Rea (Legal Intent). The 13th & 14th Amendments dealt with Equal Protection of the Law, for the Newly Emancipated Black Slaves.

But for a Man and Woman to engage in Procreative Activities, which means having Sexual Intercourse, how is the potential birthing mother suddenly treated as if a Slave with no rights?

Mens Rea was not followed here. This was a matter dealing with Slavery. 

Back in 1821, the State of Connecticut passed the 1st Liberalised Legal Abortion Law. The State was one of The 13 States. As one was to find out in 1973, there were 21 States with Liberalised Abortion Laws.

The Two Dissenting US Supreme Court Justices are Byron White & William Rehnquist(Later Chief Justice of this Court). Both questioned the use of the 13th & 14th Amendments.

It will take a Constitutional Amendment to clear this up, which will restore, both the Rights of The Individual States to regulate(& Preferably Repeal this Crime Against Humanity) these activities. It may take awhile, but it will be worth it.

The USA has never been a Catholic Country. This would never have been tolerated in a Truly Catholic Country. All Protestant Denominations once totally opposed Contraception. Then, in The Lambeth Conference of The Church of England, Contraception was given the Go Ahead(1930). All other Protestant Communities followed suit.

“The Pill” followed. The Sexual Revolution followed that. Add Abortion to the mix & it is the Grave Moral Mess we are in Today. Catholic Catechisis of The Present Day doesn’t talk about this.

Utter Shame!

Blessings to those who made it to Washington DC today. Even Snow cannot foil prayers for the End of This “Crime Against Humanity.”


Obama & Planned Parenthood

15 May



Aborted Fetal Cells For Food Enhancement?

17 Mar

Aborted Fetal Cells For Food Enhancement?

Do Read & Be OUTRAGED. Since WHEN Is A Human Life REDUCED To NOTHING But an Experiment In SODA Flavour Enhancement?

SHAME On You, Nutra-Sweet & PEPSI!

Mad Scientists!

BOYCOTT These Products!


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