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The 1st Msgr Sherman Council Knights Of Columbus Altar Server Awards On This Date In 1998 In Forest Hills, Queens, NY

22 Feb

What I remember in the Days before Vimeo, Dailymotion & You Tube, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile, was that there was a T Mobile Predecessor in NewYork, especially in Forest Hills on Austin Street, called OMNIPOINT. This is currently a subsidiary of T Mobile and in 1998, the 1st Mobile Phone Company which had mobile phones which could do mobile to mobile short text messages, feature news headlines and the ability to receive Faxes via Voice Mail. OMNIPOINT even had the 1st Smartphone, from Nokia, which could be used to browse the web, do short text messages, email and send/receive Faxes.
I at least had the ability to do short texts with an Associate and short email. At this point in time, I was Grand Knight of Msgr Sherman Council 5103 Knights of Columbus in East Glendale, Queens, NY.

Arrangements, as this was at this point, were made with the Priests at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church, a huge Parish on Queens Boulevard and Ascan Avenue. There were 64 Servers to be honored. One of those Servers, David James, is the current Coordinator of The Altar Servers. From 10:51AM to 11:22AM, though many servers did not show due to the Catholic School Winter Recess, many did show. Two were Honoured for their Special Service as One was Guest Soloist at the Council’s Memorial Mass for Deceased Members on Tuesday, 11/11/1997. The Other Server also served that same Mass.

I was at Baskin Robbins a few days later, when a Girl Altar Server informed me that one more Altar Server had to be honored. That was accomplished about 3 Days Later.

64 Altar Servers & 8 Grand Knight’s Certificates of Merit were presented.

As far as the Technology was concerned, this was on Videotape. The Parish has the Video.

And I have the Memories and The Memories are Good Memories.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!


The Rather Musically Inclined R C New Bishop Of Albany

16 Feb

Last Evening, while web telecasting Tomina Karapova’s Harp Performance on Veetle, I listened to some Our Lady Of Mercy Choir Stories of a certain Tenor & Musician.
For you see, a certain Priest of Musical Talents was in residence from the Time of Msgr Johnston into the Pastorship of Msgr Langelier(d.7/2013).

He was the Tenor of The Our Lady of Mercy Choir. He sometimes acted as Organist at OLM in Forest Hills in Queens.

He was not content to be a mere Priest in Residence, but an active participant.

Ad Multos Annos to Msgr Edward Scharfenberger, just named the new Bishop of Albany, NY. You & that Diocese will make “Sweet Hosannas Sing.”


On Low Latin Mass At Holy Innocents In Midtown Manhattan-Observation & Conversation

5 Feb

Holy Innocents Roman Catholic Church is at 128 West 37th Street in Manhattan’s Garment Center, located between Broadway and 7th Avenue, not far from Macy’s Humongous Store, called the World’s Largest Department Store. 
When one enters this Parish Church, do notice the High Altar. This is a Classical Latin Mass Altar. This attracts the Faithful. This is something which any of us, who prefer our Roman Catholic Mass to be offered on. Here, a Priest is called Father, not “Presider”, nor “President Of The Assembly.”
When I was Grand Knight of Msgr Sherman Council Knights of Columbus, I presided over meetings & offered Prayers. Hence, I was a Presider. I presided over the Assembly of Brother Knights, but did NOT offer a Sacrifice. Yet, in the Era of “The Mass of Paul VI”, called(Sometimes Derisively)”Novus Ordo Mass” or simply “NO”, one notices a Table facing Westward away from Sacrificing Posture and Gesture. Even if Catholic Teaching says “Sacrifice”, the Impression is that of preparing a Group Meal, as the Gestures suggest.
High Altar and Priest really denotes Sacrifice. A Priest is an “Alter Christus”(Another Christ), who has the Power to Offer this Unbloodied Sacrifice to The Father in Christ’s Name.
The Priest in this Mass “Says The Black and Does The Red.” This is NOT a Mass of Option Plays. The Liturgy is not his Liturgy. It belongs to Christ and His Church. The Confiteor is actually recited by the Priest Once and Servers Twice(the 2nd Server Recitation is before Holy Communion).
As this Mass is a Low Mass, Trying to do the responses quickly can lead to garbled words, so follow in your Missal and Pray quietly. Meditate on the Sacred Mystery of The Mass at Hand. You will truly understand this form of Mass.

In conversation after Mass, which draws a Younger Crowd, the impression I get is that the Byzantine Catholic Liturgy is a tremendous favorite of the Young Traditionalists, especially from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, which is Fully Catholic in Union With The Holy See. In this Sui Iuris Church, the nearly 1600 Year Old Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom is wonderfully transcendent.  Whenever I go, it is in English, it is chanted. This Liturgy is unchanged in form from the 5th Century AD. One Older Traditionalist actually goes on occasion to a Russian Liturgy, offered by Melkite Greek Catholic Priests, by Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parish in Little Italy, in a Church which used to be the Chancery of The R C Archdiocese of New York.

Traditional Liturgy is what made The Church a Place of Converts, Priests and Religious and Saints. Mess with that Formula and All is Lost.

In Nomini  Patris, Et Filli, Et Spiritu  Sancti, Amen


stationsquarestudios – Live Video Stream on Veetle

28 Jan


“The King Of Queens” Is Now A Pastor

27 Jan

Fr Kevin Abels looks an awful lot like Kevin James. Father has served as Brooklyn Diocesan  Vocations Director and will be doing “Double Duty” as both Vocations Director and as the New Pastor of St. Sebastian R C Church in Woodside, beneath a familiar Elevated Line called the 7 Train, most noted as transportation to Mets Games at Citi Field.

He often offered Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills. He has heard Confessions at Our Lady of Mercy in Forest Hills. People liked him in both locations.

Prior to serving as Diocesan Vocations Director, he was a curate at St. Sebastian’s in Woodside.

Now he is going “Home.”

Ad Multos Annos, Patri!

Gloria In Excelcis Deo, Et In Terra Pax Hominibus!


Chrismation-Confirmation Byzantine Style

20 Jan

Almost 47 Years Ago, in the Borough & Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, I went through the Sacrament of Confirmation, which is done by a Bishop.
The Bishop, Joseph P. Denning, also doubled at the time as Pastor of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills, Queens(d.1990).
As I remember the Ceremony, one had to kneel before The Bishop, present a Card to him with one’s Confirmation Name. He then anointed one with the Chrism, a Mixture of Olive Oil, Balm & Old Chrism, emblematic of the Continued Apostolic Succession of The Bishops of The One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, throughout the ages. He then gave a light blow to one’s cheek.
Note that two Pastors of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills, were and are Bishops. The current Pastor is Most Reverend Paul Sanchez.
In The Byzantine Rite of The Catholic Church & in The Eastern Orthodox Byzantine Churches, this Sacrament or Holy Mystery is called Chrismation. Unlike being 12 or 13 Years Old & being Chrismated by the Diocesan Bishop, one is Chrismated by one’s Parish Priest at Baptism in the Byzantine Rite.
The Priest or Bishop utilises a Chrismation Wand to annoint various parts of the Body, from Forehead to the Feet. This is also done for Adults coming into either The Catholic or Orthodox Churches, if these are Baptized Christians, provided that the Christians received Baptism using the Trinitarian Formula.
In either case, whether it is called Confirmation or Chrismation, one is sealed with The Gift Of The Holy Spirit.
The Byzantine Ceremony is more involved than The Latin(Roman)Ceremony. Either way, one receives The Holy Spirit.

“Veni Creator Spiritus!”


Church of Virgin Mary Melkite Greek Catholic Church In Park Slope, BrooklynNY, During Divine Liturgy Of St. John Chrysostom

19 Jan


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