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K of C Free Throw Carriage 2011 On FOX Sports?

10 Feb

I thought that K of C Free Throw Coverage which I had produced had only been seen via RTL.

But, in a recent Top 10 List, I had goofed on Rupert Murdoch for intercepting the coverage.

Well, I also discovered that much of the Coverage was also carried by Yardbarker.com. This puts the coverage in a much different light. For as it turns out, Yardbarker is part of FOX Sports Interactive. Can You Say Joe Buck?

Funny but I wrote parodies with the K of C Free Throw as backdrop, with some insanely funny FOX Sports Parodies, drawn from both the Baseball Coverage with a bit of FOX NFL Sunday thrown in.

The Mockery and Real Thing can be retitled in real life as “K of C Free Throw ON FOX.”

“Da, da, dot, da, da, Da!”(FOX Sports Theme, Transcribed)


The Revolution Was Webcast In HD 720p

7 Jan


Only Two Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contests On TV Websites

7 Jan

In February, 2011, the 2nd Round was the Queens NY District 28 Portion of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, a competition played in Canada and the USA, Was carried, with the 1st Ever Bi Lingual Coverage, from East Glendale, QueensNY, in HD 720p, via Dailymotion. As Dailymotion USA is in the Union Square, Manhattan Area, it was fed to Paris, FR. From there, Radio Television Luxembourg via the Website, RTL.be(Belgium), picked up the video feed & carried the coverage of this event on that website.

In case you don’t know, I was the Producer/Director of that Historic Feed. I was shocked to seeing this Historic Competition on Europe’s Largest Commercial Network’s Belgian Website.

It was in January, 2012, when from Ste. Catharines, ON, when a News Story on Canadian Cable TV Operator, Cogelco, was in regards to The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship. This competition is huge in Canada. The Video is on You Tube, eh.

I know that the only time you ever see the Knights of Columbus in person, is the 4th Degree Honour Guard & Colour Corps. But, outside of that manifestation of The Order, this is the other manifestation.

And it had a hybrid viewing on a mix of Old & New Media, in North America & in Europe. I hope that you enjoyed watching those Historical Feeds.

It was fun, eh!


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