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From The Propagandist “Michael Vorisilli”(Snark Attack)

15 Apr

Is Michael Voris finally “Losing It”?

In This Video, one of his “Kiddie Corps” alleged “News Reporters”, is delivering a fraudulent story about the Society of St. Pius X, being in Schism.
What occurred in the R C Archdiocese of Buenas Aires, is sending the Quasi Cultish ChurchMillitant.tv into a Hissy Fit. The Priestly Society of St. Pius X has regularized their Catholic Status in Argentina, with both the Assistance of T the Archbishop of Buenas Aires, Cardinal Poli and the Nation of Argentina.

STOP THE LIES, Michael. What next, a Cult In the Caribbean called “Vorisville”?

Nice Try By Your Mole on The Remnant Newspaper Comment Boxes to Obfusticate. I would say that “Guest” is actually a Ghostwriter of Yours, who likes to write Manifestos. He is like the little kid in Brooklyn who hides behind the fence & throws rocks.

OPEN YOUR COMBOXES, COWARD! And WHO Are the 5 Cardinals behind the “ SSPX Schism” Tale”?

Or YOU Will be forced to sit between Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver on “MLB On FOX.” I think that you get the picture, if you know what I mean.


Michael Voris Does Have A Snarky Sense of Humour

14 Mar

OK, not quite Rex Murphy, but in his comments(Like that of Rex Murphy, a Rant) on Timothy Cardinal Dolan, who when asked about Same Sex “Marriage”, becoming the Law in New York State, His Eminence says that in regards to Same-sex marriage “We were caught off guard.”
Michael Voris, in the Rex Murphy Tradition, cracked about grabbing a few of these “Caught Off Guard” Bishops, wallets and wondered if they would have any clue about their missing wallets.
It seems as if Timothy Cardinal Dolan that he is always getting “Caught Off Guard.”
Pay attention to The Sheep instead of the Red Light on a TV Camera, is Michael Voris’ Message.
Of course, in His Eminence’s Case, just be grateful that you never have to encounter Rex Murphy. He’ll have you as “The Main Course.” That, I both suspect and expect, will not be pleasant in the least.

M, Eh

65°F In Queens, Yet Threat of Snow On Thursday

11 Mar

So, it was warm on Super Bowl Sunday. Look what happened the Next Day, as we got snowed in.

This is “The NYC Winter Which Won’t Go Away.” It will be in the Mid 50s F, tomorrow, but tomorrow night, it will be in the Mid 20s F. Hence, chance for Snow(WTF else is new).

Enjoy this warm spell while you can.


Rain Wednesday and Snow Thursday, Hence Still WINTER

10 Mar

In the words of one John Donald Imus, this weather is “Horrible, Hideous and Just Can’t Suck Enough.”
Even at 52°F(10°C), one still has a bit of Chill in one’s bones. But, while there are signs of Spring on the way, there are reminders of The Winter including patches of The Last Blizzard, which while dirty, are still on the ground.
“The iMan” is right about this Winter, one that doesn’t want to go away anytime soon. It is “Horrible, Hideous and Just Can’t Suck Enough.”
Father Frank Passenant may be right about May and the 1st Warm Day.

M, Eh!

Snow Again Wednesday, BTW & It’s Ash Wednesday

3 Mar

It is cold. It is Winter. It is March. It is New York City.
Snow is predicted for Ash Wednesday.
Will That Hold down the crowds at Catholic and Episcopal Churches?
I doubt it. It is Ash Wednesday, the 1st of three events for APE Catholics. These are the people who will pack Parish Churches on Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, especially at the Easter Vigil. Easter Sunday, like Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday, will mean packed houses. Hence, this is really why I say “APE Catholics.”


900 Calls About The Ash Wednesday Schedule

3 Mar

I will say this about the Administrator of Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY, Father Francis Passenant-He is rather adept at giving information which will cause one to laugh.
It was the “Parochial Announcements” near the End of The 1PM Mass, in regards to the Ash Wednesday Schedule, when Father advised people to “Please take home the Parish Bulletin, because we get about 900 Calls About the Ash Wednesday Schedule. That way we can hold it down to about 800 calls.”
There was a lot of Truth in this announcement, served up with a Bit of Snark.

Deo Gratias!


After Traditional, Vertical Catholic Liturgy This Weekend, I Feared Going Horizontal

24 Feb

Saturday at 5PM was the Sublime Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, where Incense and Prayers reached The Triune God. On Sunday at 9AM was the Sublime Tridentine Latin Mass of 1962, with Holy Water, Incense and Prayers reaching The Triune Godhead.
I had ideas about going to an Ordinary Form of Mass, but after the Transcendent Qualities of the two Traditional Catholic Liturgies, I didn’t feel right if I had gone to the Ordinary Form, where there was a Pretty Good Chance where the atmosphere of the Mass would’ve been ruined by Horizontal Music of the variety of anything written by Guys named Marty, Dan and Dave(Which Names could fill an ESPN Monday Night Football Broadcast Booth).
Horizontal Music is where we tell God how fabulous we are, or usurp Him, speaking His Words, or sing “Hymns”, which are Syrupy Crapola with OURSELVES as Objects of Worship. These are songs which My Most Dear Friend classifies as “Vomit, Barf and Puke”, without apology, mind you. These are “Hymns” in Violation of the 1st of The 10 Commandments.

Can Anybody Here, Sing Tom Conry’s “The Anthem”? If you can, you can do it yourself. Most of us won’t touch it with a 10 Foot Pole. It is a “We’re So Good” song. It is a Song of The Heresy of Secularism which is plaguing One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church. It is a song which Traditionalist Minded Catholics could Throw Up to, easily.

I will keep my Weekend Worship Traditional from East to West. The Ordinary Form in Low Mass is fine on weekdays. It’s the Crapola Music of Sunday which infuriates many to no end.

Deum  De Deo, Lumen De Lumine!