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Temperatures Dropping 24°F(-4°C)Tomorrow, With Winds of up to 40MPH(65 KPH)

12 Mar

It is 46°F(9°C) in NYC, and cooler than Yesterday. Later on it will be downright cold and windy, in the Winter which doesn’t want to go away.
Rain will come for 12 Hours, then the Icy Chill Will set in for 24 Hours.
Spring is trying to push out Winter, especially the Winter which doesn’t want to go away.
Friday will warm up, though. That is good news.

Deo Gratias!


65°F In Queens, Yet Threat of Snow On Thursday

11 Mar

So, it was warm on Super Bowl Sunday. Look what happened the Next Day, as we got snowed in.

This is “The NYC Winter Which Won’t Go Away.” It will be in the Mid 50s F, tomorrow, but tomorrow night, it will be in the Mid 20s F. Hence, chance for Snow(WTF else is new).

Enjoy this warm spell while you can.


Snow Again Wednesday, BTW & It’s Ash Wednesday

3 Mar

It is cold. It is Winter. It is March. It is New York City.
Snow is predicted for Ash Wednesday.
Will That Hold down the crowds at Catholic and Episcopal Churches?
I doubt it. It is Ash Wednesday, the 1st of three events for APE Catholics. These are the people who will pack Parish Churches on Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, especially at the Easter Vigil. Easter Sunday, like Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday, will mean packed houses. Hence, this is really why I say “APE Catholics.”


The 1st Snow Flakes Began To Fall on Continental Avenue @ 1730 EST(0030 GMT)

3 Mar

And the Weather is both Cold and Windy. As the Weather began to feel like the Snow could begin at any given time, my plans for heading to the 4PM Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on East 7th Street in the East Village in Manhattan, changed towards heading homeward from Forest Hills.
When about 6 inches of Snow(16 Centimetres) is threatening to ruin NYC Travel over the next 24 Hours, it is best to head home and stay there, safely.
Hence, I am home, monitoring W C B S 880 AM, W I N S 1010 AM and C B C Radio One via Montreal at 88.5 FM, for Snow Reports.  I am “Cabin Fever Boy”, having experienced it so much this winter.
But, Springtime is near, hence Hope.

Deo Gratias!


“It’s Baaaack!”

26 Feb

And to think no more snow, but it is a New York City Winter. The snow will arrive about 3AM EST and continue until Noontime.
Figure about a few centimeters and it will end.

In “New Sochi”, Be Prepared To Become “Lake Placid”, Dear New York Brethren

23 Feb

With all of this “Sochi Winter” Weather here in New York’s 5 Boroughs, “New Sochi Weather” is ending in about 15 Hours.
It is STILL WINTER. I realize that Reality often BITES.
THE SNOW IS RETURNING. There is a Snow Watch for Tuesday & Wednesday and again on Friday.
The Sochi Winter Olympiad is Over. And NYC returns to Cold Form.

Nevertheless, Thank You Lord God of All Creation for the break which allowed for melting of all that Heavy Snow.

Deum  De Deo, Lumen De Lumine!
Deo Gratias!


Here In “New Sochi”

21 Feb

Temperatures have warmed up and Snow is melting in New Sochi.

Actually, this is the 5 Boroughs of New York City and Snow is melting. But, by Tuesday of next week, Snow is due back for another visit, to remind us that Winter is still here.

There is good news out of all this, in that the insane CBC Radio Blackout is over on Monday
I will be free from listening to WFAN 101.9FM.


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