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From Westmount, PQ, Eugenie Bouchard Is The Darling Of The Australian Open

21 Jan

A French Canadian Teen Jeune Fille(Lassie. Eh) is the Darling of Tennis Aficionados in the Tennis Grand Slam Event, The Australian Open. Eugenie Bouchard is her name & in her teens. She is the 2nd Canadian to go to the Finals and the First in 30 Years. She is also the 1st French Canadian.

She has a Huge Group of Australian Male Fans. A Spirited Group of Lads are gathered, singing the English Language Version of “O Canada”(The Version which is heard at NHL Games in Canada and The USA). These Guys sound a bit like they’ve had a few Foster’s Lagers In them(Australian for Beer, Mate). From what I have been told by CBC Radio Montreal, the Aussies are enjoying Genie’s Joue(Play).

Eugenie? See You in the US Open in Flushing Meadow. May there be More Renditions of O Canada in your Honour. I will raise a half litre of Molson’s Ale for this.


“Fort Martina”(Snark)

30 Aug

Over on Blip.tv, a daring show, a “TeleNovela” about young Lesbians, called “Girl/Girl Scene”, is a hit.
Many Years Ago, a Queens NYPD Precinct known by the # 104, got a reputation as a destination for Lesbian Police Officers, so much so that the Precinct Nickname was “Fort Dyke.”
I am NOT Making this up.
Marina Navratilova, a multiple US Open Tennis Champion, originally from Czech Slovakia, who defected from what was once an Iron Curtain Nation, has been the Butt of Jokes from “The King Of All Media”, Howard Stern, a man who actually sponsored “Lesbian Dial A Date” on his Radio Shows on WNBC 660 & K-Rock 92.3FM. Martina lives in Dallas, TX. She is a reputed Lesbian.
Hence, a Sketch Trailer with Comedic Tennis Overtones, “NYPD Blue” Meets “The US Open”, Meets “Lesbian Dial A Date” & you have the Sketch Trailer or Trailer Style Sketch called “Fort Martina”, where Lesbian NYPD Detectives solve felonies committed in the vicinity of Tennis Courts.
Notice that it premieres on “Sunday After The World Series.”
Do notice the Network where this nonsense would premiere. “FoX” would be good for all of this.
It is done for fun.

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