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When Producing A Web Series

9 Dec

I usually never appeared on any part of the show, except in the credits at the end.
But for the Cable TV Premiere, under my producer moniker of “M”, I decided to break with tradition and speak with an English Accent.

I have used various accents from French Canadian to Slavic to English to, in one film, a Brooklyn Accent.  The Brooklyn Accent is my native tongue, especially whenever I converse with another native of The Borough Of Churches.

So I did appear in “The Kong Show On TV”, just to tell the USA, who produced & directed the web version, which for awhile was the only version of the show, anywhere in New York, at least in Queens.

Perhaps, the Next Time I work that show, it will be a live webcast to the world, on Ustream.TV. Then the show will be “Live From Someplace In New York, It’s The Kong Show On Ustream.TV.”

And wouldn’t live vaudeville work!


The Kong Show Live 10/29/12

3 Oct


The Kong Show Live

30 Sep


The Kong Show On Blip

15 Aug

A New Opening for the web version of. “The Kong Show”, a Joint Production of Powella Productions & The Station Square Group, has been shot, edited & Produced.
It opens on the N Train in Astoria, Queens, where the Show is based, followed by shots of Club Iguana & The Apple 5th Avenue Store.
On The Soon To Premiere Television Show on QPTV, the line “Almost Live, From Somewhere In New York, It’s The Kong Show On TV”, has been modified for the Web Show to read “The Kong Show On Blip.”
The Kong Show Emblem is seen in the Opening Roll. So is a picture of Powell Leonard as “Chuck E. Baby” & Ella Louise Smith as “Mz Ella.”
The Theme Song for both Opening & Closing Rolls is “If I Can’t Dance, It’s Not My Revolution”, an Indie Song from The Vimeo Music Store, Royalty Free.
The Episode Closing Roll, promotes “The Kong Show On TV” & the Joint Production of “The Kong Show On Blip.”
A few segments will also appear on Vimeo, as Production Samples. Three Samples will appear via SocialCam.com.
As tribute to the Blip Webcast, a # of Audience Members did watch portions of the Blip Webcast. It is a sign of a following. Those watching the Blip Webcast came as new members of the audience.

“The Kong Show On Blip-New Opening”

14 Aug

You Know When Your Show Has A Following When

14 Aug

About this past evening’s “The Kong Show-Tiki Summer Staycation” at Club Iguana on West 54th Street near Broadway-this show’s webcast was watched on Blip.tv.
Hence, we have the beginnings of a following. The Blip.tv Webcast has been viewed 3259 Times. And now audience members found out about the live show by watching the series.
3259 watched background material. Now, the following will be greater by the presentation of more ENTERTAINMENT Material.
To. The Webcast & Now The QPTV CableCast!

The Kong Show Beginning “After”

12 Aug
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