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Only David Wright Can Say He Played In “The Big O”

29 Mar

It was 2004 &, Oui, NY Mets David Wright played Troisieme But. This means 3rd Base in Canadian French. He has been to Montreal.
Only he played before 5K Spectators.
He finally got to play before 46K Fans.
C’est La Difference between 2004 & 2014. The last time counted. This time it did not.

M, Eh

As I Talked About The American Old Media Horning In On “The Great Toronto Seal Hunt”, Eh, Except That Seal Is Justin Bieber, Eh.

30 Jan

Add One Justin Bieber as the latest person to get into trouble in Toronto.
WHAT is in the Water in Toronto, Eh?
First, it’s Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford. Now it’s Paparazzi Pop Brat, Justin Bieber.
I viewed CBC News Toronto At 11PM. I viewed the usual Television and Radio Crews. But I did notice loads of people with iPhones & Android Phones recording video. You see, Pop Brat Justin Bieber was charged with beating up a Limousine Driver by Toronto Police.
CBC News reported that a You Tube Video of Bieber being taken into Police Custody, has a total of 46,000,000 Hits. 
The New Media beats the Old Media, eh. But in this digital world, a live transmission from a Smartphone would beat the Old Media to the punch.
Since I do have the CBC News Android App, I can view those crazy Canadian Events as they happen, eh.
CBC News did show Raw Footage. It added to the moment. It was done without narration.

Another “SNL” Moment? I can’t wait for what Rex Murphy & Rick Mercer have to say. It will be a Moment of SNARK.

Justin’s People plan to regroup in Bieber’s Native Stratford, ON. CBC News “The National” Chief Correspondent, Peter Mansbridge, lives in Stratford.
Don’t beat up The Messenger!


Rob Ford: ‘Yes, I Have Smoked Crack’

30 Nov


Watch “Rex Murphy: Mike Duffy vs. Rob Ford” on YouTube(CBC News The National)

22 Nov

Could Those Two Hosers. Bob & Doug Mac Kenzie

18 Nov

Do better than Rob Ford? At least Toronto would be a funny place, eh.

M (Eh!)

Mayor Of Toronto Rob Ford

16 Nov

QUIT!, Eh!


Watch “Rex Murphy: The Rob Ford Scandal” on YouTube

8 Nov