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Two Live Video Streaming Networks To Share The Live Concerts From Forest Hills & Live Good Friday Coverage

14 Mar

I find that Veetle is a good way to present and produce Artistic Programming. But, Ustream has further reach, so in the case of Ustream, at least one concert will be presented.
The beauty of this is further saturation via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr, as Simulcasters from Ustream. You Tube might also be pressed into service as an option. In the cases of Facebook, Google+ & Tumblr, a Live Simulcast is quite possible. Twitter is just a link. Veetle will be the Main Network with Facebook and Twitter for one Simulcast, but Ustream makes for a greater possibility.
Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY, is the usual broadcast site of these concerts, a Production of Station Square Studios. Replay on both Veetle and Ustream is available immediately after the broadcast. The Ustream Broadcast will be fed to the Replay Network, consisting of Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Google+ & Tumblr & the possible You Tube Option. The Veetle Broadcast will be fed to Facebook & Twitter, as well as Google+ & Tumblr.
On Good Friday Morning into past Noontime, the Walk from St Thomas Apostle, Woodhaven, to Holy Child Jesus, in Richmond Hill, will be carried on Ustream, from the Morning Prayer Service at St. Thomas Apostle, Woodhaven, to Meditative Station #1, and back to St. Thomas Apostle School for Reflections and Music, followed by Procession to Park Lane South and 102 Street in Forest Park, for the Cross Ceremony and then to Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church in Richmond Hill for Stations Of The Cross. Ustream will be linked with Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Replay will be on those Simulcasters and You Tube. It is an Historic Live Broadcast. This has been on Vimeo and Dailymotion in past years. You have to see it live to believe it. Meditative Station 1 is Whiting Square at 85 Street and 91st Avenue, and will be seen live for the 1st Time in History. Think of it as a Catholic Woodstock Gathering.

A few years ago, someone complained while holding an Android Smartphone, that no news media covers this. I told the guy while I recorded this for upload to Dailymotion and Vimeo that “You Are The Media”, in reference to New Media. Now, it can be seen around the world, over the Internet, Live as it happens.

So shall it be seen live, somewhere in the World.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!


Live At 1PM EST(18 Hours GMT) On Veetle

16 Feb

After tonight’s Tomina Karapanov Harp Concert from Our Lady of Mercy R C Church in Forest Hills, in Queens, the Graham Bobby Romantic and Classical Music Concert will be web telecast on Veetle.com, starting at 1PM EST(18 Hours GMT).
Maestro Joe Martin will host & be Pianist while Graham Bobby will sing.
All of it is live on Veetle.com. Just Google, Bing or Yahoo “stationsquarestudios”(One Word in small letters) and watch it live or on replay later.


Another Pro Lifer Message About Social Media

24 Jan

You have what I consider to be a rather complete list of Social Media, to carry your Pro Life Message to the World. I actually viewed a protest against Ukraine’s Government on Ustream.tv, live as it is occurring. You don’t need the Major Networks, though FOX News is a Major, Fair and Objective Outlet(Thank You Brit Hume & Roger Ailes).
Some of the Best Coverage is by ChurchMillitant.tv, from MichaelVoris. Check him out on You Tube.
Make Your Own Coverage and Stream It to The World.
Who Cares WHAT Chris Matthews says on PMSNBC!


What Apple & Android Caused Me To Do

23 Jan

Apple, via iPod Touch, made be a Film Maker. That was pretty good.

But Google via Android, made me a Live Broadcaster. Doing about 2Hours 20 Minutes of Live Telecasting an Opera Sing A Long, makes me realise that Live is the way to go.

Spontaneous is more fun, but making a Film is fine, too.


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