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Vimeo Is Out For The Time Being

21 Feb

Vimeo is a creatively great video site. But for the time being, I will be concentrating on Live Video Productions.
When some brat can drop a dime to send one a message that their Basketball Shoot Off had better be on You Tube, going so far as to have someone’s account cancelled on Vimeo, well it is time to do programming of that nature Live.
Live is more dramatic and fun. Dailymotion is where videos will be posted from now on. The Video Quality is quite excellent there. And Whiny Spoiled Brats avoid Dailymotion.
But, Live is the way to go today. It is a challenge & is great fun.


Now That Blogger Is Back, No Cut And Paste From A Desktop

18 Feb

I have Blogger and I Have Dailymotion. The Beauty of this arrangement is not having to “Cut & Paste”, using a Desktop Computer.
Instead it is “Click & Add” and my links are added to Blogger.

Now, as it turns out, certain K of C International Free Throw Coverage appears on Blogger on a Sports Oriented Blog, called “The Kenmore Corona Report.” Links are picked up via Yardbarker. Yardbarker is a site which is part of FOX Sports Interactive.

Why Not do a thing like this and get exposure for what is usually plastered on YouTube.

Da, da, dot, da, da, Daaaa(Transcribed Version of FOX Sports Theme).


Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Is Stale On You Tube

29 Jan

Amazing! No Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage is being uploaded to You Tube. This is truly Amazing.

It was a Rite Of Passage to upload a Council or District Competition to that Steaming Pile of Goat Custard. But, it looks like there is no interest in going on to You Tube. There is coverage that is 6 Years Old up there.

No Council Coverage has invaded Dailymotion. That tends to be Home to coverage I produced in 2011.  Something tells me that overall coverage peaked when my production of Round 2 appeared on RTL.be website.3302 Views of Dailymotion Coverage over 3 Years and still growing.

Maybe Live on one of the Live Web Broadcast Services may be the way to go.

You Tube is so “2005.”


On Bambuser I Viewed Coverage Of Ukraine Protests

24 Jan

I also viewed the same on Ustream.tv. Live Video Streaming is the way to go. Anyone can be a Broadcaster. One can just pull out a Smartphone and carry everything live over a service and go simulcast on Facebook.

Back at the time of Public Access on Manhattan Cable Television(Now Time Warner Cable), the only networking was via linkup on TeLePromTer north of East and West 59th Streets. That northern franchise is now Time Warner Cable. Then again, there was no such thing as Vimeo(Older Than You Tube and based on the West Side of Manhattan).

There was a time when only “Six Blue Haired Biddies”(Very Funny, Lenny, Very Funny) might watch your show. Now there is Live Programming via Smartphone Apps.

No Cable TV and “No Big 3 Networks” to hold you back. More people are watching Live Streams and Videos than are watching Network Television.

No Antennas/No Wires!


To The Young, Social Media Savvy Pro Lifers

24 Jan

If You have Videos on You Tube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, send them via link to Tumblr, which goes for a Young Crowd. Do more than Facebook and Twitter. Pin them on Pinterest. And do the Google+ Link as well.

Get Attention!

YOU Are The Media. Never Mind Chris Matthews!”


Never mind Calling Up Radio Stations, You Can Live Stream Audio, Pro Lifers

24 Jan

Forget your local radio station, Pro Lifers, as there are apps for Live Streaming Audio to The World.
There are Audio Streaming Apps for iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.



Dailymotion & You Tube-Which One Is Overrated? Add Vimeo To The Mix.

13 Sep

One mostly hears about You Tube¬† Online. in Old Media Print, Radio & Television, as if it is THE ONLY VIDEO SHARING SITE. But, trust me on this one. that is not the case. Just because something is hugely popular, does not mean that it is necessarily good. Mc Donald’s is Huge, but not necessarily good. They do have great marketing. The same can be said for You Tube. After all, Google owns that enterprise.
However, in the Video World, there are choices. Not everybody cares to watch “Charlie Bit My Finger”, “Fred” or Shane Dawson. Just how many “Cat Playing Piano” videos can you stomach. There are Books for how to be famous on You Tube.¬† But, You Tube is NOT for Everybody. You Tube is NOT Well Understood. Like AOL in the Early Web Days, this is what You Tube is, namely a portal for video exhibition. Think of it as “Video With Training Aids.” Also, think of it as an overcrowded Subway Train, as not everyone may notice you.
It was in 2009, when I began to notice that there are other Video Services out there, in fact, better than You Tube, both in video quality & content. Vimeo, which is actually older than You Tube & more for the artistic & rebellious video producer, is one of these services. Blip.TV, for Web Series Production, and French Based Dailymotion, come to mind here.
Dailymotion is home to extensive 2011 Knights Of Columbus Int’l Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage. The 2nd Round Coverage has a multi language segment. A couple of the 2nd Round segments made it to video coverage in RTL in Bekgium, via Dailymotion, marking the 1st Known Appearance of a competition on a TV Network Website. My take that By being on RTL’s Belgian site, that this coverage helped increase viewership in Europe on Dailymotion & on Vimeo. Belgians were prominent in viewing the competition coverage on Vimeo & Dailymotion, while Canadians stayed with You Tube, though coming around eventually to the Vimeo Coverage.
The Combination of Dailymotion & RTL, cemented this fact that this event can thrive outside of You Tube. Many USA Viewers also tuned into Vimeo for the Long Island Final of The Knights Of Columbus Intl Free Throw, which was quite surprising to me.
But, Status Quo Types will find ways to bar coverage only because they want You Tube. That happened in 2012 & 2013, since the fact that Dailymotion, Vimeo & Blip.TV all outdrew You Tube & proved the Status Quo know it alls to be wrong, in order not to upset some spoiled little brat who is used to getting her way, all coverage was banned.
But, the point was proved about You Tube being overrated in regards to viewership of an event.
Rather than being a Lemming, experimenting with a “New Frontier”(From JFK’s Era), showed that viewers are out there ,& You Tube is not the Only Show In Town. It is strange about Status Quo, but they have fear of their certainty coming to an unceremonious end, so they respond with spite.
Hence, Dailymotion as experiment, succeeded. And people did react. And The Knights of Columbus Intl Free Throw Basketball Championship was given prominence on the world video stage on 6 Continents. Even the Whiny Brat can never change the fact that she was seen in Nations where You Tube is banned.
The Rubicon Is Crossed.