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The “Pivotal Experiment” In Forest Hills(In Queens, NY)

10 Feb

From an Artistic Perspective, NBC Sports did a nice Historical Interpretation of Russia and Russians. An older woman was seen attempting the Sign of The Cross, made with 3 Fingers, sadly not completed.
In reality, the Tsars¬† are the ones who expanded Russia’s Empire. Everything was in place when the USSR(Soviet Union) became the Name of The Russian Empire. It was a brutal place. Seeing a Two Headed Eagle Icon, showed that Freemasonry was there as well. Artists are well represented in this opening.
But, NBC Sports left itself out to rather severe criticism for emphasising the Soviet Union as a “Pivotal Experiment”, leaving out the Starvation of Ukraine as part of that “Experiment.” For whenever I am at the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at either St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church or Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, both Parishes in Full Communion with The Holy See(The Vatican), I am exhorted to pray for Ukraine(The Ukraine sounds like The Bronx, in a Manner of Speaking). They suffered Horrifically in this “Pivotal Experiment.”
Hence, NBC Sports is in dire need of a “Snark Piece” in their honor. They deserve it. Canadian Curmudgeon Rex Murphy would know how to cut thus bunch “A New One”, by his utterances, so well nuanced.

It was in 2011, in this time 3 Years Ago, when in the World of “Pivotal Experiments”, that expanding Video Coverage of the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championships beyond that “Overrated Steaming Pile of Goat Manure” called You Tube, which was not in my plans to carry any coverage there after a preliminary upload landed on an Online Betting Site. But, when certain contestants are Allies of The Powers That Be, one is forced to head to You Tube, a kind of Sedative, to keep ” I Prime Donne” from barfing at Continental Avenue and Austin Street, while wailing feverishly that you ruined their chance to “Be Like Bieber.”¬† Ditto goes for their Parents, classified as “Stage Parents” & “Soccer Moms From Hell”, who are often worse than their Spawn. If their Spawn want to “Be Like Bieber”, expect to pay $300 an Hour in fees to a Barrister.

“Athletic Competition brings out a fierce spirit. There are Winners and Losers. And there is Video Sharing.”
“It used to be on Videotape. Now it is Digital Images. It is an obsession with View #s. It is ‘Be Like Bieber’ Time.”

“It isn’t the Photo in the local newspaper. It isn’t Public Access Cable TV. It is Worldwide. It is obsession with Fame.”

“Some dictate where they will appear & don’t attain Fame. They appear elsewhere with huge view #s, but it doesn’t count because it wasn’t where they dictated.”

“The Assorted ‘Fame Seeking Parents From Hell’ are Worse than Their Spawn, as they live vicariously through their Spawn.”

“Producers Clash with People who have neither the technical nor statistical knowledge. Producers align, not by Feelings, but with Faith, Reason & Thought of a Sparkling Production. They, too, seek Artistic Recognition.”

“Just because Mc Donald’s is big, does it mean it’s good? There are OTHER Options and Tastes.”

“There is Passion. That is what drives Artists. What do Artists have in Common with Athletes? That Very Passion to do WHAT We Do.”

“East is East and West is West and more often, They Clash.”


Beyond You Tube-You Can Run Your Own Networks (Live, Of Course & Free)

29 Jan

You Tube is, supposedly,The Place to get noticed. In reality, if you have the cash for purchasing You Tube Views via View Gathering Services, then by all means, go there.

They also have their own Live Service. But, that is for Actual Broadcast Professionals like The Bands and Broadcast Networks, so if you want to do your Local 9/11 Coverage, then You Tube is not really the place for it.

I still have Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage on The World’s 2nd Largest Video Site, Dailymotion. By going there, people are still viewing it. The HD 720p Coverage, which gained a spot on RTL. be in Belgium in 2011, is still being viewed. It stands Alone on that Service.

But, this is a Different Era. Local Events like this NEED to go Live, instead of to You Tube Oblivion. There is coverage which is about 6 Years Old. This is Vintage Stuff. That Contestant may be in secondary school or University. Video can age and Be Forgotten. It is News, which needs to be Fresh.

Live, Like on a Live Web Broadcasting Service is the way to go. And you can do it from your Mobile Phone. And, like You Tube, You can do it for Free.


Another Pro Lifer Message About Social Media

24 Jan

You have what I consider to be a rather complete list of Social Media, to carry your Pro Life Message to the World. I actually viewed a protest against Ukraine’s Government on Ustream.tv, live as it is occurring. You don’t need the Major Networks, though FOX News is a Major, Fair and Objective Outlet(Thank You Brit Hume & Roger Ailes).
Some of the Best Coverage is by ChurchMillitant.tv, from MichaelVoris. Check him out on You Tube.
Make Your Own Coverage and Stream It to The World.
Who Cares WHAT Chris Matthews says on PMSNBC!


What Apple & Android Caused Me To Do

23 Jan

Apple, via iPod Touch, made be a Film Maker. That was pretty good.

But Google via Android, made me a Live Broadcaster. Doing about 2Hours 20 Minutes of Live Telecasting an Opera Sing A Long, makes me realise that Live is the way to go.

Spontaneous is more fun, but making a Film is fine, too.


To Those Wonderful Pro Lifers-“You ARE Your Own Media”

23 Jan

I have Great News For You:

You DON’T NEED The Television Networks to cover your event;

I believe that most of you have a media device(Android Tablet, iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone, Blackberry). There are Apps for Video Uploading & Live Video.

Make your own coverage. As it is now, more people are watching Video than are watching the US TV Networks. 

The Big Guys? They will be too busy covering 10 People in a Counter Demonstration.


God Bless You!


Sharing video N Y misunderstood.

22 Jan


Lately, I Have Company On Dailymotion

8 Jan

OK! Most Knights of Columbus Events are on You Tube. But, I have discovered that certain Councils have begun uploading to Dailymotion.

Good Sign!

One from Phoenix, AZ shows that the Order gave tickets to Special Olympics Athletes.

There, one then Philadelphia Phillies Player & now member of the 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, Shane Victorino, said that his Dad is a Knight of Columbus & so is He.

You Tube is Not “The Whole Show.”

Fraternally Yours!

M(Past Grand Knight)

Good News Concerning The Vimeo Android App

2 Oct

The crash problem is fixed. Videos upload rather nicely.
Uploaded 10 Videos to Vimeo today. I cannot complain.
Vimeo is back.

Android Users On Vimeo, There Is Always Dailymotion

1 Oct

My favorite place to put little artistic videos, is on the Arts Channel on Dailymotion.com. Now, for You Android Users, who are finding Vimeo, basically a Home for iDevice Users, to be user unfriendly, Well, Dailymotion is the place to go & you will get noticed.

I took two videos of a Visiting Catholic Priest at the adjacent Forest Hills, Queens NY Parish & ran it on both You Tube & Dailymotion.
You Tube garnered very few views, while Dailymotion proved to be the place for views, as an Artistic Video Pair. This is fine as this Priest was at his animated best, keeping people interested in the Homily.

There is an alternative.

Therefore, I vote for Dailymotion.


You Tube & Dailymotion

31 Aug

If You Tube is where all the views are, then why is it when I put two videos of a Priest giving a Sermon, You Tube only has 24 Hits in 96 Hours, while Daily motion in only a few minutes time has nearly 5 Times that #?



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