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Temperatures Rising

14 Mar

It will be 21°F(-5°C) over this night, but 42°F(5°C) by 6PM, E D T, this evening, so it will approach a bit of comfort.
The Winter which doesn’t want to go away, is beginning to fade away. But, over the next few days, there will be a few Wintry Days which are reminders.

Think Spring-Like Thoughts.

M, Eh

Temperatures Dropping 24°F(-4°C)Tomorrow, With Winds of up to 40MPH(65 KPH)

12 Mar

It is 46°F(9°C) in NYC, and cooler than Yesterday. Later on it will be downright cold and windy, in the Winter which doesn’t want to go away.
Rain will come for 12 Hours, then the Icy Chill Will set in for 24 Hours.
Spring is trying to push out Winter, especially the Winter which doesn’t want to go away.
Friday will warm up, though. That is good news.

Deo Gratias!


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