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3S1Net Premieres Tonight, Live on, From Babylon, NY

27 Aug

Live Irish Music will begin to be Telecast on the Web around 2200 Hours, E D T(03 Hours Greenwich Mean Time, 2330 N D T), from St. Patrick’s Division 2 Suffolk County, NY, in Babylon, NY, a Short Hop from the Babylon Long Island Railroad Station.
All of The Telecast is Live and in Colour.
3S1 is Station Square Studios Network 1, which is on If there are technical difficulties, then 3S2 on will handle the live broadcast on the Web.

Please Note that N D T, is Newfoundland Daylight Time.

M, Eh!

3S1 & 3S2 Nets of Station Square Studios: Ready

16 Aug

On Veetle, Station Square Studios is now 3s1net. On Bambuser, Station Square Studios is called 3s2net.
These Networks will be used for diverse programming. 3s1 will be for events of a Concert or other locally produced entertainment, while 3s2 will be used for backup of 3s1 & for Local News Events, as well as for documentary programming.
If this is successful, 3s3net will be done over WatchMyPeer. Purpose is undetermined until Network testing is done on 3s1 & 3s2.



(Bonne Fete De Canada)Happy Canada Day

1 Jul

It has been 147 Years Since The Confederation called The Dominion of Canada, began to rule Herself as a Nation, with certain permissions from Great Britain. It was in the 1930s when Canada no longer needed to send over to London certain legislation to be approved, but the Reigning Regent, also called The Crown, is STILL The Head of State, represented by Her Majesty’s Governor General, a Ceremonial Post.
Unlike the United States of America, where the President is Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II is The Head of State. The Authority is also Ceremonial. The Head of Government is The Prime Minister, Mr Stephen Harper. FOX News Viewers in the US will recognize Mr Harper as an Occasional Guest on “FOX News Sunday.”
Such as Hawaii becoming the Last of the 50 States in 1960, Canada received Her Last Province in 1949, called Newfoundland and Labrador. Ours are called States and Canada calls states, Provinces.
As I am listening to CBC Radio One Montreal(CBME-FM 88.5, 104.7 In The West End)via CBC Android Radio App, I learn more about the country every day. For those Yanks who don’t know about CBC, they are Canada’s Public Broadcaster, which traces their Roots to Canadian National Railways Radio Service. It was in 1936 when CBC, or Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, was chartered as a Crown Corporation, operating at Arm’s Length from the Canadian Government. Note that a Crown Corporation, also called a Statutory Corporation, operates like a Private Company, but is Government Owned. CBC in the early days, utilized the model of Europe’s Oldest Public Broadcaster, Radio Telefeis Eireann, Ireland’s Public Broadcaster, with both Government and Commercial Revenues.
And through the World Wide Web, I found that much of the 2008 US Presidential Election News Coverage and the 09/11/01 Coverage, was best viewed on CBC News-The National, hosted by Peter Mansbridge, who sounded somewhat like Walter Cronkite and like Walter Cronkite as Managing Editor of The CBS Evening News, Peter Mansbridge is both Managing Editor and Chief Correspondent of CBC News-The National.
Canada is Canada, the USA is The USA and share the World’s Longest Unguarded Border, where Communication and Goods flow freely. In the USA, the Resident Television Curmudgeon was the Late, Great Andy Rooney of CBS News. In Canada, the Resident Curmudgeon on CBC is the Redoubtable Rex Murphy. Both have spoken of memorable moments. Mr Rooney died 3 Years Ago. Mr Murphy can be accessed from You Tube and Dailymotion.

Canada? Enjoy The Celebration, Eh.

M, Eh!

The 2013 World Series Championship Boston Red Sox Trophy in NYCNYC

28 Jun

Boston Red Sox World Series Championship 2013 Trophy

27 Jun

stationsquarestudios is now “3SOne”&”3STwo”

27 Jun

Why go with a long name when a short, memorable one will do. StationSquareStudios is broken into two parts as “3SOne”and “3STwo”.
3SOne is on Veetle, while 3STwo is on Veetle is primarily Cultural and Classical Programming, while 3STwo is primarily News and Events.

This is being Changed over this Weekend.

3SOne and 3STwo-Easier to Remember.

M, Eh!