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Watch “K of C Queens County Free Throw Basketball Championship Round III” on YouTube

25 Mar

This Is the Replay of The Live Streaming Web Telecast of Saturday, March 5th, 2016.

Vivat Jesus!


The Westboro “Baptist Church”

22 Mar

You have No Priesthood & Baptism is a Catholic Sacrament. You have no Sacraments. You Are NOT a Church.



Marquette University & A “Gallery Owner’s” Policy

10 Dec

This University in Milwaukee is allegedly Catholic. It is also Jesuit Run. A Programme of “Tolerance”, Soviet Union Style, is being conducted there. For you see, Students and other staff are heartily encouraged to turn in those who criticize Same Sex Marriage.

I wonder WHO the “Gallery Owner”(Nickname for the President of a Jesuit College, who is most often known for being Gay himself) IS. Will he be organizing a float or band in the 2016 New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

Please Do Note that “Tolerance” is B-LLS–T. It is often used to replace Highly Skilled and Competent Individuals with Lackeys, who are of No Use to anyone except for the Someone whose Self Imagined Importance to Politicians, knows no bounds. “Tolerance” is code for Full Employment for “Ambulance Chasing Barristers”, who seek a Handsome Ransom. It is a device which Someone uses to consolidate Power and that Someone is known for Maliciousness.

Beware of “Tolerance”, especially as defined in Today’s Climate, because “Tolerance” is a quasi official way of gladly permitting EVIL to flourish.

And Marquette University is “CINO”, or “Catholic In Name Only.”

Kyrie Elaison!


NBA commissioner bans Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life

30 Apr

Why Anti-Catholic Prejudice Ought to Bother Everyone | National Review Online

30 Jan

PopeWatch: A Suggested Topic for Conversation | The American Catholic

24 Jan

Yet, Mr Obama’s Heart is hardened. To Him, Aborticide is a “Sacrament” to be “Celebrated With Feminazis.”


“Tolerance Is A New Word For The Covering Up Of Fraud”

10 Jan

I know from experience, especially from Someone who is cunning, conniving & FEARFUL of being found out to be both a Fraud & Grievous Wrongdoer, that whenever “Tolerance” was spoken of, it was a Signal to go after Practicing, White Catholic Males.

All because this Shrew wanted to “Own” Someone, which in short, means Blackmail, which also means a High Degree of Control of that person, the Shrew wanted that person out of the way. Mandated Psychotherapy, with Medications, is the way of “The Shrew”, who loathes anyone with Legal Knowledge. In short, she feared Exposure of her Fraudulent Actions.

This Shrew wanted to foul up my career. Recruiting an illiterate, and rumor mongering that I suffered from “Mental Health Issues”, was the tactic here. I had to train a person, who I was told had a Masters Degree, who could not write a report in English, & be warned that I would not be backed up on my observations. The Shrew had Acolytes, who feared being exposed by her. Then, again, a lot of people feared The Shrew.

The Shrew even tried to convince me that I wasn’t a Real Christian like she was, as a Pentecostal. But, this is someone who was married 4 times & divorced 3 Times. She knew I was Catholic when I made the Sign of The Cross in front of a Catholic Parish in Jackson Heights.

And my career went on the skids. All of this was in the Name of “Tolerance.”

And the Blackmailed Acolytes all bowed before “The Shrew’s Throne.”

Gutless Worms!