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25 Jul

It was in the World of The Civil Service that the word “Flexible” often comes to mind. It means one is open to suggestion. But, more often than not, that person who is open to suggestion is someone who is open to that suggestion, often for fear that a “Dirty Little Secret” will become public, at least within his or her agency.
Many an Agency or Corporate Head, look for these people, not because of any particular skill, but because they may be useful idiot types, especially if they have Useful Connections. They get more out of these people because of their naivete. If the Boss is crooked, these Useful Idiots serve a purpose.

Where Blackmail Comes Into The Picture:
The Biggest Form of Blackmail is usually of a Sexual Nature. It is insidious, as Innocent People are deprived of Advancement because of Sexual Sins of assorted miscreants. Imagine finding out that your promotion was cancelled due to some dude and a couple of his friends who couldn’t control their sexual wants with a woman who was both loose, morally & psychotic at the same time and you’re receiving this news in a state of Serious Exhaustion. Trust me, it is as much fun as a beer truck rolling over one of your feet. And the Jokers running the coverup, tell you that the beer truck rolling over your foot wasn’t that bad because it was “Lite Beer.”

But I knew a Useless Fellow who was being Blackmailed because of Chronic Self Stimulation With An Obsession with Blonde Haired Women. He went as far as to use an Agency Computer to find out where she lived. He, upon spotting the woman, went up to the Porcelain Palace for a period of Chronic Self Stimulation.
People Of Higher Rank knew this & gave this person higher authority, if only because of the Blackmail Potential into carrying out some plan. The Guy is also a Known “Suck Up”, who could utter something like “Your Flatulence is Parfum For My Probiscus, Sir.”
I once got this guy to stand down from a situation where the Operator of a Street Fair, who was Politically Connected to a Federal Judge, amongst other Brooklyn Democratic Party Operatives, was threatening to start a Riot if Enforcement Actions against the Street Fair were to be taken. The Fair was only 2.5 Blocks in length. This was in June of 1995.

The Agency in question, sent her Investigators for New York State Peace Officer Training and Certification. It was a good thing to do because of various duties which may entail potential dangers to life and limb, in executing those duties. But, there were certain people who were what one calls “Desk Jockeys”, who liked staying in the office, kibbitzing about the world & other people, who thought the world about Peace Officer Status being nothing more than a permission to issue a Civil Summons, which doesn’t require this certification, and, following the tradition of other assorted Suck Ups, who were advanced in rank because they are so “Flexible” in their Train of Thought, that they perpetuate a Lie about the Peace Officer Status, with the Intention of having it revoked.
These “Flexible” Ones believe that their Status Quo is the ONLY Truth. They tell their Lie so often that they expect people to “Believe in The Lie”, despite what “The Law” says otherwise. They define “Good” as “Evil” and Vice Versa. They are open to other opinions, Only when someone above them, “Has The Goods On Them.”

As the Senior Investigator on a Special Report on NY1, a Time Warner Cable TV News Channel, I explained the various procedures
in Enforcement of Various Statutes in regards to Street Vendors. I also explained that the Members of that Enforcement Service hold Peace Officer Status under both the New York City Administrative Code as New York City Special Patrolmen(AC 14-106e)and backed up with New York State Criminal Procedure Law 2.10, Paragraph 27.
While this Truthful Explanation gave me several accolades from Colleagues and Brother Knights Of Columbus, it did not sit well with the “Flexible Ones”. Their Lie had been exposed. And I was now a Target of “The Voodoo They Do So Well.”

A Person With Expertise is Dangerous to those who are “Flexibles.” Flexibles are Professional Soothsayers, who Suck Up, but don’t have any true expertise, except in being Utter “Yes Men”. The One Who Knows The Law is disregarded in favor of some Slacker, who goes along with everything, though the Plan is a Failure with no good results. Piles of statistics take the place of good results of problems being solved. Flexibles hide problems with reems of Stats.

West 40th Street, 6th Avenue To 7th Avenue, Confines of Midtown South Precinct, April, 1996, A Saturday Tour:
On this street, an Asian Junk Store was selling Counterfeit Goods such as Prada Milan Handbags made in New York’s Chinatown.
This is a Felony at $1000 and Above and a Class A Misdemeanor below $1000. This called for an arrest to be made and the the people from a firm which specializes in Counterfeit Goods Investigation and Identification.
The Arrest was changed to a Civil Summons by the Sycophant Superior, caught 7 Times in Agency Restrooms for Chronic Self Stimulation, under the Guise of “Time Management & Teamwork.”
The Civil Summons was issued and dismissed in Court. As it turned out, the Useless Superior was operating in concert with two other people who wanted Peace Officer Status to be revoked. The Suck Up sought Favors. He told me that he received much praise for this. For a “Canary” told me that this guy, through his parents, has access to the Commissioner’s Office, where he would drop names of people who cannot be trusted. And my name had come up as one who cannot be trusted.
The Suck Up said to me that I had better conform to “The New Teamwork”, which is the Same Old, Failed System of Empty Statistics and obey orders without question, as it keeps people from looking into their Stats Padding Activities. “It Protects The Team Way.”
This Team operates using coercion. But they have been proved wrong numerous times. But, running behind the back of a Target, not allowing the Target any defense is part of protecting an Utterly Corrupt System.
The Team will resort to the use of Physical Violence through a Cooperating 3rd Party. This occurred in 1996 on the Brooklyn Waterfront in the same set of streets as 1995, when as Senior Investigator, I got this Boss out of hot water.
But now, I was assaulted by The Street Fair Operator after those who received Civil Summonses, wanted their $300 “Protection Payment” returned. The Operator sent two of his cousins to put me in a choke hold, so the Operator could stomp on the soft tissue above my left foot. That did not tickle. But I did get free from the two cousins and, identifying myself as a Peace Officer, I put handcuffs on the wrists of the Operator of the Street Fair, which was 8 Times larger than in 1995. This occurred on Saturday, June 15th, 1996. A younger rookie colleague ran to get the Boss. The Boss arrived. He grabbed my handcuff keys and let the Operator/Prisoner go, sucking up to this miscreant for about 20 Minutes. Then, this boss wanted me to go to the Hospital & sign a statement, agreeing with my assailant, who would dictate what I would write down in regards to how I was injured.
I told that Boss off & said that I am not going along with something which would land me in jail. This Boss, who spews Anti Jewish Venom, told me that he had nothing to do with letting the Miscreant go, it was as he put it, the “F—ing Jews.”
The Suck Up told me that I was to tell no one that I was assaulted in the Line of Duty so he can make his “Special Report” to those who want his Dubious Information on what occurred in order that there be no conflict of information. He claimed that he received High Praise from those above him.

I told my story, anyway. I wanted to get the story out there about this “Cowardly P. O. S.”, who runs to Politically Connected “Mommy & Daddy”, who suffers from “Chronic Self Stimulation”, as well as “Self Delusion”, who, with a couple of other “Highly Placed Suck Ups”, through all their machinations, decided to perpetuate the “Big Time Lie” that they are “Flexible.”
But they are stuck in a Belief that they have the Only Answers to effectively doing their jobs. They operate from Naturalism, in that they “Worship Their Creator”, namely “Themselves.”
In short, many of these Suck Ups are Freemasons, from whence they receive “Protected Status.”

Can Any Of Them “Create A Tree Out of NOTHING?”
No, but like a “Seinfeld” Episode, they are all “About Nothing.”

Kyrie Elaison!


“Obsessed with the SSPX: Michael Voris & the CMTV Witch Hunt”

17 Jul

Remnant TV brings it Home. Now how does Michael Voris continue to tell the World the Lie that the Society of St Pius X is schismatic?

Let’s put it this way. The Texas Fanboi who donated the building to CMTV , OWNS Voris. The man, now called “Dr. Strangedude”, worships at a Fraternity of St. Peter Parish in Texas & DESPISES THE SSPX. can not be trusted with Papal Coverage.


In Driving Out Talent By Extraordinary Means

13 Jul

This is something which occurs in Companies and Government Agencies & Non Profits. These Frauds I hearby shall refer to their proper title of being exposed as members of The League of Extraordinary Jackasses.

There are people who live in utter fear of being exposed for being Utter Frauds, who have faked their way through life and preach a phony message. They may be Dapper Dressers and “Yes Men”, but they have no Original Thought Processes. They “Go With The Flow”, even though the “Flow” is the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, NY, one of the Most Polluted Bodies of Water ever to exist. They’re “Team Players”, even if that team is the 1919 Chicago White Sox. You can tell them by the Rather Dark Brown Stains on their noses. Or if their Knees keep bothering them, they spent time on their knees, though it was definitely NOT at Mass on Sunday.

I have refused to be a Member of The League of Extraordinary Jackasses, if only because I wish to sleep nights without the guilt of having wronged human beings for unmitigated personal gain. Members of that Legion of N’er Do Wells have a tendency towards “Sheer Quantity of Statistics” minus the Negative Results being prominently shown. To them, as long as sheer numerals on a spreadsheet are displayed, Accuracy does NOT Matter.
In a NYC Agency, where a certain Barrister once came up with Summons Descriptions which would confuse Administrative Law Judges as to what the Issuing Officer was trying to convey as a civil violation of a portion of the NYC Administrative Code, very conveniently said Barrister resigned in order to open a Practice, representing Clients who were charged with a certain offence.
Bureau Heads were told to play along. Officers under their command, were ordered to play along, as there were rewards for doing so.
And so there were great numbers on Agency Spreadsheets, but Negative Results, for no one cared for so many years.
The City of New York Government had no clue as to what was going on.

A Couple of Talented Persons cared about What was occuring. One researched the Portions of The Administrative Code and found out why the various summonses were going south. So he tested his method 1st. He also lectured at various NYPD Facilities in Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx. He also has a couple of Arrests to his credit and appeared with a Vendor Enforcement Unit on NY1, a Time Warner Cable TV Channel, to explain the job to New York Residents.
I was the one on NY1.
A second guy named Al adopted the methods for his Vendor Enforcement Unit. He got to lecture NYPD Brass at 1 Police Plaza on this Summons Method.

We were rewarded by The League of Extraordinary Jackasses in the way they saw fit. In other words, both of us were Blacklisted as if both of us had sold nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. The League of Extraordinary Jackasses, including the “Yes Men”, the Dapper Dressers and The Ones With Knee Problems Who Wouldn’t Know What the Inside of a Church Looked Like, were exposed for The Lack Of Actual Knowledge of The Laws under their jurisdictional authority.  This is something which they did not want known about them. They’re about Lies and Intimidation. They deny the Freedom to actually solve a problem by taking Liberty with the Law, with an Ideology which seeks to repress what is TRUE, substituting Truth with Rationalizing that there is no Objective Truth.

Al died some years ago of Cancer. But, it was more caused by The League of Extraordinary Jackasses, who “Praised” him, only to double cross him when it came time to reward him for his labours by denying him a Rightful Promotion. His Widow in the 1990s looked for answers.
And I am on Disability.

And “The League of Extraordinary Jackasses” marches on, OBLIVIOUS to all their foul deeds, calling EVIL “Good For The League” and GOOD “Bad For The League.”
Their Solution of those who actually have a Solution to a Problem is forcing those with the Solution to the Problem of The League’s Own Making is Psychiatric Care for those with True Solutions to Problems.

Josef Stalin Would Be Proud of The League.

Kyrie Elaison


The Video Will NOT Be On You Tube

13 Jul

On both Dailymotion and Vimeo, I have no problem putting a Real Life Video in either place.

But, on that oversized “Pile of Goat Manure” such as You Tube, they will ask where you got your soundtrack?
(A)That Act of Flatulence which we detected, is the Property of Mr Alex Rodriguez, which we have exclusive rights to. Do you have Permission With Documentation to have it in your video?

That is the World of You Tube. Who needs them!


A More Somber March 17th I Haven’t Seen Since 2002

18 Mar

The 2002 St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a Sad, Somber occasion because of the Tragedy called Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 and at that parade on St. Patrick’s Day in 2002, there was barely any joy. Various People lost loved one’s on 09/11, hence the sadness of March 17th, 2002.
What Many People do not realize is that the crowd on the Sidelines is a Family Style Crowd, though there is a reputation of Alcoholic Imbibers. The NY Daily News Internet Reports are unpleasant to say the least.
But, in the Style of The Second Vatican Council, where the plans to turn The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass of The Roman Rite of The Catholic Church into a Liturgy of Modern Man’s Edification instead of For God’s Glory, two organizations, One called the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee & the other, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Foundation, are looking to modernize the Parade to be more “Inclusive.” And The Firstfruits are today. The Mood Of The Parade is Somber. And a group from Comcast NBCUniversal, a Homosexual Affinity Group, marched today, which signifies The Change of Parade from Faith & Family to a Worldly, Secular Affair.

Actually, through the Interference of Mayor David Dinkins in 1991 & a Faux AOH Manhattan Division called Division 7, made up of Assistant District Attorneys from District Attorney Joe Hynes in Brooklyn, a Gay Contingent marched, shouting “We’re Here, We’re Queer, get used to it.” The Homosexual Group called “Irish Queers” over the years kept filing court actions. The Federal Courts kept upholding the Right of Private Groups to permit whoever they wanted in the Parade.
But then the National Ancient Order Of Hibernians ordered the Parade Organizers, the New York County Ancient Order of Hibernians to set up a Separate Corporation to run the Parade so as to free the National Board from constant lawsuits. Hence The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee Incorporated as a 501(C)3 organization was chartered to do this parade.

A Second Group is called St. Patrick’s Day Parade Foundation and raises funds to run the Annual Parade, which has existed since before the American Revolutionary War in New York.

John Lahey of both the Parade Committee and Parade Foundation, found that the Gays were threatening to boycott Corporate Sponsors. The Sponsors were soon dropping out. Lahey and Hilary Beirne moved The Parade Committee to accept a Gay Affinity Group, with pressure of the Television Broadcaster, Comcast NBC, to have “Out@NBCUniversal” March in this Parade. This was done in September of 2014. Other Gay Groups May be admitted to this Parade in 2016.

And so they marched near the Rear of The Parade from West 46th Street & 5th Avenue.

And the Parade Grand Marshall was Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, he who when Same Sex Marriage was passed by the New York State Legislature, once remarked “We were caught off guard”, pulled out a canard that this should bring about a more peaceful Parade, well there were more angry silent folks on 5th Avenue than His Eminence could shake a cane at.

As my good friend Fitzy from South Boston(Or is that Park Slope in Brooklyn), it is unfortunately unprintable. What My Most Dear Friend would say is also unprintable.

And I have nothing to say except “Welcome To The Archdiocese of D’OhLand”, where the Cardinal Dolan, gives into The World, which doesn’t cater to him at all.

Tolerance, My Arse! The Gay Groups & George Soros types are Militantly Anti Catholic.

Kyrie Elaison!


ChurchMilitant.TV – 5Th Ave-03/17/2015

18 Mar

Michael Voris did meet a rather annoyed Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan.

According to my sources on the ground in Manhattan, The Parade was quiet & solemn.

Now, Michael reported that there were TWO Gay Groups marching.
Michael, with Press Credentials, was led off the route at East 53rd Street & 5th Avenue.

Where is the Mainstream Media?
Wait! They were represented by their Group of “Quare Fellows & Damsels.”


Someone, Initials “TC”, Runs CMTV?

29 Oct

Might He Be “Mr Manifesto”?