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To The Beloved Pro Lifers Headed To Washington, DC

22 Jan

This is my advice on Coverage of the Historic Event in the Fight For Life and Against Abortion:

You NOW HAVE THE SAME OPPORTUNITY, the major News Organizations have, to bring this story to the Rest of The World. Today’s Mobile Smartphones can be used to transmit the story of The March to The World.
Whether on Android or Apple Smartphones(And Windows Phone 8.1), there are apps, which do connect your smartphones to Live Web Broadcast Services. Veetle, Bambuser and Ustream do come to mind. Cover any part of The March, including the Journeys to and from Washington, DC. Do not wait for the Mainstream Driveby Media to report this fairly(Except For EWTN and FOX NEWS). The Mainstream Driveby Media is more concerned with coverage outside of the Russian Embassy, on Friday, where Rich, Upper West Side Of Manhattan Lancelot Limousine Liberals will protest why Russia teaches the Authentic Orthodox Christian Faith to Schoolchildren.

Cover the Speeches and Prayers. Take Wide Angle Shots.

You Are The Media. Bring Live Coverage to The World.

And Pray for the End Of Abortion.


Tomorrow Is The Porting To A Higher Level

22 Jan

Full Service on Sprint’s Virgin Mobile USA will be switched from the Kyocera EVENT, lower end Android 4.0.4(Ice Cream Sandwich) Smartphone to the Higher End LG Tribute Smartphone, running on Google’s Android 4.4.2(Kit Kat Bar), also on Sprint’s Virgin Mobile USA System.
What is interesting is that Sprint’s Virgin Mobile USA Prepaid System, with a great set of plans at a Reasonable Price of US$35+NY State and City Sales Tax, making it US$38.11, gives me unlimited data and text, with 4G LTE Speeds for Data for 2.5 GB, and 3G Afterwards. I did get the LG Tribute Smartphone for $65.32(NY State and City Sales Tax Added). But, LG is a Higher End Android Smartphone and Tablet+I get more screen with this phone. Kyocera is now putting out higher end equipment.
As far as the Kyocera EVENT is concerned, it has worked well. It will continue to be used, mostly as a Small Tablet, so it won’t just collect dust.
For the Longest Of Time, I used Apple’s iOS and Mac OS X, as well as Classic Mac 9.1.1 to 9.2.2, but I do enjoy using Android, which is a form of UNIX called LINUX. Microsoft should just shut their Windows and stop letting in all their Viruses and Bugs, though Windows Phone 8.1, may be an option down the road. I even considered it, this time around.
Like the Apple iPod Touch 4G, the Kyocera EVENT was a proverbial workhorse. Hey, it was used a load of times to bring live video web broadcasts over Veetle, Bambuser and Ustream. That couldn’t be done on the iPod Touch 4G, because Wi Fi Networks were unavailable. But, on the LG Tribute Smartphone, Video will be available in 1080p HD, which are broadcast standards for many of the Major Broadcast Networks in the USA, Canada and Europe. Imagine Live Video in HD 1080p. The Picture will almost jump out at you.
The New Era begins shortly. It should be memorable.

M, Eh!

The 24 Hour Blackout & New Plans

19 Jan

All it took was 24 Hours of Isolation in the Digital Age to convince me to fix a problem on this most rainy of days. I was achy today with all this rain. A day like this can suck.
Then I went to CVS Plaza in Kew Gardens along both Metropolitan Avenue and Hillside Avenue to grab something to eat as well as to reactivate my Mobile Phone on Virgin Mobile. With that done on a most rainy day, I went to Mass at Our Lady Of Mercy on Kessel Street in Forest Hills, where I wanted to reorient myself.
I ran into Joe The Music Director. We talked. Now, the Modernistas are getting the Upper Hand there. He was playing some “Schutte Hits”, which, on a Scale of 1-10, scored a -5. It seems that the Pastor is Henpecked, trying to make everybody happy, hence a resurgence of what My Most Dear Friend at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs, would call “Vomit, Barf, Puke, Bleep, Gross, Sick, Stupid and Pathetic” in regards to Appropriate Church Music. She is also not fond of the reading cycle of the Gospel and Epistle, called by her as “ABC Crap.”
But, for 24 Hours, despite paying for my Virgin Mobile Phone Service, only to discover that the service was interrupted for want of a code to be entered into the phone, I found things to be out of whack, as Yesterday’s Monsoon Like Rain was predicted for Today, 01/19/2015.
Later, I shall activate the new LG Tribute Phone, 4G LTE, which Broadcasts in HD 1080p, over Veetle and Bambuser. Now if Joe can come up with a concert or two, the Cultural Purpose of the Veetle Service will be worth it. Otherwise, there might be some Irish Music from Babylon in HD 1080p and Pool Tournaments from Moose 1642 in Maspeth, Queens.
The idea of Live Tridentine Latin Mass from St. John’s Cemetery Chapel is another idea, whose time has come.
It will be, in regards to the Tridentine Latin Mass, a chance to counter all of the Protestant Evangelical Services now being webcast on Veetle. And that is a grand way to evangelize the Tridentine Latin Mass. It needs exposure. It would be done once or twice per month, full length, in 1080p HD.
I think that the Pool Tournaments will be on Foresthills1 on Bambuser+any breaking news.


How To Destabilize A Smartphone?

17 Jan

Load It up with Apps. I removed several apps and the phone works much better. Even when I didn’t need Wi Fi, Wi Fi from one’s Password Encrypted System would interfere with the Data System and the Smartphone would be a pain in the tuchas.
I find that I really like Android. Whereas Apple’s iOS for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, is wonderfully fun and easy, it doesn’t move apps to The Cloud, the way Android does. Even with 32 GB on an iPod Touch 4G, there is the danger of the whole device being overloaded.

In support of Android OS, this Phone has 1GB of ROM & 360MB of RAM, yet was as much of a workhorse as the iPod Touch 4G. The beautiful part was the Secure Digital Card of 1.2 GB, to free up the operation of the phone.
Granted, this phone was the Low End Android Smartphone, called “Event”, by Kyocera, but it has worked well for over 1 1/2 Years. It has served as my link with the World, acting as an Information and Entertainment System. But, Android OS 4.0.4(Ice Cream Sandwich)satisfied my wishes in what a Bargain Phone should be like. With the Proper App, it can even transmit live internet television to the World(And We had a Good # of Viewers, especially on and on This phone allowed me to move way past You Tube, on a proverbial shoestring.

But for a few dollars more, I now have the LG Tribute Phone, with more space and HD 1080p. This will allow for more things to get done. It’s all from Virgin Mobile, a Part of Sprint.
I cannot complain, as a Woman who I call “My Most Dear Friend”, supplied the money to buy this phone. I am most grateful to her.
To members of my own family, who gave me a Visa Gift Card, I move on now with LG Tribute Phone from Sprint’s Virgin Mobile.

Life, while not perfect, is still good.

Deo Gratias!

M, Eh!

New Channel “Foresthills1” On

16 Jan

Added Tonight as complement and backup to stationsquarestudios on
Also good for breaking news.

M, Eh!

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