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The Pot Calls The Kettle Black

23 Oct

At One Time, I was the NYC Wide Expert on Vendor Enforcement. Having this knowledge, allowed me to conduct training at NYPD Commands throughout the 5 Boroughs.
But, there were problems. You see, some Higher Ups were fearful of a system where conditions were actually corrected. Many of these Higher Ups preferred sheer numbers of violations, which, more often than not, bounced like a bad cheque.
I would be questioned by NYPD Bosses, who worried about these sheer statistics. However, the system I utilized, actually produced convictions & corrected the conditions. But, this did NOT sit well with various “Yes Men.” You could tell these people from the s–t stains on their noses.
I gave a lecture at NYPD 19th Precinct in Patrol Borough Manhattan North, in Manhattan’s “Silk Stocking District.” It was about Unlicensed Vendors. The instruction was that in event of an Unlicensed Vendor, that 1 Summons for Unlicensed Vendor, is to be issued. Any other violations are for Licensed Vendors Only.
Riding aboard a 19th Precinct Van, I found out that I was overruled by a superior, who told me that #s were more important. Then he told me to shut up & be a complete “Team Player.”
All the summonses were dismissed. That “Team” was more 1919 Chicago White Sox”, as dishonesty was actually encouraged. The day was lost. Meanwhile this same creepy boss cursed me to Higher Ups, to insure that he would get a few favors.
No conditions were corrected.
Some Political Hack SuperChief put the word out that I could not be trusted, so that the same failed system of bogus statistics, could continue.
The People of NYC, do not get what they pay for.

Change Done-“The Kong Show On Blip”

23 Oct

The Kong Show On Blip has the Blip Show Page to itself, with the name change to “The Kong Show On Blip.”
Two Season 2 Episodes are waiting for upload. Both are currently on Vimeo & can be downloaded when the time comes.
I will be talking to the Television Side, for a graphics load for the Blip show page.
This should drive more views to “The Kong Show On Blip.”
Season 2 Rolls on Blip by next week. The Kong Show Special “Mini Kong Show”, will be produced in December, 2012 or January, 2013. It will also be on Blip, with feeds to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and StumbleUpon, as well as Digg and Posterous. Digg is being added.
As far as show promotion goes, “Hipsterhood” and “CBC Download” are being added. Say Goodbye to “Girl/Girl Scene”, “RMTV Canada” and QTV about Quilting as well as The Ohio State Sports Show, “The O Zone”. CBC R3TV remains along with “The Officer Joey Show.” Why CBC? Well, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a lot of nice, quirky programming via CBC Radio 3 TV & CBC Television in the Maritime Provinces(Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick & Newfoundland).
Enjoy Season 2.

Banjos In Station Square

22 Oct

Banjos In Station Square

“IND Classical @ Rush Hour”

20 Oct

“IND Classical @ Rush Hour”

The Kong Show On Blip-Season 2 Premiere

18 Oct

The Kong Show On Blip-Season 2 Premiere

Funny Version of “No, They Can’t”

12 Oct

Sketch Trailers(Satirical)-The Kong Show On Blip Via Dailymotion

12 Oct

Two Satirical Sketch Trailers, one of which looks like a Real Network Show Promotion

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