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The Pot Calls The Kettle Black

23 Oct

At One Time, I was the NYC Wide Expert on Vendor Enforcement. Having this knowledge, allowed me to conduct training at NYPD Commands throughout the 5 Boroughs.
But, there were problems. You see, some Higher Ups were fearful of a system where conditions were actually corrected. Many of these Higher Ups preferred sheer numbers of violations, which, more often than not, bounced like a bad cheque.
I would be questioned by NYPD Bosses, who worried about these sheer statistics. However, the system I utilized, actually produced convictions & corrected the conditions. But, this did NOT sit well with various “Yes Men.” You could tell these people from the s–t stains on their noses.
I gave a lecture at NYPD 19th Precinct in Patrol Borough Manhattan North, in Manhattan’s “Silk Stocking District.” It was about Unlicensed Vendors. The instruction was that in event of an Unlicensed Vendor, that 1 Summons for Unlicensed Vendor, is to be issued. Any other violations are for Licensed Vendors Only.
Riding aboard a 19th Precinct Van, I found out that I was overruled by a superior, who told me that #s were more important. Then he told me to shut up & be a complete “Team Player.”
All the summonses were dismissed. That “Team” was more 1919 Chicago White Sox”, as dishonesty was actually encouraged. The day was lost. Meanwhile this same creepy boss cursed me to Higher Ups, to insure that he would get a few favors.
No conditions were corrected.
Some Political Hack SuperChief put the word out that I could not be trusted, so that the same failed system of bogus statistics, could continue.
The People of NYC, do not get what they pay for.

Change Done-“The Kong Show On Blip”

23 Oct

The Kong Show On Blip has the Blip Show Page to itself, with the name change to “The Kong Show On Blip.”
Two Season 2 Episodes are waiting for upload. Both are currently on Vimeo & can be downloaded when the time comes.
I will be talking to the Television Side, for a graphics load for the Blip show page.
This should drive more views to “The Kong Show On Blip.”
Season 2 Rolls on Blip by next week. The Kong Show Special “Mini Kong Show”, will be produced in December, 2012 or January, 2013. It will also be on Blip, with feeds to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and StumbleUpon, as well as Digg and Posterous. Digg is being added.
As far as show promotion goes, “Hipsterhood” and “CBC Download” are being added. Say Goodbye to “Girl/Girl Scene”, “RMTV Canada” and QTV about Quilting as well as The Ohio State Sports Show, “The O Zone”. CBC R3TV remains along with “The Officer Joey Show.” Why CBC? Well, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a lot of nice, quirky programming via CBC Radio 3 TV & CBC Television in the Maritime Provinces(Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick & Newfoundland).
Enjoy Season 2.

Banjos In Station Square

22 Oct

Banjos In Station Square

“IND Classical @ Rush Hour”

20 Oct

“IND Classical @ Rush Hour”

The Kong Show On Blip-Season 2 Premiere

18 Oct

The Kong Show On Blip-Season 2 Premiere

Funny Version of “No, They Can’t”

12 Oct

Sketch Trailers(Satirical)-The Kong Show On Blip Via Dailymotion

12 Oct

Two Satirical Sketch Trailers, one of which looks like a Real Network Show Promotion

Posted by ShoZu

Stossel Is Right “No They Can’t”

12 Oct

Thomas Jefferson is right, even today. “Government Governs Best When It Governs Least”, is part of the Jeffersonian Philosophy. I more than believe in that. Having once worked for a City Agency which is more into “Crony Capitalism”, where a simple “Bike Riding” Business is regulated by Insurance & Trial Lawyers, as well as Politicians, I should know this that in Government, going from Point A to Point B, requires stops at Points C, D & E, before arriving at Point B.
A case in point is for Street Vendors to sell their wares on NYC Streets. The way the Laws are written in NYC, Home of “Crony Capitalism Ltd”, it is any wonder these people even make a living. Then there are those people who are charged with enforcing the Myriad of Laws, whose Competence in these matters, is generally suspect.
Among those charged with enforcing these laws, are people who believe in sheer quantity of violations issued. Yet, all those numbers don’t mean a thing if there is no accuracy in the violations issued. I once gave a lecture in Manhattan’s 19th Precinct on how to enforce these laws. An Unlicensed Vendor is either to be arrested for an Unclassified Misdemeanor or simply summoned civilly for Unlicensed General Vendor. No other summonses are to be issued for Unlicensed General Vendor, except for a Criminal Court Summons for No Tax Certificate Of Authority. If, however, the vendor has a valid License, then other vendor Violations by Civil Summons are to be issued.
I was overruled by an incompetent a-hole, who wanted so badly to be “Buddy Boy” with NYPD Brass. The Jerk told me that Numbers are more important & that none of this really counts for anything. I was seething with Rage, as the job was NOT really done, because some a–wipe with Political Pull, overruled the proper procedure.
I am of the Philosophy of doing it properly the 1st Time.
Sadly, those who like all these sheer #s, call this “Productivity.” But from what I have seen, Government Productivity is an Oxymoron. The people don’t get what they pay for. They NEVER Do.

4K+ Views of “The Kong Show On Blip”

9 Oct

A few days ago on Friday, 10/5/12, I ran an experiment to see if views for the Blip Web Series, “The Kong Show On Blip”, could be promoted & view #s obtained, simply by using only one app at a time instead of going via SuperFeed of sending all programming out on several apps all at once. I am quite happy to report that this is working quite nicely. The show may reach the target of 4K Views early today & possibly 4.1K, later today. Who knows, but 4.2K is not out of the question.
LinkedIn is quite good, as I am a Media Professional on a MicroBudget. “The Kong Show On Blip” is on for a good reason, as viewers there are not like viewers on You Tube. Another reason is that shows can be monetized on Blip. Still another reason is that on You Tube, one can get lost & not be viewed as there are so many videos there with “Kong” in the titles. Modern Vaudeville does not get recognized on You Tube. Besides, Video Quality on You Tube, at best, is suspect. One example is the Video, “My Jeans”, starring Jenna Rose Swerdlow. The Better Quality Video of the song, is on You Tube is where performers go to get noticed, but the audience there, ranges from Moronic to Illiterate. Just ask one Rebecca Black. She had to turn off all comments because of language unbecoming, where she was called a whore, among other things. The same has been said about Jenna Rose Swerdlow, who did a music video, which was Sexually Suggestive. Please, the word “Whore” was freely used by much of the Illiterati who viewed the video.
People are watching our shows on Blip. One Segment, “Dr. Tingley”, was watched here on WordPress, especially on the West Coast. But more people are watching from their desktops, laptops & iPads. I even watched a couple of shows on an iPad from the Apple Midtown(5th Avenue) Store.
Social Media play a part in people watching the shows. Many viewers come via Tumblr, where viewers are taken directly to the show player. Ditto, GooglePlus, Twitter & Facebook, as well as LinkedIn and Posterous Spaces. Blogger gets a link from Posterous, as does Facebook & Twitter. Even Tumblr takes a Posterous Feed. Stumble Upon has been valuable in bringing views to the series.
4K views is nothing to sneeze at. I have enjoyed bringing this 1st Season to all of you. May Season Two be even better. Thanks For Watching.

I Have This “Kong Show” Sunday Promo Figured Out

8 Oct

As the big Sunday Game is the NFL & MLB Post Season, just push out the Feed via various Social Apps, all shows, 1 App at a Time.
It works better than all shows going over a Superfeed, as people will most likely, ignore your efforts to amass viewers. I did 1 app at a time & got more people to tune into “The Kong Show On Blip”, than putting the show through the SuperFeeds, of many apps at one time.
Sunday-God’s Day-Time to take it easy with the audience.

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