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One No Longer Need Wait For The 6PM News & Coverage Critique

26 Nov

When a 5 Hour old Baby was found in a Manger at Holy Child Jesus RC Church in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY, it was News enough for Correspondents from The Manchester Guardian & London Daily Mail, to be present, as well as Associated Press & WABC 7 Eyewitness News, all of which have Smartphone Apps.

Welcome to The New Media. And via that New Media, the Story gained Attention around the World. The Old Media of Radio, Television & Newspaper, got the Information via checking Social Media such as Facebook & Twitter. The Old Media transmitted the Story via the internet.

The Manchester Guardian & London Daily Mail utilized Freelancers to write the story on The Baby Found in the Manger. Both British Newspapers have Smartphone Apps. The US & British Broadcast Networks have Smartphone Apps.

On actual coverage by CBS News:
Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Eric Severeid, Harry Reasoner, Robert Trout, Andrew Rooney, & Dan Rather would be utterly ASTONISHED at the Description of who you called the Holy Child Jesus RC Church Pastor. Both the Parish Administrator & the actual Pastor are recipients of The Various Stages of The Sacrament Of Holy Orders.
In one part of the Story, the description of The Pastor was Amateurish at best. It was as if he was in charge of “The First Church Of The Gooey Death & Discount House Of Worship”(Attrib. John Donald Imus). It was as if the Man had not been Solemnly Ordained a Priest in The Sacrament Of Holy Orders.
The Actual Pastor received The 3rd Stage of The Sacrament Of Holy Orders, in being consecrated as a Bishop & he is The Most Reverend Octavio Cisneros, DD, Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn. It was the Parish Administrator, Reverend Fr Christopher Ryan Patrick Heanue, who was simply referred to as Church Pastor, minus a Sign Of Reverence for him or his office, as well as Stage of Holy Orders.
Oh & Another Thing, I know these two Fine Priests quite well.
Just be thankful that you weren’t contacted by the Executive Director of The Catholic League For Religious & Civil Rights, Professor William Donahue, as that would have been a Bruhaha, with casualties.
Another Thing is that if GARY Michael Voris at Church had gotten involved, CBS News, the Associated Press, and both the Pastor & Administrator of Holy Child Jesus RC Church in Richmond Hill, Queens, would end up being basted & roasted like a Turkey, with both The Pastor & Administrator, being accused of being “Church Of Nice” Agents & having their supposed “Dirty Laundry” aired in public, probably lumped in with Voris’ Bugaboos, the Society Of St Pius X, & John Vennari’s Catholic Family News, Michael Matt’s The Remnant Newspaper, Christopher Ferrara, Dr John Rao, Mundabor’s Blog, Rorate Caeli’s Blog, Louie Verrecchio, Brian Mc Call, Patrick Archbold,  Fr Thomas Rosica, Professor William Donahue, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Pope St. John Paul II & Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan(As Usual), Et Cetera. This is the Modus Operendi of “The Warehouse In Detroit.” A Week Long Sensationalist Special would be produced with Statements taken out of context, by this Morton Downey Jr Wannabe. And he would have a Studio Audience for this one, probably at FOX O & O WWOR9 In Secaucus, NJ, where Morton Downey Jr’s Show originated from.


Acuracy & Clarity is all that is asked for, along with Objectivity & Charity.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kyrie Elaison

WeatherBug(Chill IN)

24 Feb


via @WeatherBug

Everybody Chill IN. Chill Out and it is Frostbite Time.

M, Eh!

“Da, Da, Dot, Da, Da, Dahh”

15 Nov

Imagine producing a Sports Event with One Ten Thousandth of 1% of the Budget of FOX Sports and still manage to make a Truly 1st Class Webcast of the event. Well that was done on an iPod Touch in 2011 in East Glendale, Queens, NY on Saturday, 02/05/2011.
Minus Ed Goren, Bill Webb, Joe Buck and Tim Mc Carver(Especially the Last Two Gentlemen), the Ultimate Webcast of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, occurred, appearing on Dailymotion and You Tube, with Extra Coverage appearing on Vimeo&iTunes.
You must wonder as to WHY THIS Kind of Exposure. Well, the Competition is a You Tube Staple, so I tested other Video Sharing Networks, plus my other blog on Blogger.
My Blogger Site was carried on
The Coupe De Grace was the Feed from Dailymotion, being carried over the Belgian Website of Radio Television Luxembourg or RTL, the largest TV Network in Europe.
The other Coupe De Gracie(The Brooklyn Way of saying Coup De Gras), was when Video Feeds on the blog were linked from Yardbarker.
Yardbarker, BTW, is the Property of FOX Sports.
There was no Pregame Show from either Studio 42 at MLB Network, nor Studio 8A at the FOX Television Center in Hollywood.
But, hey, I do chant the Chime.
“Da, Da, Dot, Da, Da, Dahhh!”

And, no mention of Derek Jeter!

M, Eh!

On The 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Manhattan By The Head of GLAAD

4 Sep

The leader of The Gays and Lesbians Alliance Against Discrimination(GLAAD), Sarah Tracy Ellis, spoke of bringing her Wife and Children to this Parade, which on the Traditional and Biological Definition of Marriage is Impossible. Ellen De Generes would just love this.

Do Not Let the NY Post Editorial about “Irish Eyes Are Smiling”, because given the Colourful History of News Corporation, located in the same 6th Avenue Building as 21st Century Fox Corporation, along old Broadcast Row, and controlled by K. Rupert Murdoch, it looks like “Page 6” of The NY Post will look to “Out” the Members of “OUT@NBCUniversal.”

Is someone’s Mobile Phone about to be hacked @ 30 Rock?