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“I Am So Done With”…..You Tube Live Streaming For The K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship

28 Feb

My Most Dear friend coined a phrase which I find quite useful. She uses the phrase to indicate who she doesn’t Like, whether Politicians or Heirsarchs in The Catholic Church, who are Heretics, Schismatics or outright Apostates, and in some cases, All Three. I once heard her use the Phrase outside of Church, one Thursday Evening.

My Situation is quite DIFFERENT. It has to do with Video Sharing & Live Web Video Streaming. It has to do with the World’s Largest & Most Overrated Video Sharing & Streaming Service.
“I Am So Done With You Tube Live.”  I decided to take the Queens County Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Round III from Cathedral Prep Seminary In Elmhurst Queens, NY, Live in HD 720p over You Tube & their New Service called You Tube Live.
Fuggedibowdit!  It is the quickest way to K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship Oblivion. Despite hooking up on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr & WordPress, the Livecast on You Tube Live Streaming is a Spectacular Flop. In addition, near the Awards Ceremonies, You Tube crashed, like Windows 95 and Microsoft Word. Only 3 Views so far. You Tube, You SUCK! No More K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship Live Video or Regular Video. I don’t feel like following The Crowd of other Councils, Assemblies & Independent Producers, with The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship on You Tube.

There was a Live Streaming Telecast Backup, used today for the 1st Time. Streamago, which is based in San Francisco, CA, and a spinoff from Streamera, an Italian Live Streaming Service, was Pressed into Service, to carry the Live Stream from the Award Ceremonies from Cathedral Prep Seminary High School in Elmhurst, Queens, NY. Streamago was hooked into Facebook & Twitter, as was You Tube. Unlike You Tube, in just under 5 Minutes, there were 31 Views. On You Tube Live, in 35 Minutes there was 1 View and 2 more came about later in the day on Replay.

In 2011, the Smallest Response to the K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage, was on You Tube. The Largest Response was seen in 80 Nations was on Vimeo. Yet the Assorted “Demographic Experts” also called “Soccer Parents From The Netherworld”, along with their “Know It All Children”, are telling the Local Knights Of Columbus Council in East Glendale, Queens, NY, that the Contest must be carried on You Tube, “For Viewing #s.”
Funny, but in One Round, the Vimeo #s were 80K, while You Tube was only 55. It is apparent that these Parents and Children are barely able to read the NY Daily News. Dailymotion was always smacking down You Tube View #s.
In 2015, 51 Views On, was recorded for the District K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship from St. Pancras in Glendale, Queens, NY. This was the 1st Ever Livecast on the Web. The Numbers may be higher by now.
Coverage #s now up over 150 Views.


The Next Round Long Island Championship At Chaminade HS In Mineola

28 Feb

This is a Legendary Catholic All Boys High School, located in Mineola, the County Seat of Nassau County, the Former County Seat of Queens County, located in The Town of North Hempstead, on Long Island in New York State. It will be the Site on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016 of the Long Island Championship Round of The Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Round IV.
This round will NOT be carried via live stream on You Tube Live. Streamago was pressed into Service when You Tube quit, so the one thing which began to accumulate was actual viewers. Streamago will go live on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, being Livestreamed to Facebook & Twitter, with replay on Google+, WordPress & Tumblr.

It’s too bad that Dailymotion & Vimeo aren’t available for streaming. I like those two services a lot. In fact I like them a lot more than You Tube.

The District K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship Round from Glendale, NY, was streamed Live on Saturday, February 7th, 2015, and Viewers followed along. Sadly, Veetle’s App has ceased working on Android Lollipop 5.1.1.

Live is the way to go on the Web with this competition. You Tube is “So 2005 “


Lost Weekend Of Ths IND E Train – Dailymotion

8 Aug

Tumblr Bicyclists in Forest Hills

20 Jul

Found this video for you on Tumblr

16 Jul

In The Meanwhile, I Will

4 Jul

Clean up and head out to Free Points Unknown, which means, that I have no idea where I am headed.
M, Eh!

“Ann? I Normally Agree With You, But Soccer Is A Real Game”

1 Jul

And, mind you, I played it. My Lungs ached, both my knees were writhing in pain and I ran a few miles during the game.
In Soccer, one has to think outside the proverbial box. This is, like Chess, a Match of Strategy, played on the Pitch, or what we call the field.
One thing is that the Clock keeps going. The Game looks simple, but has complexity.
Ann? Please stick to your level of expertise and I will stick with my level of expertise. At least I agree with you about 97% of the time.

M, Eh!

No Relief-How Corrupt Is That & Blessed

22 Jun

At Fresh Pond Road and Metropolitan Avenue, there is supposed to be a Driver ready to relieve the Current Bus Driver, who is scheduled for his or her meal. BUT, this was not the case on the Westbound Q54 Metropolitan Avenue Bus, which arrived 8 Minutes late according to MTA NYC Bus Schedule.
It has been 25 Minutes since this transition was to have occurred. This has caused me to miss a Sunday Divine Liturgy in Manhattan. This is an old bus.
I may be in time for the 7PM Mass at St. Agnes on East 43rd Street. It is now 35 Minutes since MTA NYC Bus instructed the Driver to wait for his relief driver.
This is making people very late for appointments. No Relief Driver is Failure to carry out assignment. Does MTA NYC Bus really care? Or is this a mysterious Job Action by a Corrupt Transit Workers Union? Your Guess is as Good as Mine. Something tells me that MTA was unprepared.
40 Minutes have passed since the call. Another Two Busses have arrived. I am on that bus right now. Things are finally moving.

At least one thing about St. Agnes, is that most people can kneel and receive Holy Communion on The Tongue. I think that Kneeling For the Most Holy Sacrament of The Altar, is most appropriate. And this being The Feast of Corpus Christi in the Ordinary Form Calendar, especially on Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place, which is East 43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan, the Bus Delay may make this a Blessed Day after all.

Deo Gratias!

M, Eh!

Williamsburg, Hipsters, 3AM

10 May

They’re armed with Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, an Android or iPhone, a MetroCard and the NYC Bus Time app on the Phone.
One lassie, she was on the Q54 Platform at Williamsburg Bridge Plaza, waiting for the Q54 Bus. She has the iPhone and Bus App. She told me that she’ll walk to Graham Avenue and Grand Street. It was around 2:15AM.
At one time, like 20 Years Ago, one would be afraid of Williamsburg In The Daytime, let alone the Middle of The Night. But by 2000, Things began to change and Williamsburg, which is old and gritty, had a Youthful Invasion.

I will Drink to That.

M, Eh!

BBC London Is Noncommercial Local Radio

2 Apr

They have a Breakfast Show with traffic and transport reports as well as weather and chat, minus adverts. I do find it paced nicely and relaxing.
So there is BBC Local. BBC London Is ok in my book. I can get the local story from them as well as from LBC.
But on LBC there is Telephone Chat. So that works better for me than mere show presenters. Still, because of smartphones apps, I get to listen to stations as if I was living there. And I get to pick up on the local lingo.
Sure beats static on Shortwave Radio, any day.

M, Eh!